100 Momma Jokes To Give Your Momma A Hearty Smile

They say laughter is the best medicine. And what better way to get a good laugh than with some lighthearted momma jokes! Momma jokes poke gentle fun at mom stereotypes and universal experiences we all have with our mothers. Done right, momma jokes can give your momma a hearty smile and remind her how much you care (even if you tease her now and then).

In this post, we’ve compiled 100 of the best momma jokes that are sure to tickle your momma’s funny bone. From jokes about her cooking to her spending habits to her fashion advice, this list covers all the classic momma joke fodder. We also provide some info on the history of momma jokes and tips for telling them right. Let’s dive in!

A Little Background on Momma Jokes

Momma jokes have been around for decades, though they really seemed to take off in popularity in the 1960s and 70s. The jokes often play on stereotypes about mothers being overprotective, guilt-tripping, penny-pinching and out of touch with current styles and slang. Of course, moms come in all types – but we all tend to have a few universal experiences that make the exaggerated stereotypes ring true and funny.

Momma jokes are considered a type of Yo Mama joke – one of the most popular formats for insult humor and wordplay. But while Yo Mama jokes tend to be caustic, momma jokes are more about gently poking fun in a loving way. Most often, they are told BY grown children TO their own mothers as a playful way to tease them.

Now that you know where momma jokes come from, let’s get to the good stuff! Keep reading for 100 hilarious momma jokes guaranteed to crack up your momma!

100 Hilarious Momma Jokes

Jokes About Mom’s Cooking

Let’s start with some classics about mom’s cooking skills (or lack thereof):

  1. My mom is the world’s worst cook. The other day I told her I wanted fast food for dinner and she burnt it.
  2. Mom’s cooking is so bad the flies pitched in to fix the screen door.
  3. I told mom I missed her home cooking while I was away at college. She immediately drove 200 miles to deliver a can of tuna casserole.
  4. My mom made a pot roast by leaving a shoe in the oven for 2 hours.
  5. I asked mom what’s for dinner. She said “Reservations.”
  6. Mom baked a fruitcake so hard we are using it as a hockey puck.
  7. We knew mom’s meatloaf was overdone when the smoke alarm went off.
  8. Mom wanted to make cookies but couldn’t remember the recipe. We ended up with chocolate-covered saltine crackers.
  9. I told mom her potato salad tastes funny. She said, “Well it was doomed from the start, I forgot the potatoes.”
  10. Mom thought she could replicate fried chicken by dipping raw chicken in grease. Don’t ask me how that turned out.

As you can see, mom’s cooking leaves something to be desired in the world of momma jokes! Next up, let’s look at some jokes about mom’s frugal (or downright cheap) habits.

Jokes About Mom’s Budget Habits

Frugal moms are another momma joke staple. Here are 10 jokes about mom watching every penny:

  1. When we go out to eat, mom brings Tupperware to take home leftovers – even from the buffet.
  2. For Christmas, mom will carefully unwrap each present she receives, iron the wrapping paper, and save it for next year.
  3. Mom thinks “Designer Jeans” means ironing on rhinestones herself.
  4. We went bowling and mom brought her own shoes so she didn’t have to pay for rentals.
  5. I saw mom haggling with a Girl Scout over the price of a box of cookies.
  6. For my graduation gift, mom gave me a gas card with 17 cents left on it.
  7. I saw mom flipping through a dumpster shouting “Who throws away perfectly good trash like this?”
  8. Mom hasn’t bought new underwear since 1986. She just patches the holes.
  9. When mom goes to a restaurant, she puts sweetener packets in her purse “for later.”
  10. Mom keeps an Excel spreadsheet tracking who owes her $2.

Moms will go to great lengths to avoid spending money! Let’s look at some jokes about mom’s advice next.

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Jokes About Mom’s Advice

Whether it’s fashion, dating, or careers, mom always has some “helpful” suggestions:

  1. I told mom my shirt was trendy. She asked, “In what year?”
  2. My date said I look pretty. Mom said, “Don’t get a big head over one compliment.”
  3. I showed mom my new skinny jeans. She said, “Those left nothing to the imagination in the 70s either.”
  4. I told mom I want to be a software developer. She said, “Have you considered a nice, stable career in typewriting?”
  5. Mom saw my new mohawk and leather jacket and said, “You look like you’re in a gang called the Head Pin Cushions.”
  6. Mom saw my tattoo and said, “I hope you kept the receipt for that skin graffiti.”
  7. I tried to explain what a meme is to mom. She said, “That sounds like a disease you’d take antibiotics for.”
  8. I said I’m moving in with my boyfriend. Mom said, “Keep your options open in case you find someone better.”
  9. I caught mom reading my diary again. She said she was just “trying to understand my generation.”
  10. Mom asked about my new punk rock look and I said, “It’s self expression.” She said, “Express yourself by cleaning your room.”

