This week’s science news: Gravitational waves and a winged Medusa medal

This week's science news: Gravitational waves and a winged Medusa medal

Space seems to be the place for science news, with many amazing discoveries from the cosmic realm captivating us all this week.

The main headlines were the groundbreaking discovery of gravitational waves reverberating in the cosmic backgroundand the first map of the Milky Way made with matter, not light, by tracing the galactic origin of thousands of “ghost particles,” or neutrinos. However, we also had distortions in space-time putting Einstein’s theory of relativity to the test, carbon compounds essential to life located in a star system 1,000 light-years from Earth, rare streaks of light above the US indicating a rapidly approaching solar maximum, and a alien planet hiding in our solar system — and it’s not “Planet X.”

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