150 Easy Pick up Lines For Shy People to Open a Flirty Conversation in 1 mins

Pickup lines

Feeling shy and struggling to break the ice with someone you’re interested in? We’ve all been there. Starting a conversation with a stranger or crush can feel nerve-wracking, especially if you’re more introverted. But here’s the good news – you don’t have to be super witty or hilarious to kickstart a flirty chat. All you need are some easy pick up lines to get over that initial hurdle.

To help you out, we’ve put together 150 simple, solid pick up lines for shy folks looking to start a conversation. Ranging from cute to clever, these accessible icebreakers require minimal bravery to deliver.

So review this list, pick out a few you like, practice them in the mirror if need be, and work up the courage to break the silence next time you want to chat someone up. Your dream date could be just one conversation starter away!


Complimentary Pick Up Lines

An easy route for shyer daters is to lead with a genuine compliment. Here are some nice openers focused on your crush:

  1. Hi, sorry to bother you but I just had to say you have really beautiful eyes.
  2. Your smile is so contagious – it made me smile the second you walked in!
  3. I love your shirt – you have really great style.
  4. You have such a nice vibe about you – super chill but also really sweet.
  5. This is random but you seem like a really genuine, interesting person. I’d love to get to know you.
  6. You have the best hair! The color and style really suits you.
  7. You have such an inviting energy – I felt like I had to come introduce myself!
  8. I’m a little shy so I never do this, but you’re just so pretty I had to come say hi.
  9. Not to sound corny but you might be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen in real life.
  10. Sorry to bother you, but you are absolutely beautiful – I just had to come tell you.

Playful & Sweet Pick Up Lines

Put a playful spin on breaking the ice with these sweet, charming openers:

  1. Quick question – do you taste as good as you look?
  2. I think you’re really cool! But also quite hot…
  3. How are you so cute AND gorgeous at the same time? Seems unfair.
  4. It’s my first time here – could I borrow some of your sweetness to help me make friends?
  5. You remind me of a magnet, because I feel myself uncontrollably attracted to you!
  6. If I told you that you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?
  7. I had my eye on you all night – think I could get your number before last call?
  8. I was going to call you beautiful but that would be an understatement.
  9. You seem like trouble… and I love trouble!
  10. I know milk does a body good, but how much have you been drinking?
  11. I’d say god bless you, but it looks like he already did!
  12. I think I’d look great on you – I mean WITH you! Dang, my bad…
  13. Are you as nice as you look? I’m hoping yes so I can get up the nerve to talk to you…
  14. You are insanely gorgeous – and seem really nice too! I’d love to take you out if that’s something you’d be interested in…
  15. You are so beautiful you made me forget my really clever pick up line. Let me try again…

Conversation Starter Pick Up Lines

Kickstart a chat with these pick up lines disguised as conversation starters:

  1. Hi, sorry to bother you but do you happen to know if this place has a good IPA on tap? I just moved here so still learning what’s good!
  2. My friend recommended I check this place out but I don’t see them yet – have you been here before and know if it gets busier?
  3. Me and my buddies just finished that trivia competition over there – did your team do it too? You guys looked like tough competition!
  4. I’m trying to decide what drink to order. Could I get a woman’s opinion? What’s your go-to here?
  5. Hey there! So random question – my sister is throwing me a birthday party here next weekend. Do you know if they allow decorations or do anything special for birthdays?
  6. Excuse me, sorry to interrupt but do you know if this place has a photo booth? My friend loves those and I want to bring her here for her birthday if they have one!
  7. Hi! Really random but my friend just flaked on our trivia team. Any chance I could convince you to join and help me stick it to them for bailing?
  8. So crazy story, my Tinder date just walked in…with another guy. Help me look busy so she thinks I’m not down bad!
  9. Hey there! I hate to bother you but me and my buddy bet on who could get the most phone numbers tonight. Help me win $20? I’ll buy you a drink!
  10. This is embarrassing, but I just saw my ex walk in. Mind if I hide with you for a sec so they don’t spot me? I just can’t deal right now…

Humorous Pick Up Lines

Make them smile with these playful, humorous pick up line openers:

