100 Ohio Jokes That Will Blow Your Mind!

Ohio might fly under the comedy radar, but the Buckeye State has plenty to joke about. This post contains 100 funny Ohio jokes covering cities, sports, landmarks, weather, and more. From Cleveland and Cincinnati rivalries to Ohio State jokes, these will make you laugh your buckeyes off!

We’ve collected jokes for Ohioans as well as anyone wanting to poke fun at this unassuming Midwest state. The humor ranges from corny knock-knocks to petty rivalries to silly Ohio puns. So get ready for jokes galore that will leave you chuckling “OH YES!”

What Makes Ohio Humor So Funny?

There are a few elements ripe for jokes about Ohio:

  • Many cities/small towns most haven’t heard of
  • Changing seasons – sometimes in the same week
  • Midwestern niceness and manners
  • Ohio State football obsession
  • Bitter sports team rivalries
  • Self-deprecating humor about being overlooked

Now let’s dive in to all things funny about Ohio!

Top 10 Hilarious Ohio Jokes

Let’s start with 10 short, funny Ohio jokes:

  1. How do you know someone’s an Ohio State fan? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.
  2. Where do squirrels go to get nuts in Ohio? Buckeye trees!
  3. Why did Ohio succeed from the United States? Because they couldn’t secede.
  4. What do you call corn that joins the army? Kernel!
  5. What do you call it when 50 Ohioans run into each other? A family reunion.
  6. How do you play an Ohioan in tennis? Stand on the other side of the net and lob jokes at them.
  7. What do you call someone from Ohio who doesn’t follow Ohio State football? A liar!
  8. Why can’t you borrow money from an Ohioan? Because what’s Buckeye’d is Buckeye’d!
  9. What’s the biggest city in Ohio? Cleveland – the rest is just parking lots!
  10. What’s the most exclusive nightclub in Ohio? The unemployment line!

Ohio City Jokes

Ohio cities provide lots of joke fodder:

  • Why couldn’t the Ohio State sorority sister find her college campus? Because it’s so hard to find anything in Colombus.
  • How do you know someone is from Cleveland? They think 0 degrees with lake effect snow is beach weather.
  • Why did the Bengals player stop for gas on the way to practice? To kill time before arriving in Cincinnati.
  • Why don’t tornadoes hit Dayton often? Because tornadoes have standards.
  • Why is Toledo nicknamed the Glass City? Because you can see right through it. There’s nothing there!
  • What do you call someone who graduated top of their class at The Ohio State University? A janitor.
  • What do you call a good looking girl in Dayton? A visitor.
  • What does a Cleveland Browns fan do after his team wins the Super Bowl? Turns off his Xbox.
  • How do you get to Columbus from Cincinnati? Take I-71 North until you smell it, East until you step in it!
  • What happens when someone from Cincinnati moves to Cleveland? The average IQ of both cities goes up.
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Ohio Weather Jokes

Ohio’s wild weather makes for good joke material:

  • Why do Ohioans close their windows at night after first hearing spring peepers? So they can still hear them while snuggled under their down comforter.
  • How do you know a massive storm is coming to Ohio? The weather forecast changes 9 times in 24 hours.
  • Why do Ohioans get a week’s worth of groceries when snow is forecast? That’s just Tuesday.
  • What do Ohioans say in the winter? “At least it’s a dry cold!”
  • How do you predict the weather in Ohio? Wait 5 minutes, it will change.
  • What do you call a surprise blizzard in mid-March in Ohio? Springtime!
  • How do you better hear snowstorm school cancellations? Turn off the lawn mower.
  • What does an Ohioan call a sunny day? A heat wave.
  • Why do Ohioans get excited for the first spring day over 40 degrees? So they can wear shorts while taking down their Christmas lights.
  • How do you know an Ohioan survived the polar vortex? Their burnt orange skin suddenly fades to pale again.

Silly Ohio Jokes

Let’s look at some random silly Buckeye State jokes:

  • How do you know someone is from Ohio? They brag about meeting Urban Meyer at Kroger.
  • How can you tell an Ohio State fan? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.
  • Why couldn’t the baby stop crying in Ohio? It was having a temper tantrum.
  • If Ohio seceded from the U.S., what would change? Nothing.
  • Why can’t you borrow money from an Ohioan? Because what’s Buckeye’d is Buckeye’d!
  • What’s the difference between bean soup and a Buckeye? Nothing!
  • How did the Ohio State fan meet his wife? He proposed to the first girl he saw wearing scarlet and gray.
  • What happens when a tornado hits an Ohio State tailgate? 100 years of bonds between trailer and owners are broken.
  • Why couldn’t the leprechaun graduate from Ohio State? He couldn’t pass his buckeye exam!
  • Why did the Ohio State quarterback bring rope to the game? To tie up all the loose ends on the field.
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Ohio Sports Jokes

Ohio sports teams provide endless joke fodder:

  • How many Cleveland Browns fans does it take to change a light bulb? None, they just sit around talking about how good the old one was.
  • What do the Cleveland Browns and the Post Office have in common? Neither deliver on Sundays.
  • How do you know when an Ohio State football player has a girlfriend? There’s tobacco spit on both sides of his pickup truck.
  • Why couldn’t the Bengals player stop smiling before the playoff game? He was Cinci-static!
  • Why don’t the Bengals have cheerleaders? They’d give away the plays on the sidelines.
  • What’s more rare than a Bengals playoff win? An honest Ohio State football player.
  • What’s more embarrassing than the Cleveland Browns’ record? The fact that the Detroit Lions are above them in the standings.
  • How many Cleveland Browns fans does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one – they’re used to being in the dark.
  • Why do the Cincinnati Bengals eat cereal straight out of the box? They choke whenever they get near a bowl.
  • Why did Jim Tressel get a sweater for Christmas? So he’d have somewhere to put his bowl game championship patches!

FAQs About Ohio Jokes

Let’s answer some frequently asked Ohio humor questions:

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Why is Ohio the butt of so many jokes?

As a Midwest swing state lacking big cultural hubs, Ohio is seen as generic and unexciting. Easy target!

What are the most common joke topics about Ohio?

Ohio weather, forgotten Ohio towns, corn, Ohio State football, failing sports teams, unassuming culture.

Do Ohioans have a good sense of humor about the jokes?

Most buckeyes can take the jokes in stride. Self-deprecation helps them endure the mockery.

Are there regional differences in Ohio humor?

Some – Southeast Ohio shares Appalachian jokes. Large cities have more cynical, sarcastic humor.

Where can I find more Ohio jokes?

Instagram accounts like @OhioMemes and @NotOhioShitpost funny Ohio stuff. Reddit has good material too.

Don’t Be A Joke – Come Visit Ohio!

There you have it – 100 funny jokes poking fun at all things Ohio! From Buckeye nuts to isolated small towns to bipolar weather, no stone is left unturned in this quest for Ohio comedy gold. Whether you’re an Ohioan yourself or just want some Midwest humor, these jokes are certain tickle your funny bone. Just don’t take the jokes too far – winter is coming and we need allies!