100 “I Started A Joke” Lyrics That Will Blow Your Mind!

The 1968 song “I Started a Joke” by the Bee Gees is a melancholic masterpiece. The cryptic lyrics about starting something you can’t control have inspired some brilliant lyric spinoffs.

This post collects 100 alternative lyrics to “I Started A Joke” that put a clever or humorous spin on the classic song. Ranging from parodies about food, technology, holiday jokes, and more – these lyrics are sure to make you laugh and marvel at the creativity.

So get ready to be amazed as we dive into 100 funny, bizarre, and downright mind-blowing alternative lyrics to the timeless “I Started A Joke!”

What Makes “I Started A Joke” Easy to Parody?

There are a few elements that make “I Started a Joke” ripe for clever lyrical parodies:

  • Melancholy sound lends itself to ironic or unexpected lyrics
  • Flexible melody that fits many lyric subjects
  • Cryptic meaning invites new interpretations
  • Short simple verses easy to rewrite
  • Theme of loss of control inspires wild lyrics

Now let’s look at some ingenious lyrics people came up with!

Top 10 Funniest “I Started A Joke” Parodies

Let’s start off with 10 of the funniest alternative lyrics to “I Started a Joke”:

  1. I started a pizza that I couldn’t finish, brought it next door, my neighbor Bill snatched it.
  2. I started a joke about a funny llama, told it at work, no one got the drama.
  3. I started some laundry without any bleach, now all my whites have turned a dingy beige.
  4. I started a rumor my boss had a toupee, word got back fast, now I’m canned anyway.
  5. I started a diet of kale and whole wheat, caved by the weekend for burgers and sweets.
  6. I started an email in passive aggression, shouldn’t have sent it in fits of depression.
  7. I started a blog though I’m no expert, writing advice posts though my life’s uncertain.
  8. I started a story about a whimsical elf, kept adding plotlines, got way too involved myself.
  9. I started a friendship with awesome Nick, then I moved cities and slowly we drifted.
  10. I started a joke that I couldn’t stop, told all my buddies, it’s all that we discuss.
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Food & Drink Parodies

Fun food and drink-related lyrics to “I Started a Joke”:

  • I started some cookies but burnt every batch, followed the recipe, don’t know what I botched.
  • I started a diet of juices and kale, caved by the weekend for pasta and ale.
  • I started preparing Thanksgiving dinner alone, the turkey’s too big and I’m on my own.
  • I started a grocery list full of good snacks, but came home with cookies and salty snacks.
  • I started making eggs but I broke all the yolks, now I’m eating a sandwich with broken dreams.
  • I started baking a cake for Aunt Sheila’s birthday, burned it to ashes, the smoke detector was blaring away.
  • I started some cheese that’s still aging in the cave, but I want some now – my cravings are grave.
  • I started a garden with seeds in the soil, but rainstorms came now it’s muddy toil.
  • I started a recipe using exotic truffles, they cost a fortune and gave me theuffles.
  • I started a diet ’cause I wanted to tone, then I ate a huge burger and fries on my own.

Technology Parodies

These technology-themed lyrics are genius:

  • I started an email then clicked send too fast, now it’s got typos that I cannot take back.
  • I started a meme using a hilarious cat, posted online everywhere, but it got no laughs.
  • I started a podcast though I’m not much a talker, I fill up dead air with lots of “umm” and “ahh”.
  • I started some code but can’t fix all the bugs, missing variables, endless stack traces too.
  • I started a YouTube channel at thirty years old, embarrassed myself now the subs count’s quite low.
  • I started a blog though I never quite finish, I always hit publish though the writing needs polish.
  • I started an app though I don’t know Swift or Java, funded by my folks but prospects are murky.
  • I started a photo blog just using my phone, but iPhone cameras leave much to be desired.
  • I started a Twitter and gained followers fast, but don’t have much to say, the creativity won’t last.
  • I started a LinkedIn to grow my career options, haven’t messaged anyone, now I just feel forgotten.
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Holiday Parodies

Holiday-themed lyrics are always a fun time:

  • I started some ornaments, dropped one, it shattered, no mistletoe kisses, Christmas joy scattered.
  • I started a new year’s diet plan, failed on Day 3, resolution – yeah that’s canned.
  • I started a birthday cake, then I sneezed, blew all the candles out, my wish went unleashed.
  • I started Thanksgiving dinner on my lonesome, undercooked the turkey, now I’m vying for a loan.
  • I started some fireworks though I’m scared of the light, lit up the sky then panicked from the boom and the sparks.
  • I started Easter eggs to color and hide, couldn’t find them all, one smells rotten inside.
  • I started pumpkin carving, knife kept on slipping, the pumpkin’s mangled, Halloween mood quickly whipping.
  • I started gift shopping way after Christmas passed, messy wrapped gifts, better luck in the future I guess.
  • I started new holiday PJs for the fam to enjoy, burnt holes right through them – oh drat and oh boy.
  • I started planting pumpkins with my kids in the yard, heavy rains came and ruined our harvest – how hard.

Work & School Parodies

These lyrics bring work and school humor:

  • I started a project way over deadline, manager frustrated, says I better realign.
  • I started a class presentation, equipment fails, I bomb it in front of peers, ego derails.
  • I started a term paper the night before it’s due, need an extension, I know I’ll get booed.
  • I started a new job that I thought would be fun, micromanaging boss now partying days are done.
  • I started a career change into finance, poor skills with numbers, prospects look askew.
  • I started some homework just before bed last night, fell asleep too fast, now it’s still not right.
  • I started a job as aListEntry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4 Entry 5 Entry 6 Entry 7 Entry 8 Entry 9 Entry 10 school bus driver – oh no stop signs, all this traffic, I might soon retire.
  • I started a homework group to share notes and learn, no one prepared last class, now I’ve got concern.
  • I started a degree I can’t hope to complete, student debt rising, this road is bittersweet.
  • I started a corporate job in a corner suite, but sadness comes daily squeaking this office seat.
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FAQs About “I Started a Joke” Lyrics

Here are some frequently asked questions about parodying the lyrics:

What makes “I Started a Joke” easy to create parody lyrics for?

The melancholy melody pairs well with ironic lyrics. And the simple structure and cryptic meaning allows creative reinterpretation.

What are the most popular topics for parody lyrics?

Food, holidays, work, school, and technology are very common. Everyday relatable mishaps make fertile ground for parody.

Are the lyrics limited to the original verses?

No – while it’s common to follow the initial verse structure, you can take liberties and add or remove verses as desired.

Is the melancholy feel mandatory?

The sad sound lends itself well to topics gone wrong, but you can certainly take the lyrics in a happier or sillier direction if preferred.

Where can I find more parody lyrics to “I Started a Joke”?

Genius lyrics, Reddit, YouTube, and Tumblr offer many creative examples. The song’s timelessness inspires continual reinterpretation.

Don’t Lose Control!

There you have it – 100 brilliant alternatives to “I Started a Joke” lyrics that parody topics from holiday mishaps to questionable career changes. This just goes to show how flexible and inspiring the Bee Gees classic remains to this day. So tap into your own creativity and see what clever lyrics you can dream up next! Just don’t start a joke you can’t control.