  1. Quick question – if I ask really nicely, will you go on a cute picnic date with me so I can brag to my mom I finally met someone?
  2. Hey there cutie. Wanna help me play a harmless prank? When my friend comes by, laugh like I just said the funniest thing. She needs to think I’m hilarious and charming!
  3. Free advice: don’t look now but your beauty is distracting everyone in here. Luckily I have some free time to keep you company and scare them off.
  4. So weird question – my great uncle left me a bunch of odd trinkets and one of them is a silver ring pop. Any chance you’d like the honor of wearing it and making me look super cool to my friends?
  5. Would you mind slipping me your number? I promised my mom I’d get digits from at least one insanely attractive person tonight. Don’t worry, I won’t actually call!
  6. Hey there! My boss bet I wouldn’t ask the prettiest girl here for her number. Wanna make me 20 bucks richer and put him in his place?
  7. Do you happen to like bad boys? Just asking so I know whether or not to bring up my dark past of eating cookies before dinner once at a sleepover in middle school.
  8. Out of curiosity, if we dated, how soon could I meet your family? I want to make a good first impression by knowing your favorite foods, interests, and secret talents ahead of time.
  9. As a scientist conducting field research, I’m required to ask if you’d like to exchange DNA samples with me. AKA can I get your number for totally professional reasons?
  10. I lost my teddy bear, can I cuddle with you instead?
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Pick Up Lines for Bookworms

For the bookish and poetic:

  1. You’re like a rare first edition – completely unique and truly valuable. I’d love to check you out.
  2. Might I say, you’re looking quite novel tonight! Fancy meeting up for a good read together sometime?
  3. Hoping to check you out, but I seem to have lost my library card. Mind if I borrow yours?
  4. Clears throat and recites poem “There once was a beauty so rare, with charm and intelligence beyond compare…” May I ask for the honor of taking you to a poetry reading sometime?
  5. “You’re a million-dollar view, a sight my eyes could feast on for a lifetime” – care to inspire more poetry over coffee sometime?
  6. They say the library is the sexiest place on campus. Want to conduct some hands-on research and see if the rumors are true?
  7. Are you a best seller? Because it looks like everyone here is checking you out. Lucky for me I got to you first!
  8. You must be exhausted after running through my thoughts all night. Let me buy you an espresso to regain your energy?
  9. You remind me of a vintage book – aged to perfection. Drinks sometime? I’d love to hear more about your story…
  10. I’ve been hooked on you since the moment I laid eyes on you. Any chance I could check you out over drinks?

Pick Up Lines for Coffee Lovers

Fuel up their day with:

  1. I like my coffee how I like my partners – sweet, strong, and too hot to handle. Fancy meeting me for a cup?
  2. You look just like my favorite drink – tall, sweet, and steamy hot! May I buy you a latte sometime?
  3. On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a perfect 5 – because I’m the 6 you need. But first, how do you take your coffee?
  4. Your smile is energizing – cappuccino sometime so I can soak more of it in? My treat!
  5. I bet I can guess your coffee order: you seem like a Short & Sweet. Am I right? Let’s grab a cup and find out!
  6. I’m usually not up this early, but running into you is the energy boost I needed today! Still, coffee sometime? You seem worth waking up for.
  7. Coffee first, or should we just skip straight to dessert? You look sweeter than anything on the menu…
  8. Between your smile and this coffee, you’re making my heart race a latte. What’s your number so we can grab a real cup together?
  9. If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me over coffee? Say tomorrow at 9?
  10. I like my women how I like my coffee: hot, sweet, and ready to keep me up all night. What do you say – wanna get a cup?

Nerdy Pick Up Lines

Flaunt your nerdy side with lines like:

  1. On a scale of 1 to Optimus Prime, you’re an autobot-matic 10! Can I roll out with you sometime?
  2. You’re looking Legen-Dary tonight! Mind if I catch you for a drink and see what other Poke-puns I can think up?
  3. I think you need to install anti-virus software, because you’re making my heart skip a beat!
  4. Are you from Mars? Because your beauty is out of this world! Drinks to discuss space travel plans?
  5. I don’t need the Force to see there’s a spark between us. Want to grab a lightsaber and snacks for a Star Wars marathon?
  6. You’re hotter than Mustafar and sweeter than a box of Baby Yodas. Can I be your bounty hunter and take you out?
  7. I seem to have misplaced my sonic screwdriver. Mind if I investigate your time machine a bit closer over drinks sometime?
  8. Our love can be like a Holodeck program – as wild and immersive as we want. What do you say we give it a go over dinner?
  9. You’re as radiant as a Green Sun, and I’m feeling as powerless as a Red Lantern around you! I’d love to get your number and feel charged up together sometime.
  10. I’m usually more introverted than the Hulk, but something about you brings out my inner Tony Stark confidence. Let me buy you a drink to thank you for that!
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Music Lover Pick Up Lines

