Saturn’s Rings Shine in Webb’s First Spectacular Observations of the Ringed Planet

Saturn (Webb NIRCam)

Image of Saturn and several of its moons, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope’s NIRCam instrument on June 25, 2023. In this monochrome image, the NIRCam filter F323N (3.23 microns) is color-mapped with orange color. Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, M. Tiscareno (SETI Institute), M. Hedman (University of Idaho), M. El Moutamid (Cornell University), … Read more

Life After Death: Astronomers Discover Mysterious Planet That Shouldn’t Exist

Description of the Death Defying Planet

The Jupiter-like planet Halla survived the sun Baekdu’s expansion into a red giant, a process that should have swallowed it, according to astronomers from the University of Hawaii. The surprising survival prompts theories about planetary evolution, including a potential binary star origin or that Halla is a newly formed “second generation” planet. Credit: WM Keck … Read more

A Direct Image of a Planet Like Jupiter, Only Younger

Universe Now

In a recent study published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, a team of astronomers used the WM Keck Observatory in Maunakea, Hawai?i Island to identify an exoplanet, AF Lep b, of three times the mass of Jupiter orbiting a Sun-sized star located approximately 87.5 light-years from Earth. What makes this discovery unique is that AF … Read more