60 Effective Prayers For Children To Keep Them In God’s Care

In this post, you’ll discover 60 prayers for children you can pray for your children. You’ll find prayers about their identity, faith, character, safety, relationships, purpose and destiny. You’ll also learn some tips on how to pray more powerfully and intentionally for your kids. My hope is that these prayers spark fresh inspiration for you to intercede on behalf of your children.

As parents, one of our most important jobs is to care for our children’s spiritual development. Teaching them to have a relationship with God is a privilege and responsibility. One powerful way we can encourage our child’s faith is through prayer. The Bible tells us that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective (James 5:16). As we come before God on behalf of our children, we unlock His power, grace, and transformation in their lives.

Prayers for Your Child’s Identity & Self Worth

60 Effective Prayers For Children To Keep Them In God's Care

  1. Lord, let my children know they are wonderfully made in your image. Give them a deep sense of value, purpose, and belonging as your unique creation.
  2. May my children grow to see themselves the way you see them – as your beloved sons and daughters in whom you are well pleased.
  3. Lord, protect my children’s self-esteem. Deliver them from negative self talk and poor self image. Let them be rooted in who you say they are.
  4. Jesus, may my kids find their identity in you. Set them free from false labels, unhelpful comparisons and destructive identity markers the world tries to put on them.
  5. Father God, give my children hearts filled with gratitude, that they may recognize all that you’ve blessed them with and not take it for granted.
  6. Lord, do not let my children be defined by other people’s opinions, their successes or failures, possessions, appearance, or background – but let them know they are defined by YOU.
  7. Jesus, I pray you will give my kids discernment so they are very selective about what messages they allow to shape how they see themselves. Protect their hearts and minds.
  8. Lord, surround my children with voices that affirm the good you have placed in them, so that they grow in confidence of who you’ve made them to be.
  9. Dear God, I pray you will make my children secure in their identity in you. May they not feel the need to pretend, perform, hide, or seek significance in unhelpful places.
  10. Father, help my children to see themselves as you see them. Capture their hearts with your unconditional love and transform them from the inside out by the power of your Spirit.

Prayers for Your Child’s Faith & Belief

60 Effective Prayers For Children To Keep Them In God's Care

  1. Lord, I pray that my children will fall deeply in love with You at a young age. Capture their hearts and nurture their faith, Lord Jesus.
  2. Jesus, let my children see how real and present you are. Reveal yourself to them in intimate ways. Invite them into friendship with you, let them hear your voice.
  3. I pray for every seed of truth that’s been planted in my kids to take root. Nourish those seeds Lord, cause them to grow strong within my children’s hearts and bear lasting fruit.
  4. Father, I pray you will give my kids discernment amidst a cultural climate that bombards them with dangerous untruths. Help them recognize truth.
  5. I ask that you will protect my children from destructive doubts or debilitating cynicism. When hard questions come, assure them of your deep love.
  6. Lord, I pray you will develop strong convictions in my children – founded on the truth of your Word and centered on Jesus.
  7. Father God, empower my children to overcome weariness and discouragement in their spiritual journey. Remind them it’s worth persevering and staying close to you.
  8. Jesus, keep my children far from meaningless diversions and trivial pursuits. Instill in them a hunger for things of eternal significance. Help them live with purpose.
  9. Lord, I pray my children will fall so radically in love with you that no competing affection could ever rival it. No person, dream or goal will outweigh their supreme love for you.
  10. Jesus, be the anchor for my children’s souls – their steady guide and compass – when the storms of life come. May your Spirit give them stability and direction.