Strike a chord with:

  1. You’re looking sharp! Mind if I get your number so we can jam out together sometime?
  2. I must be a drummer, because I’m really feeling that bass between us. Let me buy you a drink in the same key as me?
  3. You must be a great DJ, ’cause you just remixed my heart! Let me take you out dancing so we can drop another hit collab.
  4. I’m not usually into pop, but you’re a certified chart-topper in my book! Drinks so we can sing together sometime?
  5. I know this great jazz bar with a dance floor just as smooth as you. Care to be my date Saturday night?
  6. You must be a fantastic singer, because everything you said hit all the right notes with me. Let’s exchange numbers and harmonize together over drinks!
  7. Are you into any local bands? I’d love to be your concert buddy and soak up all that talent – then grab drinks just the two of us after.
  8. Can I tell you a secret? I’m not usually brave enough to approach beautiful women like yourself, but something about you struck a chord in me. Drinks sometime?
  9. You’re cuter than any Coachella headliner I’ve seen. Want to be my festival date and rock out together all weekend?
  10. Your beauty would make angels weep. Drinks so we can keep making heavenly music together?

Movie Buff Pick Up Lines

Set the scene with:

  1. You remind me of a limited first-run movie – one of a kind and can’t be missed! Drinks so we can talk cinema sometime?
  2. On a scale of 1 to Oscar-worthy, your performance tonight is award winning. Can we meet up for an exclusive after party just the two of us?
  3. You’re as beautiful as a Hitchcock muse. I’d love to share popcorn and locked gazes in a dark theater sometime…
  4. I must not be watching horror – nothing this perfect and charming could be scary! Let me take you out for a film so you can comfort me through the frightening parts.
  5. I’m sorry, I know it’s rude but I’m enthralled watching the lovely lead actress standing before me now. May I buy her a drink when she has a moment?
  6. You’re as stunning as a Cannes premiere. I’d love to walk the red carpet on your arm sometime… What’s your number?
  7. I was going to rate you out of 10, but on the attraction scale, you’re scoring 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.
  8. You remind me of a limited first-run movie – one of a kind and can’t be missed! Drinks so we can talk cinema sometime?
  9. You seem as wondrous as an effects-heavy blockbuster, but real and down to earth at the same time. A rare combination! Can I get your number?
  10. You’ve stolen my heart like an art house jewel heist. Want to grab a classic cocktail and discuss how you pulled it off?

Sporty Pick Up Lines

Score points with athletic types via:

  1. Hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away! Want to be my workout partner to help get my heart rate up?
  2. On a scale of 1 to football fields, you’re a 100-yard hottie. Let me take you out so we can play the field together.
  3. If looks could score, you’d be a hole-in-one! Let’s meet up for mini golf and see if your skills match your beauty?
  4. I’m not into sports but you’re a 10/10 touchdown in my book. Can I have your number so I can cheer you on sometime?
  5. You must know your way around balls because you definitely handled mine. Let’s grab drinks so you can coach me on my game sometime!
  6. I’m feeling super weak – maybe you could help spot me at the gym sometime? I’ll return the favor if you ever need a lift!
  7. You’re crazy fit but I bet I could still sweep you off your feet! One way to find out…drinks this weekend?
  8. Looks like we both enjoy working on our fitness – want to be gym buddies so we can motivate each other? My number’s XXXX if so!
  9. You’re as graceful as an Olympic gymnast with the beauty of a gold medal winner! I’d love to take you out to dinner if you’re available.
  10. I’m not a pro athlete but I sure feel lucky tonight – I got to meet you! Want to continue our winning streak over drinks sometime?

Geeky Pick Up Lines

Embrace your inner geek with lines like:

  1. You’re hotter than the melted soldering inside my circuity. Want to get together and conduct some experiments?
  2. I might melt into a puddle of goo because you’re made of such awesome star stuff. Call me?
  3. Are you made of uranium and iodine because you’re definitely looking radiant tonight!
  4. I’m not usually smooth with the ladies but around you I feel like liquid nitrogen—I hope I don’t boil over when I ask for your number.
  5. I wish I were adenine so I could get paired with U.
  6. You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pickup line. So can I just have your number instead?
  7. I’m not an atom, but I hope we have chemistry.
  8. Let’s covalent bond over dinner sometime.
  9. You must be made of star stuff because you’re out of this world. Can I get your stellar number?
  10. My love for you is like dividing by zero—it cannot be defined.

