100 Sus Jokes That Are Just Too Funny!

Sus, short for “suspicious”, has become a hugely popular slang term thanks to the hit game Among Us. Sus jokes play off this meaning by taking normal, innocent things and giving them a sinister twist.

Sus jokes took off in 2020 during the rise of Among Us, becoming a signature meme format. The simplicity of calling mundane things “sus” struck a chord with Gen Z and young millennials. Sus jokes allow us to see everyday objects in a different, absurd light. Even foods, animals, and colors can be sus with the right twist!

In this post, we’ve collected 100 of the funniest, most clever sus jokes on the internet. From dark humor to cringe-worthy puns, these jokes show just how versatile the “sus” meme has become. We also cover frequently asked questions about the meaning and origin of “sus” at the end.

Get ready for 100 sus jokes that will make you laugh, cringe, and see the world just a little bit differently! This collection has sus jokes to suit every sense of humor.

100 Hilarious Sus Jokes

  1. Why was the zipper acting sus? It was up to something.
  2. What do you call suspicious sandwiches? Subs.
  3. Why was the tree acting shady? It was sus-pish-ious.
  4. How did the leaky faucet feel? Dripping with sus-pense.
  5. How do you describe a creepy chair? It seems seat-y.
  6. Why was the houseplant placed in police custody? It was a lamp in disguise.
  7. What do you call a questionable snake? A sus-pect.
  8. Why did the photo go to jail? It was framed.
  9. Why was math class canceled? The teacher was acting rad-sus-picious.
  10. What do you call a creepy oppressor? A sus-pressor.
  11. Why did the writer avoid adverbs? He found them sus-piciously unnecessary.
  12. Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9 and that’s sus.
  13. What do you call an imposter avocado? A sus-pcado.
  14. Why do ghosts seem creepy? They give off ecto-sus vibes.
  15. How does a robot show doubt? With ro-bot sus-picion.
  16. Why did the mantis plead guilty? There was damning prey-dence.
  17. What do you call a questionable moose? A sus-moose.
  18. Why was the birthday cake imprisoned? It was guilty of batter-y.
  19. Why was the tree granted parole? It had turned over a new leaf.
  20. What do you call an imposter evergreen? A sus-spruce.
  21. Why was Christmas canceled? Santa was exposed for elf harm.
  22. What was suspicious about the busy cafe? It seemed coffee-house.
  23. Why was the kitchen appliance locked up? There was damning blender evidence.
  24. How did the documentary crew feel about Bigfoot? Hesitant but big-foot-positive.
  25. Why was the frog interrogated? He was hopping sus.
  26. Why was Santa’s workshop shutdown? elf OSHA violations.
  27. Why was the ninja indicted? There was damning shadow evidence.
  28. What did the lawyer say to his apprehensive client? We have a good defense on sus-picion.
  29. How did the fruit feel when accused? Framed and grape-ful.
  30. What do you call a creepy shoe? Sus-picious.
  31. How do robots express uncertainty? With eerie mech-anical sus-pense.
  32. Why was the sink acting weird? It seemed dishonest about something.
  33. What streetwear is the most suspicious? Suspreme.
  34. How did the cinder block plead? Not stone-faced but brick-fully.
  35. Why was the tree locked up? It was charged with tree-son.
  36. What was shifty about the secret meeting? It took place behind sus-picious blinds.
  37. Why was Halloween canceled? Too many deceitful costumes.
  38. What did the police notice about the nervous bicycle? Sus-spicious spokes.
  39. Why was the nail arrested? It had a shady head.
  40. What was doubtful about the fossil? It seemed sus-picious-raptor.
  41. Why was the house condemned? Black mold infestation with harmful sus-pores.
  42. How did the creepy paper plead? Pulp-ably.
  43. Why was the excited molecule acting strange? It seemed oddly enthu-sus-astic.
  44. What made the ghost seem uncanny? Its bone-chilling sus-pense.
  45. Why was the cow thrown in jail? For uddering suspicious comments.
  46. Why was six banned from the suspicious subreddit? It was accused of number sus-crimination.
  47. How did the fossil plead in court? Tire-dactyl but apologetic.
  48. What was shifty about the friendly city? It seemed metro-sus.
  49. Why was the canyon acting strange? It was sus-piciously narrow.
  50. Why was humanity put on trial? Charges of homo-sus-picion.
  51. How did the robot caveman plead? Cro-magnon but seeing the error of its ways.
  52. Why was the sleepy plumber suspicious? He seemed covert-plumber.
  53. What was dubious about the farm? The cattle’s herd mentality.
  54. How did the alien plead? ET sorry.
  55. Why was the enthusiastic molecule locked up? It was charged with being sus-pectfully excited.
  56. What was suspicious about the cave paintings? They seemed pre-histo-sus.
  57. Why was the spicy fruit under investigation? Bell pepper activity.
  58. What made the ski mask seem creepy? Its sus-picious disguise.
  59. Why was the ocean arrested? Sea-spiracy charges.
  60. What did the lawyer say to his uneasy client? No need to be wit-sus.
  61. Why was the influencer canceled? Rampant fol-sus buying.
  62. What was shady about the minecart? Its sus-pish rails.
  63. Why was the sunrise detained? Bright out but still sus.
  64. How did the vampire plead in court? Fang-fully remorseful.
  65. Why was the enthusiastic atom under watch? Its energy seemed nuclear-sus.
  66. What made the lake seem eerie at night? Its crescent moon-sus glow.
  67. Why was the cat held for questioning? Doubts about its purr-fect alibi.
  68. How did the creepy sculpture plead? Statue-torily apologized.
  69. What was suspicious about the fruit stand? No one could account for the missing grape-sus.
  70. Why was the road closed? As-phalt foul play.
  71. What streetwear brand is the most dubious? HUF.
  72. How did the shark plead in court? Jaw-fully guilty.
  73. Why was the spa shut down? Details were murky in the steam-sus room.
  74. What was doubtful about the cookie shop? The choco-chip charges.
  75. Why was the energetic atom imprisoned? Unlawful nuclear-sus fusion.
  76. What was suspicious about the orchestra? The tuba testimony didn’t hold water.
  77. Why was the valley eerie at night? It seemed hol-sus under the moonlight.
  78. What was shifty about the radiator? Its sus-picious hissing.
  79. How did the creepyior feel being arrested? Framed but chandel-sorry.
  80. Why was the enthusiastic particle locked up? Rogue molecular sus-picion.
  81. What seemed odd about the friendly suburb? Its white picket deceit.
  82. How did the robot scientist plead? Androidly but now self-aware.
  83. Why was the lake drained? Rampant algae sus-picion.
  84. What was dubious about the reactor? Nuclear fiss-sus activity.
  85. How did the robot caveman apologize? Mecha-so-sorry.
  86. Why was the spicy fruit detained? For ques-tionable chili sus-picion.
  87. What was suspicious about the glacier? Sub-zero but clearly hiding something.
  88. Why was the snake indicted? Charges of rept-sus intention.
  89. How did the alien leader apologize? ET sorry on their planet’s be-clawf.
  90. What was creepy about the friendly neighbor? His suspiciously nice sus-picions.
  91. Why was the enthusiastic particle imprisoned? Rogue sus-pectron collusions.
  92. How did the vampire apologize? Fangfully saw the error of his bites.
  93. What was doubtful about the cafe? The baris-sus activity.
  94. Why was the lake drained? Underwater sus-spish in the deep end.
  95. What was suspicious about the polite robot? Its too perfect man-sus.
  96. How did the fossil plead in court? Tar-sus but willing to change.
  97. Why was the spicy fruit under watch? For questionable hot sus-picion.
  98. What seemed off about the friendly suburb? Odd mist of wholesome sus-picion.
  99. How did the alien apologize? ET so sorry for the sus-picious probing.
  100. Why was humanity put on trial? Sus-picion of too much self-confidence.
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I hope you enjoyed laughing at these 100 sus jokes! Let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about the sus meme.

