100 The Last Of Us Jokes That Will Blow Your Mind!

While The Last of Us deals with some very serious and dark themes, we’ve compiled a list of 100 funny the Last of Us jokes that will tickle your funny bone! From puns to one-liners, memes to funny moments, these jokes will appeal to all fans of The Last of Us.

So without further ado, here are 100 of the most hilarious The Last of Us jokes on the internet! Get ready to blow your mind and bust your gut laughing!

1. Fungal Zinger

Q: What do you call an infectious fungal disease that turns people into violent monsters?

A: A Cordyceps infection!

2. Clickity Clack

Q: What’s the scariest sound in The Last of Us?

A: Clickers clacking their teeth as they chase you!

3. Spore-ty

Q: Why shouldn’t you play sports with the infected?

A: They tend to spore a lot!

4. Fungal Friends

Q: What do clickers and bloaters have in common?

A: They’re both fun guys!

5. Masking The Problem

Q: Why did the Firefly wear a mask?

A: To avoid catching the last of us!

6. Fungal Fashion

Q: How do clickers stay so fashionable?

A: They wear the latest spore-tswear!

7. Infection Inspection

Q: How do you inspect someone for infection?

A: You take a look and listen for clicks!

8. Hungry Hungry Humans

Q: Why were the infected hungry?

A: They were craving people burgers!

9. Lame Joke Tess

Q: How does Tess make lame jokes?

A: She says puns of us!

10. Smashroom

Q: What do you call an infected Mario?

A: A Smashroom!

11. Spore Wars

Q: What’s an infected person’s favorite Star Wars film?

A: Spore Wars!

12. Fungus Among Us

Q: How did the fungus spread so quickly?

A: There was a fungus among us!

13. Naughty Dog

Q: Why was the dog infected?

A: He was a naughty dog!

14. Fungal Lullaby

Q: How do you sing an infected to sleep?

A: You sing a fungal lullaby!

15. Hungry Hungry Clickers

Q: Why were the clickers hungry?

A: They wanted to eat the last of us!

16. Elliemental

Q: What do you call an Ellie who controls the elements?

A: Elliemental!

17. Immune to Humor

Q: Why doesn’t Ellie laugh at fungal infection jokes?

A: She’s immune to humor!

18. Meme Queen

Q: What do you call Ellie when she’s making memes?

A: The meme queen!

19. Happily Infected After

Q: How did the infected couple live?

A: Happily infected after!

20. Tess Tickles

Q: Why does Tess have ticklish feet?

A: Because they’re Tess tickles!

21. Laughing Spores

Q: What made the spores start giggling?

A: Someone told a funny fungus joke!

22. Cordyceps Cat

Q: Why was the cat infected?

A: It had cordyceps!

23. Punny Guy

Q: Why did the infected man tell so many puns?

A: Because he was a punny guy!

24. Naughty Fungi

Q: What happens to naughty fungi?

A: They get spanked!

25. Happy Clicking Noises

Q: What’s an infected person’s favorite sound?

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A: Happy clicking noises!

26. Masked Man

Q: Why did Joel wear a mask?

A: To avoid the last of us!

27. Bad Shroom Day

Q: Why was the infected Mario having a bad day?

A: He was having a bad shroom day!

28. Gross Jokes Rule

Q: What kind of jokes do the infected love?

A: Gross jokes rule!

29. Safety Manual

Q: What book do clickers read for fun?

A: The Safety Manual!

30. Fungal Forecast

Q: What’s the infected weather report?

A: 100% chance of fungal growth!

31. mask nomenclature

Q: Why do they call it a gas mask?

A: Because it makes a big stink when you pass gas!

32. Bloaters

Q: What kind of jokes do bloaters tell?

A: Gut busters!

33. New neighbours

Q: How did the survivor feel about the new infected neighbours?

A: They seemed a bit strange at first, but they’ve really grown on me!

34. Cosplay

Q: How do infected cosplay?

A: They put on their favourite spore traits!

35. Dating

Q: Where do the infected go on dates?

