Today’s Wordle clue and answer for Sunday, July 2

A screenshot of the Wordle share panel, with the share button highlighted and an example on the right of the spoiler-free share format that is copied to the clipboard when a user clicks the share button.

Need a hint for the Wordle answer now? It’s over two years old, it plays fast, and it’s a great way to wake up your mind. It’s time for your daily Wordle!

Every day, Wordle presents its legions of players with a simple challenge: can you guess the correct five-letter word in just six guesses? All you need to help you find the answer in Wordle are the contextual clues you get from each guess – but often, that’s not enough. Wordle can be tricky, you see, and it’s not uncommon to find a little help if you want to keep your winnings for a year.

In this guide, we’ll offer a selection of Wordle clues to help you figure out today’s solution for Sunday July 2. Scroll down a little further and we’ll also show today’s Wordle answer for 2/ 7, and a definition of the word if you need it.

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