Sus Jokes FAQ

What does “sus” mean?

Sus is short for “suspicious.” Calling something sus means it seems shady, questionable, deceitful, or downright suspicious.

Where did the sus meme come from?

Sus grew popular as slang thanks to the multiplayer game Among Us. In the game, players try to identify one “imposter” in their group who is killing off other players. Players will report deaths and suspicious behavior by calling them out as “sus.” The shorthand “sus” took off from there.

How do you use sus?

You can call pretty much anything sus as long as you give it a sinister spin. Sus humor plays off innocent, mundane things by giving them a creepy, ominous, or uncanny twist. The more harmless something seems at first, the funnier it is to call it sus.

Is “sus” offensive?

On its own, sus is not typically offensive or problematic slang. However, some people have pointed out sus can lend itself to racial profiling if used carelessly or as a dog whistle. It’s best to avoid calling groups or individuals sus in any serious context.

What’s the appeal of sus jokes?

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Sus taps into our love of dark humor. Seeing innocent things in a suspicious light allows us to laugh at the absurdity of everyday life. Sus also rose alongside ironic Gen Z humor, making mundane things seem eyebrow-raising. The simplicity of the format makes sus jokes endlessly adaptable.


I hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the wildly popular sus meme. Let me know if you want me to clarify or expand on anything in this comprehensive sus joke post! Whether you love cringe humor or just want to stay up to date on viral slang, these jokes help capture why calling something “sus” became so ubiquitous online. Now you’ll be in the know next time someone calls an everyday object sus.