A: For fungal dining!

36. Post-pandemic fashion

Q: What’s the hottest fashion trend after the pandemic?

A: Masks and gloves!

37. Bad mushroom trip

Q: Why was the stoner having a bad trip?

A: He ate some infected mushrooms!

38. Social distancing

Q: How far apart should you stay from the infected?

A: At least 6 feet…better make it 60 to be safe!

39. New pet

Q: How did the survivor react to getting an infected dog?

A: It grew on them quickly!

40. Houseguests

Q: Why wasn’t the survivor happy about the infected visiting?

A: They kept clicking their teeth at the dinner table!

41. Gardening

Q: How do the infected garden?

A: They love to spore their plants!

42. Roadtrip

Q: Why was the cross-country roadtrip so tense?

A: Too many infected hitchhikers!

43. Party fouls

Q: What’s the #1 party foul with the infected?

A: Double-dipping when snacking on brains!

44. DIY projects

Q: What kinds of DIY projects do the infected work on?

A: “Knitting” new skin out of old fungal growths!

45. Movie noche

Q: What do the infected watch on movie night?

A: “Fun Guy Films” of course!

46. Homebodies

Q: Why don’t the infected like traveling?

A: They’d rather stay home and spore!

47. Traffic

Q: Why is the morning commute so rough for the infected?

A: Rush spore traffic!

48. Tech support

Q: How do the infected deal with computer issues?

A: Fungal IT support!

49. Dental hygiene

Q: What toothpaste do dentists recommend for the infected?

A:Spore-ident! It gets between all the fungal cracks.

50. Workplace woes

Q: What’s the #1 workplace complaint of the infected?

A: Coworkers not respecting their personal spore space!

51. Fine dining

Q: Where do infected food critics suggest getting the best fungal cuisine?

A: Sporo bellini’s in downtown! Their mushroom risotto is to die for.

52. Fragrance

Q: What’s the newest scent from Spore-berry?

A: Infected Impulse – for that musty fungal musk!

53. Home security

Q: How do the infected protect their homes?

A: Installing some spore-ty cameras outside!

54. Tailgating

Q: What food is always served at an infected tailgate?

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A: Brain dip and fungal finger foods!

55. Camping

Q: Why was camping with the infected so uncomfortable?

A: Their snoring sounded like clicking all night!

56. Hosting tips

Q: What’s the #1 tip for hosting infected guests?

A: Always offer extra brains for snacking!

57. Road rage

Q: Why is it unwise to cut off an infected driver?

A: Serious risk of road rage and brain munching!

58. Pet adoption

Q: What qualities do the infected look for in a pet?

A: Loyalty, obedience, and non-judgment of their fungal features!

59. Tailoring

Q: Where do the infected get clothes altered?

A: The Spore Couture tailor of course! For all your fungal fitting needs.

60. Home inspectors

Q: Why did the infected couple’s home inspector experience go poorly?

A: He was quite rude about the extensive fungal drywall damage!

61. Missed connections

Q: “Infected lady at the supermarket – Our spores connected from aisles away. Would love to grab brains sometime!”

62. Browsing history

Q: What’s always in an infected person’s browser history?

A: “How to remove fungal growth from leather couch” and “Best spot treatments for cordyceps stains”

63. Dispute resolution

Q: How do the infected resolve conflicts peacefully?

A: Through professional fungal mediation of course! Less brain-eating that way.

64. Real estate

Q: What attracted the infected couple to their new home?

A: Open concept floor plan perfect for nesting fungal spores!

65. Car shopping

Q: What features are a must for an infected buying a new car?

A: All leather interior! Easy to wipe brain matter off the seats.

66. College major

Q: What’s a popular major for infected students?

A: Fungal biology – studying their own physiology is a no brainer!

67. Job interview

Q: How did the infected job seeker prepare for his big interview?

A: By practicing not clicking his teeth when nervous!

68. Morning routine

Q: What’s the first thing infected folks do when they wake up?

A: Moisturize their fungal plates – hydration is crucial!