You’ve gotta love mom’s unique perspective! How about a few more mom stereotypes?

Jokes About Mom Stereotypes

Let’s keep this momma joke party going with some tired and true mom stereotypes:

  1. My mom spends more time picking her lottery numbers than a statistician.
  2. Mom called to ask if I was wearing clean underwear, just in case I get in an accident.
  3. When I didn’t call mom for a week, she reported me missing to the milk carton companies.
  4. Mom insists on keeping every drawing and handprint I’ve made since preschool.
  5. If mom had her way, I’d still be wearing water wings in the bathtub at age 30.
  6. I posted an old baby picture on social media. Mom immediately commented, “Such a cute little poopy pants!”
  7. Mom still lays out my clothes for me when I visit home, right down to the socks and underwear.
  8. Mom made my Halloween costume out of air filters and a shower curtain because she doesn’t trust store-bought costumes.
  9. I’m in my 40s and mom still tries to sneak frozen dinners into my grocery cart when we shop together.
  10. Mom asked if I need my eyebrows trimmed, toenails clipped, and nose hair plucked when I picked her up for lunch.

Now let’s get really silly with some exaggerated mom gags!

Exaggerated Momma Jokes

Sometimes you have to stretch the truth for maximum comedic effect. Here are 20 over-the-top momma jokes:

  1. My mom is so out of touch, she thinks social media is what happens at Tupperware parties.
  2. Mom bought a laptop at a garage sale that still used DOS, because it was a “great deal.”
  3. Mom loves scanning photos so much, she scanned the family album page by page and mailed all the files to me on a Zip drive.
  4. I had to explain to mom that tin foil hats actually don’t block the government from reading your thoughts.
  5. Mom keeps asking me what a “web log” is and why anyone would read about other people’s lives on the line. (She means blog/online).
  6. I told mom I got a great deal on printer ink on eBay. She asked if the delivery man traveled through the computers to deliver it.
  7. When mom saw my new Prius, she asked how I got such great gas mileage with the big extension cord dragging behind.
  8. Mom asked why anyone would read an ebook when paper books never need charging.
  9. I tried to explain to mom that hashtag doesn’t actually mean number sign. I don’t think she got it.
  10. Mom keeps asking when they are going to finish building the internet.
  11. Mom likes to email me random words surrounded by asterisks as a way to send hugs.
  12. When I told mom I was playing Angry Birds, she asked if I had swine flu.
  13. Mom keeps asking when they will add the second W to the World Wide Web.
  14. Despite my protests, mom refuses to stop addressing emails to me as “Dear URL”.
  15. Mom asked me if I could return her email, because she accidentally deleted it.
  16. I told mom about flash mobs and she asked if I needed bail money.
  17. Mom thinks viral videos are videos about diseases going around.
  18. I had to explain to mom that blogspam isn’t actually canned meat.
  19. When I told mom I got a Reddit gold award, she asked if I had an STD.
  20. Mom asked why no one ever calls her on the Facebook.
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Okay, okay – moms can only be so out of touch, right? Let’s look at some jokes about moms trying to act young and cool next.

Jokes About Moms Acting Young

My mom might be outdated, but at least she tries! Here are 20 jokes about moms attempting to be cool:

  1. Mom frequently wears my clothes. She thinks anything with rips or holes is automatically “vintage.”
  2. Mom tried using youth slang, saying my friends “look totally pimped out!” I don’t think she knows what that means.
  3. I taught mom to dab and now she does it every time a song comes on, embarrassing me in public.
  4. I saw mom googling “how do you do, fellow kids” for tips on relating to me better.
  5. Mom joined Twitter hoping to “tweet up” with me and my friends.
  6. Mom keeps telling me she’s “got FOMO” and asks if she’s using that right.
  7. Mom added me on Snapchat and keeps sending videos of her waving with no context.
  8. For mother’s day I got mom tickets to a Post Malone concert. Mom asked if he was from the stamp collecting club.
  9. Mom likes to knit sweaters with memes on them that she finds on Facebook. Her Grumpy Cat one is my favorite.
  10. I had to explain to mom that Tide Pods are soap, not candy after she saw them mentioned on the Twitter.
  11. Mom tried to surprise me by putting dank memes up on her Facebook wall. It was pretty cringey.
  12. Mom joined Instagram and keeps DMing me recipes that she hashtags #nomnom.
  13. Mom asked me how to use fleek in a sentence so she can impress my cousin. I told her it’s out of style.
  14. I came home to find mom doing the whip and nae nae while cooking dinner.
  15. Mom made me a shirt with the Distracted Boyfriend meme on it for my birthday. She replaces the people with cats.
  16. Mom wears a fanny pack ironically now and asks if it’s “on fleek”.
  17. I taught mom what lol and brb mean in texts. Now every message ends with lol brb!
  18. Mom tried using the dog filter on Snapchat but couldn’t figure it out so she just drew whiskers on her face.
  19. Mom keeps asking if we can take selfies together for the Instagram.
  20. For my birthday, mom made me black licorice flavored jelly bellys after the whole licorice on tiktok trend. Hard pass.