Prayers for Your Child’s Character & Integrity

60 Effective Prayers For Children To Keep Them In God's Care

  1. Father, cultivate strong character in my children. Make them faithful stewards of all you entrust to them.
  2. Lord, I pray you will develop purity in my children’s hearts. Guard them from temptation. Let them walk in innocence and wisdom.
  3. Jesus, teach my children to love what is right and hate what is wrong. Set their moral compass towards you.
  4. Father, grow empathy and compassion in my children. Soften their hearts to the needs and struggles of others around them.
  5. Lord, help my kids follow through with their commitments and finish what they start. Make them faithful and reliable.
  6. Jesus, I pray you will make my children courageous enough to stand for what is right – even when it’s hard and unpopular.
  7. Lord, use any struggle or suffering my children face to build perseverance and proven character within them. Don’t let hard times harden their hearts.
  8. Father, guard my children against pride or arrogance. Keep them humble, teachable and gracious.
  9. Lord, grow gratitude, generosity and selflessness in my children. Deliver them from selfishness, entitlement and greed.
  10. Jesus, I pray my kids will have valor and devotion in their friendships. Make them steadfast, loyal and slow to take offense.

Prayers for Your Child’s Relationships & Influences

60 Effective Prayers For Children To Keep Them In God's Care


  1. God, I ask that you will set divine appointments for my children to be around other believers who will pour courage into their hearts.
  2. Lord, give my kids discerning and guarded hearts concerning those they let speak influence into their lives.
  3. Jesus, I pray that my children will be protected from destructive relationships and toxic friendships that could skew their values, lower their standards, demand unhealthy compromise, or shipwreck their faith.
  4. Lord, I ask you to guard my children from those who could take advantage of them, exploit their trust, or manipulate their emotions. Keep them far from predatory people.
  5. Father God, I pray you will transform areas of brokenness from my children’s family history so generational dysfunction, addictions, or sin patterns will not be passed down to them. Set them free.
  6. Lord, I ask you will give my children wise and faithful friends who stick closer than brothers, who will nourish their faith, encourage their gifts, and hold them accountable.
  7. Jesus, I pray that my children will in turn be faithful, supportive and encouraging friends. Help them to build others up and walk through hard times with peers who need support.
  8. Father, I pray that my children will be kept from unhealthy emotional dependencies or premature romantic involvements. Guide their relationships and protect their hearts.
  9. Lord, I ask that you will help my kids navigate a digital world and not put their trust in online relationships over real life community. Guard their hearts.
  10. Jesus, I pray my children will have responsible, accountable friendships that honor you. I pray their closest companions will make wise decisions and keep them from danger, temptation or deception.

Prayers for Your Child’s Safety & Protection

  1. Lord, I pray you will hide my children under the shelter of your wings. Be their refuge and fortress, protecting them from all harm.
  2. Jesus, guard the steps of my children and light their path that they will not stumble into sin, danger, temptation or deception.
  3. Father, build a hedge of protection around my kids. Set angelic guardians to stand watch over their coming and going.
  4. Lord, I pray you will make my children sensitive to your leading and promptings. Help them recognize your caution or warning to avoid risky situations and toxic environments.
  5. Jesus, I ask that you will intervene supernaturally on behalf of my children whenever they face any threat – known or unknown. Bring your heavenly reinforcements around them.
  6. Lord, I pray my children will be vigilant concerning their safety and bold about establishing boundaries that guard their hearts, bodies and souls.
  7. Father God, guide my children’s choices to steer clear of addictions, violence, reckless thrill seeking, sexual sin and other dangerous traps the enemy lays for their lives.
  8. Jesus, empower my kids to resist peer pressure when friends make poor choices that could jeopardize their wellbeing and future. Give them courage to stand out and walk away.
  9. Lord, make my children self-controlled, attentive and spiritually alert because their adversary the devil is on the prowl like a roaring lion, seeking anyone he may devour.
  10. Father, build resilience and perseverance in my children when they face afflictions. Use hardship to deepen their dependence on you as their only true source of help and deliverance.

