Astrophotography in July 2023: what to photograph in the night sky this coming month

There is little or no astronomical darkness at the beginning of July in northern latitudes, some astrophotographers this moon can be thought of as a write-off for creating images of the night sky. Incapable! July is one of the best few months of the year to capture the Milky Way high in the sky as seen from the northern hemisphere – and, crucially, its bright center – while July’s full ‘Super Buck Moon’ is one of the brightest but lowest -hanging of the year.

Add in multiple conjunctions between the planets and the moon, the first so-called supermoon of the year, the peak of the Delta Aquariids meteor shower and the second ‘Manhattanhenge’ of 2023 for New Yorkers and there’s plenty more to be excited about for astrophotographers in July 2023.

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