Well, moms do try their best to keep up with the times! Let’s look at some jokes about mothers and technology next.

Jokes About Moms and Technology

Bringing moms into the digital age can be an adventure:

  1. It took mom half an hour to figure out how to open her email. Turns out she was trying to open the actual computer monitor.
  2. Mom likes to print out emails from me to show relatives how good her computer skills are.
  3. I spent 30 minutes on the phone walking mom through logging into Facebook. She was entering her login name in the password field.
  4. I showed mom how to video call me on FaceTime. She spends every call trying to look inside my ears and nostrils up close.
  5. Mom insists that wearing her iPad on a necklace means it counts as exercise.
  6. I taught mom how to use Netflix. She gets excited whenever they add a new VHS category.
  7. Mom keeps asking Siri random questions, then getting mad when Siri doesn’t respond with more details.
  8. Mom can never remember her various social media passwords. She insists on calling me to ask instead of resetting anything.
  9. Mom likes to text me her grocery lists by taking photos of her handwritten list.
  10. Mom keeps opening 50 internet browser tabs then calling me in a panic when her computer freezes.
  11. No matter how many times I tell her otherwise, mom still double clicks every link and icon when surfing the web.
  12. Mom refuses to shop online because she doesn’t understand how the trucks bring packages through the computer.
  13. I had mom take a computer literacy class at the senior center. She came home even more confused about “the Google” than before.
  14. Mom keeps mixing up log in and log out. I’ll get 30 password reset emails in a row when she can’t log in.
  15. I told mom my photo went viral on Reddit. She asked, “But how did it get from the Reddit into the Facebook?”
  16. Mom spends hours crafting the perfect Facebook comment, proofreading it 3 times before posting.
  17. I had to stop mom from commenting “LOL!” on her own posts. She thought it meant “lots of love.”
  18. Mom keeps posting Excel spreadsheets to Facebook when she means to attach photos.
  19. Mom emailed me to ask if I got the chain letter she forwarded. She was worried my luck wouldn’t multiply if I didn’t pass it on.
  20. When mom sees a funny meme, she prints it out and mails it to me to make sure I saw it.
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Well, at least moms keep trying to improve their tech skills! Hopefully you enjoyed these 100 momma jokes tickling all aspects of moms’ endearing quirks and habits. Tell a few to your own momma and give her a good chuckle!

5 Tips for Telling Momma Jokes the Right Way

Now that you’ve got 100 hilarious momma jokes in your arsenal, here are 5 tips to tell them right:

  1. Make sure it’s all in good fun. The intent should be humor and bonding, not hurtful teasing. Make sure mom knows you love and appreciate her.
  2. Consider timing. Don’t tell momma jokes around the holidays or mom’s birthday when tensions could be high.
  3. Choose jokes relevant to your mom. Pick momma jokes that jive with your mom’s actual personality quirks.
  4. Limit inside jokes. It’s ok to have a few jokes just between you and mom, but keep most jokes relatable.
  5. Leave dad out. Unless you want unintentional family drama, keep the jokes focused on mom stereotypes, not putting down dad.

Follow these tips, and the momma jokes you tell are sure to land right and give your momma a great belly laugh!

Frequently Asked Questions About Momma Jokes

Here are answers to some common questions about joking around with momma:

Are momma jokes mean?

Momma jokes are meant to be lighthearted, not mean or cruel. The intent is humor through exaggerated stereotypes, not insulting any one person. As long as the intent stays playful and the jokes are tailored to what your mom finds funny, then no harm done!

What if my mom gets offended?

Read your audience. If your mom doesn’t find a particular joke funny, apologize and move on. Stick to jokes that align with your mom’s sense of humor to avoid inadvertently offending her.

Is it ok for mom to tell momma jokes too?

Absolutely! As long as the joke resonates with both your and your mom’s sense of humor, she’s welcome to get in on the fun. Joking together is a great way to bond.

Do dads ever tell momma jokes?

Most often, momma jokes come from grown children giving their moms a playful ribbing. However, spouses certainly can tell lighthearted jokes about one another too, as long as no one is hurt or offended. The same rules apply.

Are dead mom jokes off limits?

Yes. Never make jokes at the expense of someone who has passed away. Those jokes become hurtful, not humorous. Momma jokes are best told lightheartedly between living family members.

I hope these momma joke FAQs cleared up any concerns. Now you’re ready to give your momma some good-natured chuckles and smiles! Just remember to do so with love.


In conclusion, momma jokes done right can give your momma something to smile about through their exaggerated humor. This collection of 100 momma jokes covers all the quintessential mom stereotypes – from frugality and being overprotective to attempting to use technology and act young again. Just be sure to tell these jokes with affection, read