Top 5 cool features coming to Windows 11

Top 5 cool features coming to Windows 11

As 2023 enters its second half, it’s time to pay attention to the next Windows 11 feature update that should arrive in a few months. Currently known as “version 23H2,” the upcoming release should introduce some notable and long-awaited features.

It’s easy to lose track of new features and big changes because Microsoft releases new Windows 11 preview builds every week. Therefore, here are five great features that the next OS update should introduce.

Everything mentioned below is available for testing in the latest Windows 11 Dev build. If someone tempts you to switch from the stable release to the Dev Channel, remember that preview builds are unsupported and prone to bugs. Also, some changes roll out gradually and require either a lucky ticket or the ViVeTool app for manual activation.

With all the caveats covered, here are our five favorite features coming to Windows 11, along with the traditional bonus wallpaper.

1. Dynamic Lighting

Controls your PC’s colorful RGB threw up Accessories will soon become easier thanks to the Dynamic Lighting feature. This is a new Settings section for managing the RGB lights on your mouse and keyboard without installing additional software, which is often clunky, buggy, and ugly.

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Dynamic Lighting uses the open HID LampArray standard to ensure the system can control as many peripheral devices as possible.

Dynamic Lighting is under the Personalization section, allowing you to change brightness, colors, lighting effects, control integrations with compatible applications, and more. The current list of supported mice and keyboards is limited, but Microsoft promises to expand it to devices from other manufacturers.

2. Improved Windows Ink

Here’s one for those who own a Windows laptop or tablet with digital stylus support. One of the recent Dev builds introduced some notable Windows Ink improvements, allowing you to type in any text field by handwriting with your stylus. Just pick up your pen and start writing in a text box. Additionally, you can scratch to remove a symbol or word.

Note that US English is currently the only supported language.

3. Support passkeys

Following the introduction of Windows Hello in 2015, Microsoft is adopting a new passwordless standard for its operating system. An upcoming Windows 11 update will bring support for passkeys, a safer and easier alternative to passwords. You can create, store, and use passkeys on your Windows 11 PC and sign in to websites and apps using Windows Hello.

4. Native support for more archive formats

Windows 11 will soon eliminate the need for third-party compressing software by allowing you to open and extract files stored in more archive formats. In addition to existing ZIP support, File Explorer can process tar, tar gz, tar bz2, tar zst, tar xz, tgz, tbz2, tzst, txz, rar, 7z, and more.

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Of course, you may still need WinRAR (the company is not afraid) or similar apps if you often work with archives, pack files, and perform other advanced actions. However, for most regular users, who only need to unpack a bunch of RAR files from time to time, the upcoming Windows 11 update will be a perfect opportunity to remove the archiving software of third-party.

5. Improved backup and restore

Windows is getting a new system app called Windows Backup. This will give users a quick and easy way to back up their current computers for peace of mind or transfer content to other devices. The app can move folders, applications, settings, credentials, and even remember your pins, so the apps you use stay where you left them.

It’s worth noting that app backup works not only with Microsoft Store programs—by clicking on the restored pin, Windows 11 will give you the option to download the app from its official website. Restoring one computer or moving to another isn’t something you do often, but you’ll appreciate the improved experience that lets you get up and running with your device faster.

Honorable Mention: Improved Snap Layouts

Windows 11 has amazing window management tools that make arranging apps on your monitor an enjoyable experience. In “version 23H2” coming later this year, Snap Layouts (the popup you see when you hover the cursor over the maximize button or drag a window to the top of the screen) will allow to snap multiple apps at once.

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The operating system will try to guess what programs you might want to use side by side and offer you to snap them with one click.

Bonus: Wallpapers

Here is the wallpaper from this article:

These six features are not all that Microsoft has prepared for the upcoming Windows update. In addition to the new capabilities, the company will soon bring back previously missing features, such as the “never combine” mode and the taskbar label. Windows Copilot is another big (is it?) feature that should bring the power of AI to your desktop. And since we still have a few months before the public launch, you can expect Microsoft to start rolling out more changes and improvements.

What new Windows 11 feature are you most excited about? Let everyone know in the comment section.

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