Today’s Wordle clue and answer for Sunday, July 2

A screenshot of the Wordle share panel, with the share button highlighted and an example on the right of the spoiler-free share format that is copied to the clipboard when a user clicks the share button.

Need a hint for the Wordle answer now? It’s over two years old, it plays fast, and it’s a great way to wake up your mind. It’s time for your daily Wordle!

Every day, Wordle presents its legions of players with a simple challenge: can you guess the correct five-letter word in just six guesses? All you need to help you find the answer in Wordle are the contextual clues you get from each guess – but often, that’s not enough. Wordle can be tricky, you see, and it’s not uncommon to find a little help if you want to keep your winnings for a year.

In this guide, we’ll offer a selection of Wordle clues to help you figure out today’s solution for Sunday July 2. Scroll down a little further and we’ll also show today’s Wordle answer for 2/ 7, and a definition of the word if you need it.

Wordle Hints: Hints for Wordle today on 2/7

Every day we offer some Wordle clues that you can use to help figure out the solution. So read our clues below and see if you can figure it out before skipping the answer:

What does Wordle hint at today?

Today’s Wordle word is what something can become if left in the forest for years.

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What letter starts with Wordle today?

Today’s Wordle word starts with M.

What letter ends in today’s Wordle?

Today’s Wordle word ends in Y.

How many vowels are in Wordle now?

Today’s Wordle word contains 1 vowel.

Are there duplicate letters in Wordle today?

There are 4 unique letters in Wordle word today.

What is a good starting word for Wordle today?

If you type in the initial word “SMOGS”, then the four letters will turn yellow.

Still having trouble finding a Wordle solution today? To keep your winning streak going, scroll down to reveal today’s Wordle answer, and a description of the word’s meaning.

Looking for an alternative to Wordle? Here are eight of our favorite Wordle-like ones to add to your morning puzzle routine.

What is the answer to today’s Wordle on July 2?

It’s time to reveal the answer to today’s Wordle for 2/7. The word is…


Not a very difficult answer in Wordle today. The “SSY” ending is far from uncommon, so you need to know the “M” or the “O” (or preferably both) ahead of time, but once you do, you should get to the answer pretty quickly.

Congratulations if you guessed the Wordle answer correctly today!

What does Wordle’s answer mean today?

“MOSSY” is an adjective that means exactly what you’d expect: covered in moss. Moss is a small green plant without any roots or flowers that grows on surfaces by spores, and it is a typical sign of something that has not been touched for a long time in a natural environment. For example, some old castle ruins in a forest may have walls that have become scratched over time.

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How to share your Wordle results without spoilers

A screenshot of the Wordle share panel, with the share button highlighted and an example on the right of the spoiler-free share format that is copied to the clipboard when a user clicks the share button.

Use Wordle’s built-in sharing feature to share your results without destroying the answer!

Wordle has a built-in way of sharing your results in a spoiler-free way, so those you send it to don’t see the actual Wordle word now, just the colors in your grid to show how well you did.

To share your results in Wordle, simply complete (or disappear) Wordle now, and then wait a few moments for the statistics panel to appear on your screen. Then tap the “SHARE” button.

On PC, it will simply copy the text to your clipboard, so you can paste the text anywhere you want, whether it’s a private message or a status update on social media. On iPhone or Android, when you tap the “SHARE” button you’ll have the option to copy to the clipboard, or share the results directly with another app on your phone (such as WhatsApp or Twitter).

Using Wordle’s built-in sharing feature is a better way of sharing your results than potentially spoiling the answer to those who haven’t had a chance to play Wordle themselves yet. So we strongly encourage you to use it!

How to play Wordle

Wordle is very simple. The goal is to guess the correct five-letter word within six guesses. After each guess, the letters of your chosen word will be highlighted in green if they’re in the right place, yellow if they’re in the wrong place, or gray if they don’t actually appear in the word.

With these hints you can start to narrow down the correct word. Head over to the Wordle site to try it out for yourself!

How did Wordle get started?

Wordle started life as a small family game created by software engineer Josh Wardle. He created the game so that he and his partner could play a fun little word game together during the pandemic, and they quickly realized that there was something special about this simple little guessing game. So after a bit of refinement, Wardle released it to the public on his website, Power Language.

The game was released in October 2021, and by the end of the year the game had two million daily players. It became a viral hit, thanks in large part to the ease with which players could share their results in a spoiler-free manner on Twitter and other social media sites. In January 2022, Wardle accepted an offer from the New York Times to acquire Wordle for a seven-figure sum. Well done, Mr Wardle. Really good.

A Wordle grid with punctuation instead of letters for most tiles, and a red cross across the image.

You can type any word you want, but remember that the actual answer will never be a rude word.

Are any words not allowed in Wordle?

You can type almost any five-letter word in the English language and Wordle will accept it as a guess. However, the answer is chosen each day from a smaller list of more common five-letter words. There are still thousands of possible answers, of course, but this means that the answer will never be a word as vague as, say, “THIOL”, or “CAIRD”, or “MALIC” (yes, all of those are real words).

There are occasional words that the New York Times chooses not to publish as the Wordle answer of the day, perhaps for reasons related to recent news or politics. For example, shortly after news broke that Roe v Wade might be overturned in the United States, the NYT decided to change the word on March 30 from “FETUS” to “SHINE”, because it felt that the word “fetus” was too political charge a word in the context of recent events.

The New York Times has also been careful not to allow what it considers vulgar words as the answer to a Wordle puzzle. But of course nothing prevents you from using even the dirtiest words as guesses, as long as they are accepted in the dictionary, and as long as you realize that they will never be an answer.

Is Wordle too easy for you?

If Wordle is starting to get too easy, there are a few ways you can make the game more challenging for yourself. The first option is to turn on Hard Mode. You can do this on the Wordle site by clicking the cog icon at the top right of the screen. Hard Mode means that any highlighted letters must will be used in all future predictions. This prevents you from using the usual tactic of choosing two words like “OUNCE” and “PAINS” to try all five vowels early.

You can take it up another notch by playing with what we call “Ultra-Hard” rules. This means that every guess you enter must may be the answer. If you’re just playing on Hard Mode, and you type “MOIST”, and the “O” comes out yellow, then there’s nothing stopping you from making “POLAR” your next word, even if it’s not could be the answer because you know the “O” is in the wrong place. If you are playing by the “Ultra-Hard” rules, that is not allowed. You must follow every clue, and make sure every word you enter is a possible answer.

If after all, Wordle is still too easy for you, you can try one of the many other Wordle-inspired online games that have appeared in the past year. One of our favorites is Worldle, where you must guess a country in the world based on its shape. There’s also Waffle, which is about swapping letters in a complete grid to complete all the words; Moviedle, which shows you an entire movie in a small space of time and challenges you to guess the movie within six guesses; and Quordle, which tasks you with solving four Wordles at once with the same guesses.

If you need help with future Wordles, be sure to check out our list of the best Wordle starters for the greatest chance of success. You can also check our archive of past Wordle answers to see which words have been chosen before.

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