100 Amazing Prayers For Baptism Into God’s Vineyard

As you prepare for your baptism, here are 100 amazing prayers for baptism that you can pray to draw closer to God and celebrate this joyous event.

Baptism is a special occasion in the life of a Christian when they profess their faith in Jesus Christ and become part of His church. It marks the beginning of a life dedicated to following Christ. Baptism also symbolizes dying to your old self and being reborn in Christ.

100 Baptism Prayers For Everyone

Prayers for Preparedness and Purification Before Baptism

Prayers for Preparedness and Purification Before Baptism

  1. Dear Lord, as I prepare for my baptism, create in me a pure heart. Wash me clean of all my sins and renew a right spirit within me.
  2. Jesus, circumcise my heart so that I may love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Remove any barriers that may hinder my relationship with You.
  3. Holy Spirit, search my inward parts and reveal to me any areas not pleasing to You. Grant me the grace to repent and walk in holiness.
  4. Father God, create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Strengthen me to flee from all evil and cleave to what is good.
  5. Lord Jesus, wash me clean through your precious blood shed on the cross. Purify my heart as white as snow that I may glorify You through my life.
  6. Heavenly Father, as I follow Christ in baptism, let me die to sin and be raised to righteousness. Help me take off the old self and put on the new self in You.
  7. Dear God, thank you for adopting me as your beloved child. As I come to the waters of baptism, clothe me in Christ’s righteousness alone.
  8. Lord Jesus, circumcise my heart and cover me with your grace. Nail all vain affections and worldly desires to your cross.
  9. Holy Spirit, reveal to me any way I have grieved you. Create in me a repentant heart, that I may bring forth fruits of righteousness.
  10. Thank you, God, for the gift of salvation. As I reflect on this baptism, give me an undivided and grateful heart for your incredible mercy.

Prayers for Committing Your Life to Christ Through Baptism

  1. Lord Jesus, I profess faith in you as my Savior and surrender my life fully to you. Baptize me with your Holy Spirit and fire.
  2. Jesus, you are my Lord and King. I commit myself to obeying your commands and honoring you with all I do.
  3. I renounce Satan and all his empty promises. I declare that Jesus alone is Lord of my life now and forever.
  4. Savior, I am no longer my own but belong fully to you. Send your Spirit to empower me for your service.
  5. Christ Jesus, you are my righteousness and sanctification. I pledge allegiance to you as my King now and for all eternity.
  6. Lord, baptize me with the courage and compassion that characterized your earthly life and ministry.
  7. Jesus, through this baptism, I die to myself and live for you. Take my life and use it for your glory.
  8. Savior, I wholly give myself to you today with no reservations. Be my all in all now and forevermore.
  9. Lord, everything I am and have belongs to you. I will proclaim your love and truth all the days of my life.
  10. Christ Jesus, you alone are my hope and salvation. I trust you completely and declare you as my Lord and Master.

Prayers for Baptism as a Sign of Cleansing and Rebirth

  1. Lord, thank you for the cleansing waters of baptism. As I go down into the waters, wash away all my sins and guilt.
  2. Jesus, baptize me with your Holy Spirit. May your living water well up within me eternally.
  3. Holy Spirit, stir the waters as I am baptized. Renew and refresh me to walk in newness of life.
  4. Savior, bury me with you in baptism and raise me to walk in new life. For I pass from death into life everlasting.
  5. Christ Jesus, baptize me into your death and resurrection. As I go down into the grave with you, I rise to live your resurrected life.
  6. Lord, baptize me into your body, the Church. Unite me with fellow believers by the power of your Spirit.
  7. Jesus, let me share in your anointing as God’s chosen Messiah. May your authority rest upon me.
  8. Come, Holy Spirit, hover over the waters of my baptism like you did at creation. Bring forth new life within me.
  9. Father, thank you for adopting me as your beloved child. I am baptized into your family today.
  10. Lord, bury my old self in baptism that I may be raised with Christ. Transform me into your likeness.
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Prayers for Living Out Your Baptismal Identity and Purpose

Prayers for Living Out Your Baptismal Identity and Purpose
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  1. Father, help me live as your beloved, baptized child. Remind me daily of my identity in You.
  2. Christ Jesus, guide me to use my spiritual gifts to build up the church and advance Your Kingdom.
  3. Holy Spirit, empower me to turn from sin and walk in obedience to Christ’s commands.
  4. Jesus, may your love compel me to bring the good news of salvation to the lost. Use me to further your mission.
  5. Lord, give me courage to share my faith and testify about what you’ve done in my life.
  6. Savior, may compassion for the hurting and lost flow from my life because of your great compassion for me.
  7. Christ Jesus, join me together with my brothers and sisters in your family. Unite us in fellowship and ministry.
  8. Lord, help me revel in the newness of life I have in You. May your joy be my strength each day.
  9. Jesus, let me walk in the freedom of forgiveness you purchased for me. Empower me to forgive others.
  10. Holy Spirit, produce your fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in my life.

