Commit Your Children To God With These 100 Prayers For Children

Commit Your Children To God With These 100 Prayers For Children

In this post, you’ll find 100 prayers for children in prayer from head to toe. There are prayers for their spiritual growth, prayers for protection and safety, prayers for character and faith development, and more.

As parents, one of our most important jobs is to teach our children about God and guide them in developing a strong faith. But where do we start? Prayer is the best place! Praying powerful prayers for our children is one of the most loving things we can do.

You’ll also find tips on how to pray for your kids, when to pray with them, building a habit of blessing your children through prayer, and even an FAQ section on common prayer questions parents have. Commit your children to God’s loving care today!

Why Pray for Your Children?

Commit Your Children To God With These 100 Prayers For Children

You love your kids more than anything, so why not bring them before God consistently in prayer? Praying for your children is one of the most powerful things you can do as a parent. Here’s why it matters so much:

  1. God answers prayer. Plain and simple, prayer makes a difference! As you bring your specific requests for your kids to God, He hears and answers. You can’t force your kids’ behavior or choices, but you can pray over their lives.
  2. Prayer covers your kids with spiritual protection. This world is filled with evil influences seeking to harm our children. As you pray for protection over your kids, God will surround them with His angels and keep them from harm.
  3. Prayer invites God’s blessing. There is supernatural power in praying over your children, as the Lord sees your cries for blessing on their lives. He pours out His favor on them in response.
  4. Prayer transforms your children’s futures. Your prayers today impact your kids’ lives 20 years from now. As you commit them to God in prayer, you open their lives to His guidance. This changes their future forever.
  5. Prayer relieves your worry and stress. Being a parent is not easy – it comes with lots of worrying! But prayer releases all those burdens to the One who is able to handle them. As you pray for your kids, you’ll find fresh peace and relief from stress.

Is there any better gift you can give your children than covering them in daily prayer? Set aside those worries and doubts holding you back from the power of prayer. Start interceding for your kids today!

When Should You Pray for Your Kids?

Some parents wonder, when is the right time to start praying for my children? The short answer: there’s no bad time to start storming heaven on their behalf! But to help you establish a habit of praying for your kids, here are 5 key times to stop and intercede for them:

  1. In the morning: Start your day by lifting your children up to God’s care. Ask Him to protect them throughout their day at school, help them learn and make good choices, and surround them with positive friends.
  2. At bedtime: Before you tuck in your children, take a few minutes to pray with them or over them as they sleep. Ask God to give them restful sleep and speak into their dreams. Bless them as they prepare for a new day tomorrow.
  3. Before separation: If you share custody with another parent or your kids spend significant time away from you (like at sleepovers), always pray over them before separation. Ask the Lord to guard their coming and going until you are reunited again.
  4. In the waiting: Take advantage of those moments waiting at doctor appointment waiting rooms, outside dance rehearsals or sports practices, at the dinner table waiting for meals to arrive. Use the extra moments to intercede rather than just browse on your phone.
  5. In the challenging times: When life feels heavy and your children are grieving, struggling, or facing obstacles, crying out to God during challenging times ushers in His healing peace. Let prayer be your lifeline.

Of course, you can always pray spontaneously throughout your day as God brings your kids to mind as well! Set alarms on your phone as reminders to stop and pray if needed. The more you pray for your children, the more powerful transformation occurs.

How to Pray for Your Children

Commit Your Children To God With These 100 Prayers For Children

It’s one thing for your head to know prayer matters – but how do you get those prayers from your head down to your heart? Let these tips help your prayers for your kids become heartfelt and sincere:

  1. Set a space aside: Create a prayer zone for your kids – whether it’s your bedroom, the dining room table, a corner with candles – to train your brain this is prayer time. Having a designated space to pray for your children helps your focus.
  2. Use Scripture: Let God’s words lead and inspire your prayers rather than trying to come up with your own eloquent words. Pray Scripture verses that remind you of His care, promises, and blessings directly over your children.
  3. Get specific: God loves the details! Really intercede on their behalf by praying over specifics – not just general “bless them” prayers. Talk about the everyday moments and major milestones needing prayer too.
  4. Journal it: Writing down your prayers, keeping a prayer list, or tracking prayer requests you see God answer encourages you to keep praying when answers don’t seem immediate. It builds your faith muscles.
  5. Ask good questions: Wondering why you should pray or what more you could pray for your kids? Let questions like “How is my child’s relationship with God?” or “What is holding my child back?” or “How can we grow spiritually as a family?” spur new prayer.
  6. Let God meet you: Some seasons may feel too chaotic for long prayer sessions. But don’t discount short arrow prayers God can use throughout your day. Be open to His leading however He prompts you to pray.
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Keep practicing intentional, fervent prayer for your children. It will transform their lives more than any other thing you teach them! Now let’s explore 100 powerful prayers you can pray.

100 Prayers for Children

Following are 100 prayers divided by categories covering every aspect of your child’s life, development, and wellbeing. Take these prayers as inspiration for your own words to God. Mark the ones that resonate most to revisit often.

Spiritual Growth Prayers

Commit Your Children To God With These 100 Prayers For Children

These prayers ask God’s blessing over your children’s spiritual lives and relationship with Him.

  1. Jesus, be the center of [child’s name] life.
  2. Grow in [him/her] a heart that longs for you.
  3. Set [his/her] feet upon the rock of your Word this year.
  4. Make your presence tangible and real to [him/her] daily.
  5. Show [him/her] how living fully for you leads to life that truly is life.
  6. Guide [him/her] to friendships and communities that will nourish [his/her] soul.
  7. Let [his/her] worship be genuine and free.
  8. Increase [his/her] hunger for your Word.
  9. Raise up mentors and leaders that will pour wisdom into [his/her] spiritual walk.
  10. Give [him/her] discernment to stay far from temptations the enemy would use to trap [him/her].
  11. Light a passion in [him/her] to reach lost people.
  12. Shape [his/her] character first, more than outward successes and achievements.
  13. Work every moment, good or bad, together for [his/her] good – to make [him/her] more like Jesus.
  14. Mark [him/her] with purity and holiness from the inside out.
  15. Let [his/her] words, choices, and relationships point to you.
  16. Soften [his/her] heart to quickly repent when [he/she] fails you.
  17. Increase [his/her] discernment and shield [him/her] from deception.
  18. Make [him/her] courageous to cling to what is right even in the face of temptation.
  19. Fan the flame of every Spiritual gift you’ve put in [him/her].
  20. Strengthen [his/her] daily walk in the faith so [he/she] doesn’t waver.

Protection & Safety Prayers

As parents, we want our children kept safe from both physical and spiritual harm. Pray these over your precious ones.

  1. Jesus, keep evil far from [child’s name] on every side.
  2. Shield [his/her] mind and heart from damaging words and lies.
  3. Protect [his/her] body as a temple where you dwell.
  4. Bring to light any unhealthy relationships seeking to use or hurt [him/her].
  5. Guard [his/her] coming and going, now and forevermore.
  6. Keep evil influences from assaulting [his/her] spiritual walk.
  7. Close access even to seemingly harmless temptations that might ensnare [him/her].
  8. Hold back the enemy, seen or unseen, attempting to undermine [him/her].
  9. Shut any doors [he/she] may have opened intentionally or unintentionally to give darkness sway.
  10. Dispatch angles on every side to guard [him/her] from accidents or tragedy [he/she] cannot foresee.
  11. Guard the friendships and connections you are divinely orchestrating in [his/her] life.
  12. Expose and remove anyone sexually inappropriate seeking to harm [him/her].
  13. Bring to light any unhealthy soul ties pulling [him/her] towards darkness.
  14. Sever ungodly emotional or spiritual attachments created through prior wounds or abuse.
  15. Apply full protection over [his/her] heart, mind, and body from Satan’s destroyer schemes.
  16. Shut down anything seeking to highjack [his/her] safety both on and offline.
  17. Flood [his/her] days with divine appointments and open doors you ordain.
  18. Remove anyone perpetuating drama or unsafe situations from [his/her] life.
  19. Keep [him/her] far even from temptation that could destroy destiny and character long-term.
  20. Protect [his/her] reputation and provide healthy transparency in relationships.
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Character & Faith Development Prayers


Commit Your Children To God With These 100 Prayers For Children

A godly character and deep roots of faith carry our children through hard times. Pray over these core areas.