Pick Up Lines for Music Festivals & Concerts

Try these at Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc:

  1. I don’t usually get starstruck, but running into you just gave me butterflies! Can I get your number so we can talk?
  1. I must have stumbled into the VIP section, because running into you is my luckiest moment all weekend. Can I get your number?
  2. Damn, running into you just took my festival experience from great to epic! I’d love to continue this magical moment – could we exchange numbers?
  3. You’re hotter than any headliner here. Want to be my concert buddy for the rest of the shows so I can stare at you instead of the stage?
  4. You’re looking so festival chic! Mind if I steal you away from your friends for a bit so we can check out the grounds together?
  5. I was going to catch my favorite band, but running into you was an even better surprise. Drinks later so we can keep the party going?
  6. I think I just found the highlight of my whole festival! You seem cool – want to explore together and maybe meet up for the late shows too?
  7. You’re rocking that outfit! If we exchange numbers, I can let you know whenever I spot good merch booths. And also ask you out after, of course!
  8. You caught my eye from across the field – and then stole my heart once we got close! Can I get your number before we’re pulled apart by the crowds again?
  9. You’re a total festival angel for sharing your sunscreen with me. Can I repay you with some water refills and good company for the rest of the day?
  1. I’m feeling faint from the heat and crowds. Can I get some shade and your number so a medical emergency doesn’t ruin my chance to ask you out?
  2. There must be something in the air tonight – some magic that drew me to you. I’d be honored if we could exchange numbers under this moonlight.
  3. Who needs a map when running into you tells me I’m exactly where I’m meant to be right now? What’s your number so we don’t lose each other in the crowds?
  4. I’m not stalking, I swear! I just had to weave through three stages to find you again. There’s a spark here – would you want to explore it over drinks later?
  5. You’re a real crowd pleaser! I’d love for us to rock out together to the late shows. Can I get your number so I can find you in this sea of fans?
  6. Can I stand with you for the main stage sets? You’re just the view I need. And your number would be nice too so we can meet up after!
  7. I’m feeling great festival vibes from you! Let’s exchange socials so we can recap all the awesome memories tomorrow. Maybe over brunch too?
  8. You’re hotter than any band here! I’d love to be your personal photographer and take pics capturing your beauty all day. Here’s my number!
  9. Well, my weekend is made – I met you! I know we just met but would you want to camp together tonight? As friends of course…for now 😉
  10. You seem like such a cool, beautiful soul. I know this is forward but I’d kick myself if I didn’t get your number before we get separated!
  11. Can you settle a debate for me? My friends said no one cute would ever go for me. Prove them wrong and go on a date with me after the festival?
  12. I’m lost – both in this sea of people and in your eyes! Want to wander together so neither of us gets stranded alone? Here’s my number!
  13. You’re my favourite set so far, hands down. And the festival hasn’t even started! Drinks later so I can keep grooving on your vibe?
  14. I think the music sounds better over here with you. Mind if I hang for the show so I can keep soaking up these good vibes?
  15. You’re my dream festival date come to life! I know it’s bold but would you want to make magic together under the stars tonight? No pressure of course!
  16. Even the headliners don’t compare to your beauty and cool style! Can we exchange Instagrams so I can get lost in photos of you once the fest ends?
  17. I hope you have a map, because I just got lost in your eyes. Want to be each other’s guides for the day? Here’s my number!
  18. Can I get a photo with you? I just want photographic evidence I met a real-life festival angel today!
  19. You seem like trouble, and I LOVE trouble! Let’s get into some weekend shenanigans together – what’s your number, partner in crime?
  20. This is random but my friend bailed so I’ve got an extra VIP pass. Want to be my plus-one and enjoy the perks all weekend with me?
  21. Are you the musician or just a really cool fan? Either way let’s meet up later – I love your vibe! Can I get your number?
  22. You’re giving me major FOMO! I’d be so bummed if I didn’t get your number and lost the chance to take you out after the festival. Help me out?
  23. You’re my dream girl come to life! I know this is so bold but would you want to make magic together under the stars tonight? No pressure!
  24. You seem like you were made for music festivals – beautiful, chill, and living life to the fullest! Let’s make the magic last by exchanging numbers.
  25. Can I stand with you for the main stage sets? You’re just the view I need. And your number would be nice too so we can meet up after!
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