Evidence of Hominin Cannibalism: Human’s Evolutionary Relatives Butchered Each Other 1.45 Million Years Ago

Neanderthal Archaic Human Eating

Researchers from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History have discovered the earliest evidence of possible cannibalism among human ancestors, dating back to 1.45 million years ago. Paleoanthropologist Briana Pobiner and her team found nine cut marks, indicative of stone tools, on a fossil shin bone belonging to a hominin species found in northern Kenya. … Read more

Ancient human ancestor’s bones ‘butchered by another ancestor for meat’

View of hominin tibia - enlarged area showing cut marks (Briana Pobiner)

Look at the hominin tibia – the enlarged area showing the cut marks. (Briana Pobiner) The bone of an ancient human relative shows signs of cutting with stone tools – of another human relative looking to cut meat to eat. The nine cut marks on a 1.45-million-year-old left shin bone from a relative of A … Read more