The brain-bending secret behind hundreds of optical illusions has finally been revealed

In this illusion, the horizontal bar in the middle of the image is actually a shade of gray but appears as a gradient because of another gradient in the background. (Photo credit: Jolyon Troscianko)

Scientists armed with a new computer model have taken a step closer to unlocking the mind-bending secrets of optical illusions that trick the brain into seeing false colors when it processes images.

“Simultaneous contrast illusions” are a broad group of deceptive depictions that trick people into thinking that specific parts of an image are different colors from each other, but are actually the same their color. The effect depends on the illustrator changing the light or color in the background, to change our perception of the objects in the foreground. For example, in the image above, the smaller bar in the center of the image is a single gray color but appears to be a gradient of different colors because the background is lighter on one end and darker on the other. Another example is the Munker-White illusionshown in the image below, where the 12 spheres appear to be red, purple and green but are actually the same shade of beige.

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