69. Dr. Fungus

Q: What do you call an infected person with a PhD?

A: Dr. Fungus!

70. Fung Shui

Q: How do infected people arrange their furniture?

A: According to fung shui principles!

71. Therapy Session

Q: What did the infected patient talk about in therapy?

A: His struggle to embrace his fungal identity.

72. culinary arts

Q: What cooking classes do infected people enjoy?

A: Anything mushroom related! Fungi are their specialty.

73. Homebodies

Q: Why don’t infected people travel much?

A: They’d rather stay home with their spores!

74. Work woes

Q: What’s the #1 workplace complaint of infected folks?

A: People not respecting their personal spore space!

75. Text speak

Q: How do infected people text?

A: Shorthand like “Totes infected RN” and “Luv my fungal fam!”

76. Home repair

Q: Who do infected homeowners call for repairs?

A: Spore Depot – for all your fungal fix up needs!

77. Life skills

Q: What’s the most important thing for infected kids to learn?

A: Not clicking when excited – inside voices please!

78. Doggie dose

Q: How did the vet treat the infected dog?

A: With a strong anti-fungal medication and belly rubs!

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79. Dental care

Q: What toothpaste do dentists recommend for infected patients?

A: Sporident – gently cleans fungal buildup on teeth!

80. Couture fashion

Q: What’s the hottest new clothing line for infected fashionistas?

A: Spore Couture – embraces your inner fungus in style!

81. Movie night

Q: What snacks do infected folks enjoy on movie night?

A: Popped spores and brain butter popcorn!

82. Mom goals

Q: What do infected mothers aspire to teach their children?

A: Embrace your spores and be proud of who you are!

83. Gardening

Q: How do infected people garden?

A: Using lots of fungal fertilizer for healthy plants!

84. Tailgating

Q: What’s on the menu at an infected tailgate party?

A: Fungal kebabs and brain dip for snacking!

85. Roadtrip games

Q: What car games do infected kids play on roadtrips?

A: Fungal I Spy and 20 Questions About Spores!

86. Amusement parks

Q: What do infected folks love about amusement parks?

A: The wind in their fungal tendrils on rollercoasters!

87. Life philosophy

Q: What words of wisdom do infected elders impart?

A: “Embrace each sporeful day!”

88. Diary secrets

Q: What juicy secrets are in an infected teen’s diary?

A: Mushy poems about their fungal crush!

89. Exercise goals

Q: What fitness goals do infected folks set?

A: Run a 5K without stopping to grab brains!

90. Creative expression

Q: How do infected people express themselves artistically?

A: Through fungal finger painting and spore pottery classes!

91. Retirement dreams

Q: How do infected folks envision retirement?

A: Relaxing with their grandspores in a cozy cottage!

92. Zen habits

Q: How do infected people find inner peace?

A: Daily meditation and fungal yoga sessions!

93. Kitchen safety

Q: What cooking tips do infected chefs recommend?

A: Wear protective gear in case brains splatter!

94. Parties

Q: What’s the #1 party foul among infected folks?

A: Double dipping in the brain dip!

95. Dating profiles

Q: What do infected people highlight in their dating profiles?

A: Love of nature walks through humid forests!

96. Pet care

Q: What’s the #1 rule of owning an infected pet?

A: No popping their spinal fungal sacks!

97. DIY projects

Q: What crafty DIY projects do infected folks love?

A: Knitting cozies for their fungal growths!

98. Dad jokes

Q: What’s an infected father’s favorite type of joke?

A: Cheesy dad jokes about spores!

99. Tourist spots

Q: What travel destinations are popular among infected folks?

A: Fungal forests with exotic mushroom varieties!

100. Happy ever after

Q: How do infected fairy tales end?

A: And they lived sporefully ever after!

And there you have it – 100 hilariously silly (and somewhat gross!) jokes about the infected from The Last of Us! From corny puns to creative pop culture references, we hope these jokes gave you some laughs and helped shine a lighter side on the usually grim world of the game. Let us know which jokes were your fungal favorites!

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