  1. Grow integrity and character within so that [he/she] chooses right from wrong.
  2. Teach [him/her] to take responsibility when [he/she] is wrong instead of blaming others.
  3. Shape a humble heart willing to serve others more than be served.
  4. May [he/she] weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.
  5. Give [him/her] courage to stand up for people who can’t defend themselves.
  6. Broaden [his/her] worldview and grow empathy towards those different than [him/her].
  7. Soften judgments towards people and help [him/her] see issues from different angles.
  8. Break entitlement and grow gratitude for simple blessings day to day.
  9. Give [him/her] a wise and discerning heart, not easily swayed every direction.
  10. Grow confidence and self-worth rooted in who [he/she] is in Christ.
  11. Give [him/her] emotional resilience to handle difficult relationships and circumstances.
  12. Sharpen spiritual discernment and critical thinking skills that see truth clearly.
  13. Guide [his/her] beliefs, words, and choices even when no one is watching.
  14. Make [him/her] quick to forgive and not keep records of wrong.
  15. Grow patience and self-control when people or situations frustrate [him/her].
  16. Give [him/her] wisdom and clarity moving into adulthood.
  17. Raise [his/her] head up to see needs around [him/her] and make a difference.
  18. Use all circumstances of [his/her] life together for good, even mistakes along the way.
  19. Anchor [his/her] identity fully in you so other’s opinions don’t determine worth.
  20. Give [him/her] spiritual maturity and discernment beyond [his/her] years.

Behavior & Decision Making Prayers

Pray for your children’s actions, attitudes, thought patterns, and choices to align with God’s truth.

  1. Align [child’s name] actions with your ways at school, with friends, and at home.
  2. Let any sin or rebellion in [his/her] heart rise to the surface this year for healing.
  3. Expose any lies or strongholds [he/she] believes about [himself/herself] that distort truth.
  4. Shine light on destructive thought patterns, beliefs, or inner vows [he/she] has made.
  5. Break agreements made with darkness that strengthen enemy footholds in [his/her] life.
  6. Cut ungodly soul ties with people or addictions influencing [him/her] negatively.
  7. Release [him/her] from unhealthy labels, categories, or limitations placed on [him/her].
  8. Break word curses or prophetic words spoken presumptuously over [his/her] life.
  9. Disarm the power of hurts, wounds, traumatic events, or inherited family cycles seeking to replay.
  10. Remove burdens of shame or guilt [he/she] may carry from past mistakes.
  11. Sever generational sin patterns or predispositions [he/she] inherited in [his/her] bloodline.
  12. Redeem every place [he/she] has failed to reflect you for kingdom purposes.
  13. Give [him/her] wisdom beyond [his/her] years to choose relationships and influences aligned with your heart.
  14. Order [his/her] steps to spend time in places and with people that will nourish [his/her] walk with you.
  15. Close access even to seemingly harmless temptations that could draw [him/her] from your perfect will.
  16. Guard [his/her] heart from idolizing relationships, success, or approval of man in unhealthy soul space you deserve.
  17. Strengthen [his/her] daily walk in the faith so [he/she] doesn’t waver.
  18. Help [him/her] filter every thought, word, action, and belief through your truth.
  19. Give [him/her] discernment to make wise decisions at pivotal transition points [he/she] faces.
  20. Order [his/her] steps in all areas – friendships, academics, pursuits – for kingdom purposes.

Relationships & Emotions Prayers

Pray for healthy connections and emotion regulation critical to wellbeing and maturity.