Prayers for Your Child’s Purpose & Destiny

  1. Lord, reveal to my children the special purpose and plan you have for their lives. Give them a glimpse of how you want to use them to carry your glory to a hurting world.
  2. Jesus, I pray that my children would steward their gifts well, not neglecting the unique talents you’ve entrusted to them. Help them not to bury their talents but make the most of them.
  3. Father, I pray you will open doors of opportunity for my children to discover, develop and deploy their gifts to serve others and advance your Kingdom.
  4. God, make my children passionately committed to fulfill their calling and accomplish all you created them to do while on this earth. Light a fire in them to fully complete their purpose.
  5. Lord, I pray my kids will yield their hopes, plans and dreams entirely to you. Capture their hearts with YOUR bigger vision for their lives. What you want should eclipse any small dream they’ve conceived.
  6. Father, protect my children from distractions, discouragements or delays that could keep them from living out their redemption story and becoming all you destined them to be.
  7. Jesus, I pray my children will cooperate fully with your sanctifying work within them, that you might have pure and powerful vessels through which to pour out your glory through their lives.
  8. Lord, I pray my children will steward their finances well and learn early to generously be your hands and feet. Make them bold and creative kingdom builders.
  9. God, stir spiritual hunger within my children – a deep longing for more of you. Cultivate prayerful hearts that chase after you and find purpose pursuing your presence.
  10. Father, I ask that you will raise up mentors for my children who can help guide them as they come into their calling and unlock their destiny. I welcome your divine connections.

Tips for Praying Powerfully for Your Children

  • Pray Scripture over them: Personalize passages like Ephesians 3:14-21, Phillipians 1:9-11, Colossians 1:9-12 or Romans 15:13. Speak God’s Word over their lives.
  • Journal or vision board their future: Capture what God shows you to declare over them. Write prophecies about their purpose, talents, and testimony.
  • Make prayer physical: Lay hands on your kids, annoint their head with oil, kneel to bless them, have them sit as you intercede. It helps connect faith with action.
  • Fast for your kids: added power is released when we fast for our children’s welfare, protection and destiny.
  • Pray with other parents: Find another parent to agree with you in prayer for your kids. “One can chase a thousand but two can put ten thousand to flight” (Deut 32:30).
  • Use your authority: Remind God of your righteousness in Jesus (2 Cor 5:21) and use your authority to drive back spiritual forces seeking to influence your kids.
  • Cover them while they sleep: Pray over your children as you put them to bed. Ask God to speak to them in visions and dreams (Joel 2:28).
  • Prayer walk around their school or work: Physically walk around your kids’ places of influence, praying protection, wisdom and divine connections.
  • Make a prayer closet: Designate a spot to meet with God about your kids. Fill it with pictures, verses and vision board pieces to fuel focused intercession.
  • Pray immediately: When concerns arise, pray right away so anxiety has no chance to gain foothold and multiply fears. Give it no airtime.

How often should I pray for my children?

The Bible urges us to “pray continually” (1 Thess 5:17) – so keeping a running conversation with God about our kids helps cultivate an ongoing attitude of prayer and reliance on Him. But setting aside focused time daily, or on a consistent basis (like weekly or monthly) helps make prayer for your children a steadfast habit.

What if my prayers don’t seem to be making a difference?

Lean on God’s character and promises, not on immediate results. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9). Results unfold on God’s timeline. Just keep praying in faith!

How can I know God’s specific will to pray for my kids?

Ask God to reveal how He sees your child and His dreams for them. Listen for His impressions during prayer times. Pay attention to words He highlights in Scripture. Write down things He shows you & pray those things. Journaling helps capture revelation.

What if my children seem far from God right now?

Regardless how far your kids feel from God, He is always at work on their behalf, pursuing their hearts. He is faithful even when we are faithless (2 Timothy 2:13). Do not give up praying for prodigal children. God moves on their behalf, wooing them home.

I’m a single mom (or dad) – will my prayers still matter as much?

Yes! As believers, we have the same Holy Spirit access to the Father regardless of earthly status. Your prayers absolutely carry the same power and authority to release blessing and to warfare spiritually over your kids. Stand on His promises.


What an honor it is to commit our children to the Lord in prayer. He delights in them even more than we do, and is working constantly for their good – often in response to our prayers or promptings of His Spirit. May these prayers stir your faith afresh for all that God longs to do in and through your kids. Keep declaring His Word and His vision over them. He is faithful to move on their behalf!

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