Prayers for Living Out Your Baptism Through the Church

  1. Father, teach me to love your Church because you established her as Christ’s bride. Help me commit to a local church.
  2. Christ Jesus, show me how I can serve your body the church. Help me use my gifts to strengthen her.
  3. Holy Spirit, grant me humility to submit to church leaders as they follow your leading. Make me a unifying member.
  4. Lord, give me a heart to champion the mission of your Church on earth. Help me play my part in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  5. Jesus, use me to share your gospel wisdom with your people. Equip me to counsel and teach your truth.
  6. Savior, baptize me with a holy passion to see people come to know you. May your heart for the lost consume me.
  7. Christ Jesus, help me love the church as you do: with truth, grace, mercy, and correction when needed. Make me loyal.
  8. Holy Spirit, let my life overflow with worship. Teach me to praise God personally and corporately with his people.
  9. Father, use me to help those struggling in the church. Show me how to serve the wounded with compassion.
  10. Lord, make me a peacemaker in church relationships. Grant me wisdom and humility to build unity.

Prayers for Depending on Christ Through Baptismal Difficulties

  1. Lord, when facing trials, remind me of your triumphant resurrection. Death is defeated.
  2. Jesus, if I face persecution for following you, give me courage like yours. My suffering pales compared to yours on my behalf.
  3. Holy Spirit, should sin tempt me, remind me of my baptismal pledge to walk in newness of life in Christ. Empower me to resist.
  4. Father, when doubts arise, remind me you claimed me as your beloved child. Anchor my mind in baptismal truth.
  5. Lord, if I start relying on my own strength, revive in my soul the joy of my baptism. Apart from you I am nothing. My only boast is your cross.
  6. Savior, forgive me when I fail to live out my baptismal identity fully. Have mercy on me and lead me back to you.
  7. Christ Jesus, when I am weak, may I boast all the more in you, my strength. Help me grasp how sufficient your grace is for me.
  8. Holy Spirit, renew me daily. Revive the commitments made at my baptism. Empower me to live all of life before an audience of One.
  9. Father, when I experience dry times spiritually, refresh me by washing me again in the waters of baptism. Satisfy me with your presence.
  10. Lord, baptize me with an eternal perspective. Fix my eyes on the day I will see you face to face and be made like you, free from sin forever.
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Prayers for Celebrating Your Adoption into God’s Family

  1. Heavenly Father, praise you for bringing me into your forever family. Thank you for making me your beloved, adopted child.
  2. Jesus, how incredible to be united with you, the Son of God, through baptism! Unite me closer to you each day.
  3. Holy Spirit, thank you for sealing me in Christ and marking me as God’s child forever. Help me walk by your empowering.
  4. Lord, words cannot express my gratitude for the gift of baptism. I was lost, but now am found. I was dead in sin but now have eternal life!
  5. Father, baptize me deeper into your enveloping love for me. So amazing that I am precious and delighted in by you.
  6. Christ Jesus, you gave everything to make me your own. I give you my life with endless thanks and heartfelt praise!
  7. Holy Spirit, give me revelation of my new identity as a child of the King. Let me live aware of my royal heritage in God.
  8. Lord, may my life be an offering of thanks to you for what you’ve done. Use me to further your Kingdom in response to such love.
  9. Jesus, all glory and honor is due your name! You are my life, my hope, my salvation, my King, my glory!
  10. Father, thank you for making me righteous, holy, blameless, and above reproach through Christ. What an incredible gift!