  1. Give [child’s name] healthy relationships that speak truth and point [him/her] to you.
  2. Uproot any striving for love, significance, belonging, or identity apart from you.
  3. Soften [his/her] heart to receive loving correction instead of reacting defensively.
  4. Grant [him/her] emotional maturity not swayed so easily by hormonal changes and mood swings.
  5. Protect [his/her] self-worth so it remains anchored in who [he/she] is in Christ, not performance.
  6. Expose the lie that who [he/she] is depends on others’ opinions of [him/her] for healing.
  7. Grow confidence rooted in [his/her] God-given strengths and gifts to positively influence others.
  8. Increase [his/her] communication skills and teach [him/her] to express feelings and needs constructively.
  9. Give [him/her] wise and discerning eyes to see the difference between healthy and unhealthy connections.
  10. Guide [his/her] friendships and surround [him/her] with positive peer influences.
  11. Reveal social dynamics keeping [him/her] trapped where you want to bring freedom.
  12. Give [him/her] courage to detach from draining relationships misaligned with where you’re leading.
  13. Increase self-awareness of [his/her] triggers and teach [him/her] to respond, not react.
  14. Use every relationship, positive or difficult, together for [his/her] good – to shape every place that needs to grow in [him/her].
  15. Heal every place in [his/her] heart longing for love, belonging, or validation from sources apart from you.
  16. Grow healthy boundaries and freedom from people pleasing rooted in where [he/she] find [his/her] worth.
  17. Bring mentors and influences around [him/her] that call out [his/her] strengths and speak blessing over destiny.
  18. Use past relationship wounds together for good somehow to minister healing to others down the road.
  19. Align relationships that accelerate growth, purpose, and priorities for this unique season of [his/her] life.
  20. Give [him/her] wisdom to choose friends who sharpen [him/her] spiritually like iron sharpens iron.
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Creating a Lifestyle of Blessing Your Children Through Prayer

Committing these 100 prayers to memory may feel overwhelming! Instead, take them as daily inspiration to bless your children. Choose one or two specific prayers to declare over your kids in faith for a week. Then switch to a new prayer focus.

Discover the power of praying short, biblical blessings as you tuck kids into bed, cheer them on before school, or send them birthday cards.

Speak words of life, protection, favor, and blessings daily over your kids. God’s Word never returns void! Let praise, Scripture, and blessing wrap your children in grace and purpose.

How do I pray for a prodigal child who has wandered from faith?

  • Pray for conviction of God’s Spirit to awaken hunger for Him again. Ask God to orchestrate “divine appointments” with people/moments prompting them back. Release timing and journey to God.

My child struggles with chronic health issues. How do I pray?

  • Ask God for accurate diagnosis, wisdom for medical staff, and supernatural healing. Pray for emotional strength as a family and that this “thorn” keeps you dependent on Christ.

I’m a single parent – will my prayers still matter without a second believing parent?

  • Absolutely! While agreeing in prayer is powerful, God cares and responds to YOUR earnest prayers for your kids as their parent, regardless of circumstance.

Can my young children pray and understand spiritual things on their own?

  • Yes. Simply explain spiritual truths at their level from early ages. Model and teach them simple prayers to understand conversing with God on their own. The Holy Spirit will lead their growth.

How can I pray against generational sin patterns passed down to my kids?

  • Break those family cycles and claims of darkness from your lineage off your child through declaration in the authority of Jesus’ name. Ask for transformational grace over tendencies passed down genetically.

I have an unbelieving ex-spouse also influencing my kids. Will my prayers be undone?

  • God’s sovereignty and influence over your kids is greater than any human influence. Your prayers absolutely still make a difference in your children’s lives, despite other factors seeking to pull them in other directions. Remain steadfast in intercession for them.

What if I don’t see immediate answers to my prayers?

  • Shift focus from fixation on visible “results” you are believing God for. Instead praise Him for who He is and how He is at work behind the scenes. His timing and ways are higher than ours. He works on behalf of your kids even when you can’t trace His hand.

Commit to bless your children through prayer every day. God moves through your intercession! Though parenting feels tiring and stressful in moments, these short years pass quickly. The influence of prayer impacts your children for eternity. You are doing the most important work as their parent through your prayers for them!

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