50 Fall Jokes For Kids That Will Blow Your Mind!

Fall is in the air! As the new school year ramps up and fall activities begin, keep your kids laughing with these 50 hilarious fall jokes for kids.jokes for kids.

Laughing and humor can help kids learn, boost their confidence, and bring families closer together. Sharing jokes and riddles is a great way to spark creativity and joy. These kid-approved fall jokes will delight ages 3 to 12 (and grown-ups too!).

Why Do These Fall Jokes Make Great Laughs?

Jokes allow kids to play with words and meanings. Finding the humor in a joke builds vocabulary, literacy skills, and abstract thinking. Silly puns, knock knock jokes, and one-liners with funny imagery give kids belly laughs and endless entertainment. Humor helps kids cope with frustrations, develop social skills, and think more creatively.

Fall themes like leaves, apples, pumpkins, scarecrows, and Halloween open up many opportunities for funny wordplay. Kids can laugh at the absurd, make up their own jokes, and enjoy the ridiculous. Families can tell jokes together on a hayride, around the campfire, or while crafting with autumn colors.

Funny Fall Jokes Your Kids Will Love

Get ready for cute laughs and groans with these kid-approved fall jokes:

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock knock! Who’s there? Autumn! Autumn who? Autumn the leaves are falling!

Knock knock! Who’s there? Achoo! Achoo who? Hey! I didn’t sneeze, that was you!

Knock knock! Who’s there? Boo! Boo who? No need to cry, it’s just a joke!

Knock knock! Who’s there? Candy! Candy who? Candy leaves stop falling so I can rake them up?

Knock knock! Who’s there? Freddie! Freddie who? Freddie for some apple cider?

Corny Jokes

What falls in autumn but never gets hurt? Leaves!

Why was the scarecrow promoted? Because he was outstanding in his field!

What kind of dance do leaves do? The tango!

What did the tree say to autumn? “Leaf me alone!”

Why do trees get rid of their leaves? They like to go out on a limb and turn over a new leaf!

How do leaves get from place to place? With autumn-mobiles!

What’s a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? Straw-berries!

What did the pumpkin say to the other pumpkin? I’ve got my eye on you!

Why did the leaf blush? It saw the tree naked!

How do leaves get back on trees? They just fall right in!

Why do leaves fall off trees in autumn? Because it’s fall foliage!

What falls in the fall but never breaks? The temperature!


I’m orange and round, I grow on a vine. You carve me on Halloween, what am I? A pumpkin!

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I’m a seasonal drink made from apples that you enjoy during fall. What am I? Apple cider!

I rake them, jump in them, and they crunch beneath your feet. What are they? Leaves!

People decorate me and light a candle inside. Who am I? A jack-o-lantern!

I’m a fall decoration with a funny face, a striped hat, and I sit in the fields. What am I? A scarecrow!

You pick me at an orchard and I’m delicious in pies. What am I? An apple!

I’m orange, round, and named after a color. What am I? An orange!

I protect your head from the sun and rain when you’re on the farm. What am I? A straw hat!

You see me in the fall when the weather cools. I’m red, yellow, orange and brown. What am I? Fall foliage!

I’m a gourd that comes in many colors and patterns. You can decorate me for Halloween! What am I? A pumpkin!

One Liners

What’s a scarecrow’s favorite game? Hay in seek!

Where do pumpkins sleep? In pumpkin patches!

What did one autumn leaf say to another? I’m falling for you!

How do leaves get in touch? They branch out!

Why did the leaf go to the doctor? It was feeling green!

How do leaves get to work? By autumn-mobile!

What happens when leaves fall down? They autumn to the ground!

Where do pumpkins hang out together? The pumpkin patch!

What do you get when you cross a pumpkin and a spider? A squash!

Why did summer catch autumn? Because it was fall!

Fall Puns

I wanted to tell an autumn pun, but I just can’t think of a gourd one!

Lettuce turnip the beet with these silly fall jokes!

These jokes are corn-tastic!

Too bad they don’t give out awar-ds for amazing fall jokes!

You’re not very punny, I bet I can beat your fall jokes!

Jokes About Leaves

What do you call a leaf that doesn’t fall off the tree? Jack!

Why are leaves lazy? They can’t get out of bed in the morning!

How do leaves get to work everyday? They take the tree-way!

What is a leaf’s least favorite month? Sept-timber!

Why can leaves hear so well? They have their ear-a-dicles!

How do trees access the internet? They log on!

What do you call a leaf that tells jokes? Punny!

How do leaves stop tricks from being played on them? They use their o-scam-o vision!

