Cry Deeply To God With These 100 Prayers For A Baby

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful gifts in life. This collection of 100 prayers for a baby covers various topics related to pregnancy, infertility, adoption and more. You can pray these individually or mix and match to create your own unique prayers. Cry out sincerely to the Lord who cares deeply for you and your family. He promises to be with you every step of the journey.

100 Prayers For A Baby

Prayers for Trying to Conceive

Prayers for Trying to Conceive

  1. Dear God, my desire for a child is so strong. Please help us conceive a baby in the timing of Your will. Strengthen our faith as we wait on You.
  2. Lord, I surrender my womb to You. Prepare my body to nurture the precious life You plan to create. Help us conceive in Your perfect timing.
  3. Father God, open my womb and make me fertile ground to grow the child You have picked for our family. Remove any hindrances to conception.
  4. Creator God, You formed me with the ability to carry new life. I pray my body aligns with Your divine design to conceive a healthy baby.
  5. Heavenly Father, thank You that children are a blessing from You. As we try to start our family, I trust You to provide in Your way and time.
  6. Lord, thank You for the gift of intimacy in marriage. Guide us as we unite to create new life. Bless our physical union with joy and fruitfulness.
  7. God Almighty, nothing is impossible for You! I believe You have the power to enable us to conceive regardless of any diagnosis or prognosis.
  8. King Jesus, You understand my deep longing for a baby. Comfort me when the wait feels too long. Sustain my hope in You.
  9. Mighty God, open my husband’s heart to any changes needed to increase our fertility. Unite us in purpose as we try to grow our family.
  10. Gracious God, provide wisdom and patience as we try to conceive. Help us not become consumed or stressed in the process. Remind us children are a gift from You.

Prayers During Infertility Struggles

  1. Father, I cry out to You in my distress over infertility. Please strengthen and encourage me in this time of trial and heartache.
  2. Lord, the pain of infertility is more than I can bear alone. Carry me through this valley and sustain me with Your presence.
  3. God, my heart aches with the emptiness of an unfilled womb. Comfort me and keep me rooted in hope through this difficult season.
  4. Heavenly Father, You see my tears and understand my deep sorrow. I trust that You will redeem this pain for Your greater purpose.
  5. Lord, You are the author of life. I ask for healing and restoration in my body so I can fulfill Your call to be fruitful and multiply.
  6. Mighty God, nothing is too hard for You! I believe You have the power to enable us to conceive despite infertility or barrenness.
  7. Gracious God, guard my heart from bitterness and envy. Help me find joy as I see others with children. Keep my eyes fixed on You.
  8. Lord, increase my faith in the midst of infertility. Remind me of Your sovereignty over every detail of my life.
  9. God Almighty, open my womb and breathe new life into my body. You specialize in miracles – make conception possible for us.
  10. Father, protect my marriage from the strains of infertility. Strengthen our intimacy and unify us through this trial.

Prayers for a Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Lord, thank You for this precious child growing inside me. Knit together every part of him/her and help him/her develop as You designed.
  2. Heavenly Father, guard and protect this little one in my womb. Keep sickness and complications far away. Help my baby grow healthy and strong.
  3. God, give wisdom to my doctors and midwives. Guide their hands in caring for me and my unborn baby throughout pregnancy and delivery.
  4. Mighty King, I pray my body is a life-giving sanctuary for this baby. Keep my womb fertile and nurturing no matter the circumstances.
  5. Gracious God, fill me with energy, nutrition and rest as I carry this baby in my body. Equip me spiritually and emotionally for motherhood.
  6. Creator God, fashion this child with Your own hands. Form every detail down to the color of eyes and counting of fingers. You are the giver of life.
  7. Lord, I surrender any fears or anxieties I have about this pregnancy to You. I trust Your perfect plan and timing for our baby from conception to birth.
  8. Father, prepare my heart with patience, responsibility and sacrifice as I become a parent. Make me an example of Your steadfast love.
  9. God Almighty, guard my baby from any genetic disorders or abnormalities as he/she grows. Keep our child physically and mentally sound.
  10. Heavenly Father, bless our child even before birth with a heart eager to know and love You. May our baby glorify You all the days of his/her life.
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Prayers for the Gender of Your Baby

