Astronomers Discover a Strange New Way of Destroying Stars

An artist impression of a gamma-ray-burst seen as a bright purple flash in the foreground, outside the bright area in the background.

If you’re a supervillain genius looking to shock your enemy with a big messy space kablooie, here’s a new way to do it. Combine the two ancient star remnants right in front of your enemy. The result will give you a massive, bright explosion and a bonus gamma-ray burst visible throughout the Universe. And, it … Read more

Invisible Intruders: Ancient Viruses Discovered in the DNA of Coral Symbionts

Illustration of DNA of Ancient Viruses

An international team of scientists has discovered the remains of ancient RNA viruses in the DNA of symbiotic organisms within reef-building corals. This surprising discovery sheds light on viral infections in corals and their symbiotic partners known as dinoflagellates. Researchers were surprised to find fragments of[{” attribute=””>RNA viruses in coral partners’ genomes. Scientists have discovered … Read more

The heat-resistant drone can cover and map burning buildings and wildfires | Imperial News

Hands fiddling with the wired inside of the drone, with a layer of insulating material on the outside

Imperial College London and Empa researchers have developed a drone that can withstand temperatures high enough to enter burning buildings. The prototype drone, called FireDrone, can be sent into burning buildings or woods to assess hazards and provide valuable first-hand data from danger zones. The data will be sent to first responders to help inform … Read more

Webb makes the first discovery of the important carbon molecule in a planet-forming disc

Webb makes the first discovery of the important carbon molecule in a planet-forming disc

Science and Exploration 26/06/2023 18329 views 90 like An international team of scientists used data collected by the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope to detect a molecule [1] known as methyl cation (CH3+) for the first time, found in the protoplanetary disc surrounding a young star. They accomplished this work through a cross-disciplinary expert review, … Read more

Asgard Archaea and All Eukaryotes Share Common Ancestor, Study Says | Sci.News

Asgard archaeon.  Scale bar - 500 nm.  Image credit: Imachi et al., doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-1916-6.

Understanding how complex eukaryotic cells arose from prokaryotic ancestors represents a major challenge in biology. The main point of contention in refining scenarios of eukaryogenesis revolves around the exact relationship between Archaea and eukaryotes. In the new research, scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and elsewhere have generated 63 new Asgard archaea genomes … Read more

Destructive Preconceptions: Diverse Spinosaur Species Roamed Cretaceous Britain

White Rock Spinosaurids

White Rock spinosaurid illustration by Anthony Hutchings. A new study by paleontologists at the University of Southampton’s EvoPalaeoLab shows that several distinct groups of spinosaurs lived in Cretaceous Britain. Credit: UoS/A Hutchings A recent study by the University of Southampton indicates that distinct groups of spinosaurs lived[{” attribute=””>Cretaceous Britain, challenging previous beliefs. Using a spinosaur … Read more