Why did the leaf get detention? It was being bad-chlorophyll!

How did the leaf know it was going to rain? It saw dew!

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Why don’t leaves get lonely in the fall? They all have bud-dies!

Apple Jokes

How do you make an apple crumble? You tell it a really bad joke!

What do you call two apples that can’t communicate? Pair encoded!

Why did the apple peel feel ill? It needed some vitamin sealer!

Why was the rotten apple thrown out of school? For bad behavior!

Scarecrow Jokes

Why are scarecrows always single? They’re outstanding in their field!

What happened to the lazy scarecrow? He was fired for loafing on the job!

Why did the scarecrow get promoted? He was outstanding in his field!

How did the scarecrow win first place? He was outstanding in his field!

Why don’t scarecrows ever pay for things? Because they’re always picking coins out of crows!

Why did the scarecrow keep losing his job? He couldn’t turn up on time!

Pumpkin Jokes

How did the pumpkin get across town? It took the pumpkin carriage!

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite!

Why couldn’t the pumpkin trust his friends? They were all squash-bucklers!

What kind of pants do pumpkins wear? Pump-kins!

Why did the pumpkin sit on the tower? To look gourd-geous!

Why was the jack-o-lantern ashamed? It was glow blushing!

5 Funny Fall Joke Collections for Kids

Keep the laughs coming with these funny fall joke collections perfect for kids:

  1. 101 Corny Jokes for Kids – Silly jokes and puns to make kids and families chuckle.
  2. Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids – Zany humor and wholesome fun from kid comedian Elliott Weisenberg.
  1. National Geographic Kids Just Joking – 300+ hilarious jokes about animals, science, food, geography and more.
  2. Laugh-Out-Loud Spooky Jokes for Kids – Funny Halloween jokes great for the campfire and trick or treating.
  3. The Best Ever Knock Knock Jokes for Kids – Creative knock knock jokes with funny punchlines kids adore.

How to Remember and Tell Funny Fall Jokes

Help kids retell and create their own fall humor with these tips:

  • Read jokes aloud together several times so kids can memorize them. Come up with actions or gestures to go with punchlines.
  • Practice joke delivery and comedic timing for maximum impact.
  • Make up your own jokes using funny word combinations and leaf or pumpkin themes.
  • Draw pictures or cartoons to illustrate punchlines. Visuals can help kids recall and understand jokes.
  • Perform jokes at family gatherings and get everyone laughing together.
  • Write down favorite jokes in a joke book or journal and keep adding new ones.
  • Play games testing joke memorization and telling skills. Have contests for silliest delivery.
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Fall Jokes Lead to Laughs and Learning

Laughter is some of the best medicine, especially on crisp fall days perfect for cracking up. Have a hilarious autumn with these funny fall jokes for kids! The next time your child asks “What’s so funny about fall?” you’ll have a whole harvest of jokes to share and make your kid smile. What jokes give your family the best laughs?

Frequently Asked Questions About Fall Jokes for Kids

Here are answers to some common questions about telling fall jokes to kids byfall jokes to kids:

Why are fall jokes so funny to kids?

Fall humor plays into kids’ sense of imagination and absurdity. Jokes about pumpkins coming to life or leaves talking allow kids to be silly and creative. The imagery and themes related to fall make great fodder for puns and wordplay.

What age do kids enjoy fall jokes?

Silly fall jokes appeal to kids aged 3-12. Younger kids will like the funny sounds and physical humor. Older kids appreciate wordplay puns and entendres more. Tailor jokes to your child’s age and sense of humor.

What makes a funny fall joke versus a bad one?

Great fall jokes tend to involve play on words, double meanings, or unexpected surprises. Corny jokes are funny because they are intentionally cheesy. Bad jokes don’t make logical sense or rely on overused themes. Practice joke telling to maximize the effect.

How can I share fall jokes if I don’t remember them all?

Write down jokes in a fall joke book so you can read them. Post jokes on the fridge or a bulletin board to practice. Search for jokes on your phone if you get stuck. Having your kids tell you jokes promotes their memory too!

What are good occasions and places to share fall jokes?

Jokes are great on car rides, walks, family dinners, while doing chores or crafts. Tell silly jokes around the campfire, on a hayride, or while decorating pumpkins for extra fun. Any fall activity is more amusing with jokes and laughter.

Sharing fall laughs makes the season more special. Use these kid-friendly autumn jokes to crack your family up! From corny to knock knock to punny humor, these will get everyone grinning. Did we miss any good ones? Let us know your favorite fall jokes for kids!

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