Hopefully Alan Wake 2 isn’t another Remedy game with tons of bad gunfire

Wearing an eyepatch in the Quantum Break screenshot.

After making their name with the fun gun bonanzas of Max Payne, Remedy Entertainment now looks good with guns but can never hang their holsters. I’ve been playing Quantum Break since it arrived on PC Game Pass, and I found their oft-forgotten time-bending shooter to be another modern Remedy game full of boring battles even though it gives you supernatural powers that can be replaced the guns. Their apparent disinterest in gunfights is especially felt in a game to tell a story that ends chapters in live-action TV episodes starring the actual Lance Reddick. Looking back at their previous games, agh, as much as I love spooky investigations, I couldn’t be more excited for their next one, Alan Wake 2.

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Microsoft rejected Alan Wake 2’s pitch with TV-style episodes for Quantum Break

Microsoft rejected Alan Wake 2's pitch with TV-style episodes for Quantum Break

Alan Wake 2 arrives this October more than 13 years after the original Remedy game, and after several false starts in the making of the sequel. Much of developer Remedy’s original pitch for a sequel went to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the action-heavy 2012 standalone spinoff that, while not unanimously loved by critics, became something … Read more