Life After Death: Astronomers Discover Mysterious Planet That Shouldn’t Exist

Description of the Death Defying Planet

The Jupiter-like planet Halla survived the sun Baekdu’s expansion into a red giant, a process that should have swallowed it, according to astronomers from the University of Hawaii. The surprising survival prompts theories about planetary evolution, including a potential binary star origin or that Halla is a newly formed “second generation” planet. Credit: WM Keck … Read more

Astronomers Discover a Strange New Way of Destroying Stars

An artist impression of a gamma-ray-burst seen as a bright purple flash in the foreground, outside the bright area in the background.

If you’re a supervillain genius looking to shock your enemy with a big messy space kablooie, here’s a new way to do it. Combine the two ancient star remnants right in front of your enemy. The result will give you a massive, bright explosion and a bonus gamma-ray burst visible throughout the Universe. And, it … Read more