Prayers for the Gender of Your Baby

  1. Gracious God, I know You have chosen the perfect combination of chromosomes for our baby. Reveal Your special choice of gender in Your timing.
  2. Mighty Creator, You knew every intricate detail of this child before I was formed. I trust Your plan for whether our baby is a boy or girl.
  3. Lord, You created this baby in my womb and set apart his or her gender with care. Not my will but Yours be done for if my child is a son or daughter.
  4. Heavenly Father, bless me with either a boy or girl that grows to fulfill Your purpose. May he/she cherish their unique identity in You.
  5. God Almighty, protect my child from the pressures and stereotypes of culture. Help them find confidence and calling in Christ above all else.
  6. Lord, more than a son or daughter, I ask You make my baby faithful and righteous to reflect Your glory. Gender does not limit destiny.
  7. King Jesus, You came to redeem both men and women. Whether our baby is male or female, let them become like You in character.
  8. Gracious God, we long to meet our baby! As we wait, build patience and flexibility to love our child no matter their gender.
  9. Mighty God, You created male and female in Your image. If our child is intersex, bring understanding and support through complex decisions.
  10. Father, more than the news of boy or girl, may our true joy be welcoming another beautiful soul made by You. Surprise us Lord!

Prayers for a Safe Delivery

  1. God Almighty, sustain me through labor and delivery. Comfort me through the pain and empower me to give life.
  2. Mighty Protector, guard my baby from any harm or distress as he/she enters the world. Make way for a smooth delivery.
  3. Heavenly Father, guide the hands of my doctors to make the best decisions if complications arise. Help delivery happen Your way.
  4. Gracious God, bring peace and assurance to [baby’s father] as he supports me in birth. Unite us as partners and parents.
  5. Lord, I surrender my desires and expectations for delivery to Your will. Not what I want but what You want for bringing forth this child.
  6. Father God, I pray our hospital staff works with care and competence. Bless every nurse, doctor and technician who assists in delivery.
  7. King Jesus, let Your presence fill the delivery room. Help me fix my eyes on You as I labor to bring forth new life. You calm every storm.
  8. Lord, I pray my baby enters the world with strong lungs and a vibrant cry. Let him/her transition smoothly from the womb.
  9. Mighty God, watch over every detail from first contraction to final push. Thank You for the miracle of birth! Bring forth this child healthy and whole.
  10. Gracious God, bless the first breath of my newborn. As air fills his/her lungs for the first time, breathe life and purpose over our precious baby.

Prayers for Your Unborn Baby

  1. Heavenly Father, my heart leaps with joy at this gift growing in my womb. Thank You for making me a mother!
  2. Mighty God, shield my baby from all harm inside and outside the womb. Keep evil far away from our precious child.
  3. Lord, I pray my child feels deeply cherished and wanted even before birth. Surround him/her with love as he/she grows.
  4. Father, I praise You for Your hand of protection on babies in the womb. Thank You for guards and angels all around.
  5. God Almighty, I dedicate my child to You for Your purpose. Raise him/her up to live fully for Your glory. You knew them before time.
  6. Gracious God, give our baby wisdom far beyond his/her years. Make him/her quick to obey and serve You despite youth.
  7. King Jesus, bless our child with godly friends and influences. Set him/her on a path to bless generations to come.
  8. Mighty God, instill compassion, kindness, self control and courage in our baby even before birth. Shape a heart like Yours.
  9. Heavenly Father, thank You for choosing us to be the parents of this precious child. Unite us as family.
  10. Lord, I pray this baby will live a long life of purpose for Your glory. Give him/her supernatural health and strength.
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Prayers for Adopting a Child

Prayers for Adopting a Child

  1. Mighty God, speak to our hearts if adoption is Your plan for growing our family. Release any fears so we can follow Your lead.
  2. Father, thank You for the blessing of adoption. Guide us to the special child You have chosen for our family. Help us prepare our hearts.
  3. Lord, I pray for open doors and favor in the adoption process. Enable us to navigate policies and expenses in Your strength.
  4. Heavenly Father, bless our child’s birth mother with peace and purpose. Thank you for her selfless act of creating life. Show her grace.
  5. Gracious God, instill a heart of empathy, healing and connection as we open our home to a child in need. Unite us together.
  6. King Jesus, if adoption falls through, comfort our family. Remind us of Your unfailing love. You have a purpose in every no.
  7. Almighty God, stir compassion in Your church towards orphans. Empower more families to provide homes for children in need.
  8. Lord, I intercede for children awaiting adoption. Keep them safe from harm and surround them with godly influences and care.
  9. Father, bless every step of adding to our family through adoption or foster care. Build unity as we adjust to change.
  10. Mighty Redeemer, thank You for showing us the heart of the Father who adopts lost sons and daughters. Guide us by Your example. Help us raise this child in Your truth.