Prayers for depending on the Holy Spirit’s empowering

  1. Holy Spirit, seal God’s truth firmly in my mind and write it on my heart. Protect me from deception and lies.
  2. Divine Spirit, unite me deeply to Christ. Produce lasting fruit in my life that overflows to serve others.
  3. Holy Spirit, give me wisdom and discernment according to the mind of Christ. Lead me into all truth.
  4. Heavenly Teacher, illuminate Scripture and give me insight into God’s word. Make it alive and active in my life.
  5. Divine Enabler, without you I can do nothing. Strengthen me to do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
  6. Spirit of the Living God, stir courage in me to live counter-culturally for Christ. Empower my witness.
  7. Holy Fire, refine me to shine for Christ. Burn away impurities and kindle zeal.
  8. Eternal Spirit, produce increasing spiritual maturity in me so I can serve the church and reach the lost.
  9. Divine Guide, lead me in righteousness and holiness. Teach me to pray without ceasing.
  10. Holy Advocate, give me boldness to testify about Christ. Help me spread the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere.

Prayers for depending on God’s strength through baptismal vows

  1. Father, when I lack faith, remind me you claimed me as your beloved child in baptism. Anchor me in your love.
  2. Jesus, when I waver, help me recall your covenant with me in baptism. Strengthen me by your steadfast salvation.
  3. Holy Spirit, when tempted, remind me I died to sin and rose to new life in baptism. Empower me to walk uprightly.
  4. Lord, if persecuted, remind me I took up the cross in baptism. Fill me with courage and joy to suffer for you.
  5. Savior, when anxious, recall the peace of surrendering all to you in baptism. Calm my heart in your presence.
  6. Christ Jesus, when attacked by doubt, revive the truth that I’m sealed as yours in baptism. Drive out all fear.
  7. Holy Spirit, if discouraged, lift my soul to ponder the eternal life gained in baptism. Comfort me in hope.
  8. Father, when tired, refresh me with the living water of baptism. Immerse me again in your limitless strength.
  9. Lord, if straying, redirect me to my first love professed at baptism. Restore in me passion and zeal.
  10. Jesus, grace me to daily die to self and live for you as pledged at baptism. Raise me to walk in new life.
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Prayers for Baptizing New Believers into the Body of Christ

  1. Lord, let your gospel go forth and bear fruit for new believers to be baptized into your kingdom family.
  2. Jesus, I lift up all preparing for baptism. Soften hearts, assure them of your grace, and grant them joy in surrendering to you.
  3. Holy Spirit, rest upon pastors and leaders guiding people to be baptized. Give them wisdom, discernment, and patience.
  4. Father, fill new believers with assurance of their adoption into your family through baptism. Assure doubting hearts.
  5. Christ Jesus, embolden your church to proclaim the gospel boldly and call people to repent, believe, and be baptized.
  6. Lord, remove barriers that hinder people from public baptism. Grant them courage to testify about their faith.
  7. Holy Spirit, raise up leaders who will disciple new believers well and lead them to maturity in Christ.
  8. Father, bless churches gathering in secret,dangerous places. Grant these converts steadfast faith shining like stars in the darkness.
  9. Jesus, bring prodigals back home. Soften hardened hearts through the witness of baptized believers full of grace and truth.
  10. Lord, fill your people with compassion and urgency to share the gospel. Through baptism, magnify Christ and grow your church worldwide.

In summary, these prayers cover many facets of baptism: preparing your heart, committing your life to Christ, depending on God’s strength, celebrating your adoption into God’s family, living out your baptismal identity, and more. Lift up these prayers as you reflect on your baptism and seek to walk faithfully with Jesus all your days.

Why should I pray about my baptism?

Praying about your baptism helps you reflect on the spiritual significance of it. Baptism is rich in meaning and a defining moment in your walk with Christ. Prayers of thanksgiving, recommitment and asking for grace to live out your baptism are just some ways prayer enhances this special event.

What Bible verses relate to baptism?

Key baptism verses include: Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38, Romans 6:3-4, Galatians 3:27,Colossians 2:12, 1 Peter 3:21. Meditate on these to understand baptism’s biblical roots.

How can I pray for someone getting baptized?

Pray they understand baptism’s spiritual meaning, for courage to share their faith, pure motivations, overflowing joy, increased spiritual maturity, and guidance to get plugged into a Bible-believing church.

Should I get baptized again if I strayed from faith?

There is no need to be re-baptized if you previously were baptized as a believer. God remains faithful even when we are faithless (2 Timothy 2:13). Confess any sins and renew your commitment to following Christ.

What prayers can I pray at a baptism service?

Prayers of blessing over the baptism candidates, confession and thanksgiving over your own baptism, celebration of God’s grace, and intercession for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit are meaningful baptism prayers.

In conclusion, baptism is a pivotal milestone in the walk of faith. Lift up these rich, Biblically-rooted prayers to bless baptismal candidates and stir your own devotion to Christ anew. God delights to hear the prayers of His children surrounding baptism.

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