Prayers for Loss and Grief

  1. Lord, my heart is shattered by the loss of my unborn baby. Comfort me through this deep wound and bring healing in Your time.
  2. Mighty God, I release my unborn child into Your safe arms. Thank You for his/her brief life and the impact made through creation.
  3. Father, strengthen and uphold my faith even in the darkness of loss. Remind me this child is in Your presence – that brings hope.
  4. God Almighty, I don’t understand Your ways or timing, but I trust Your wisdom and sovereignty. Help me rest in You through grief.
  5. Heavenly Father, thank You for the life and excitement this baby brought, if only for a short time. Walk with me through profound loss.
  6. Lord, I mourn the dreams that will go unfulfilled. Yet, I declare Your perfection in taking my baby home early. Not my will, Yours.
  7. Gracious God, send Your Holy Spirit to bind up brokenness and heal wounds of grief. Restore my joy in You.
  8. Mighty God, show me Your redemptive purpose in this pain. Use my story to offer hope and comfort to others also grieving.
  9. King Jesus, thank You for proving life continues beyond the grave through resurrection. I will see my baby one day in Your presence.
  10. Father, unite my family close in the wake of pregnancy loss. Help us process pain and honor the brief life created together.

General Prayers for a Baby

  1. Lord, give us clarity if now is the right time to start our family. Guide our conversations and unify our hearts.
  2. Mighty Creator, form a healthy baby in my womb if that is Your will. Bless the miracle of conception. Open and close the womb in Your time.
  3. Heavenly Father, prepare me spiritually, physically and emotionally for every season of parenthood. Pour out wisdom and discernment.
  4. God Almighty, provide financially for every need during pregnancy, delivery and as we raise our child. Thank You for being Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.
  5. Father, bless our child’s development and growth after birth. Help him/her meet every milestone. Keep sickness and injury far away.
  6. Gracious God, equip us to raise our child in truth, discipline and love. Mold us to be patient nurturing parents who model You well.
  7. Mighty God, give us discernment to make wise choices for our family, from health decisions to where we live. Lead the way.
  8. Lord, I pray our child comes to know You at a young age. Let our family walk in the purpose You have for us together.
  9. Heavenly Father, fill our home with peace, patience, joy, wisdom and love as we add a new baby. Unify siblings with care.
  10. King Jesus, I dedicate every day with this child to You. Shape our parenthood to be delightful and honorable. Excite us for this gift!
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Bible Verses for Prayer for a Baby

Bible Verses for Prayer for a Baby

  • “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” – Psalm 127:3-5
  • “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” 
- Psalm 139:13-14
  • “‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” – Jeremiah 29:11
  • “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6
  • “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9
  • “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7
  • “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

Why is prayer important when trying to conceive or adopt?

Prayer connects us to God’s power, peace and heart for our desire for a child. It brings Him into the details and fortifies our trust in His timing. Prayer also equips us spiritually for parenting.

What if I don’t feel God is hearing my prayers for a baby?

God always hears – keep bringing your longing and pain to Him sincerely. But trust His timing, even when it’s hard. He works for our good even if His plan is different than ours.

I’m afraid of being disappointed. Should I not pray big prayers for a child?

It’s understandable to guard your heart – God gave you emotions! But don’t let fear make your prayers small. Pray boldly and trust God with the outcome. If doors close, His comfort will be enough.

Will God think I lack faith in Him if I seek fertility treatments?

Not at all. God works through medicine and gives wisdom to doctors too. Seek holistic advice and continue to pray over any interventions for conception or pregnancy.

Is it OK to pray for a baby of a certain gender?

You can certainly bring these desires to God! But hold them open-handedly in submission to His wisdom for your child. Any baby, boy or girl, is a blessing.

What prayers bring comfort after the loss of a pregnancy?

Pour out your grief honestly to God. Let Him carry your sorrow. Cling to His promises of hope and healing. Prayers grieving with faith that the child is now in Heaven can bring eventual peace.

How can I support someone praying for a baby?

Listen compassionately, cry with them and pray alongside them. Don’t offer unsolicited advice, but point them to God.

If I’m adopting, what prayers are helpful?

Pray for clarity and God’s direction to a child meant for your family. Pray for favor and finances in the adoption process. Uplift the biological parents and the child’s adjustment. Ask God for a graceful bonding period.

What prayers comfort infertility or pregnancy loss?

Be honest with your grief and doubts before God. Let Him carry your burdens and heal your heart. Ask Him for comfort, closeness and community during sorrow. Choose to hope in Heaven where you’ll meet your child.

How can I support someone praying for a baby?

Listen with compassion to their desires and heartache. Avoid platitudes or simple fixes. Point them to God’s purposes, even in delay or loss. Remind them their identity isn’t in parenthood. Offer real help and encouragement.

In Closing

Whatever your desires or circumstances around growing your family, God cares. He is able to empower you, comfort you and work all things for good – even when His plan doesn’t match your own. May these prayers and Bible verses bring you closer to the Father who knows you intimately. His promises are true and His love unfailing. Cry out sincerely and trust Him fully.

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