Fight Your Anger With This 100 Prayers On Anger

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 100 different prayers on anger you can use to fight back against out-of-control anger. You’ll discover prayers for calming down in the moment, prayers for self-reflection and personal growth, and prayers for being set free from lifelong struggles with wrath. With the help of these petitions to God, you can learn to handle anger in a constructive way and stop it from hurting you or others.

Anger is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, uncontrolled anger can lead to damaged relationships, poor health, and a life filled with regret. Thankfully, prayer is a powerful way to find peace, patience, and perspective when you feel angry.

Prayers for Calming Down in the Moment

  1. Lord, slow me down, soften my heart, and steer me toward gentleness. Help me hold back words I’ll regret and reactions I can’t undo. Give me patience when I feel overwhelmed. Carry me through this anger to a place of peace.
  2. God, grant me serenity when I cannot control what’s happening around me. Give me courage to change what I can change, wisdom to know the difference, and the ability to stay calm no matter what.
  3. Father, let me be still and know that you are God. Quiet my racing thoughts so I can hear your gentle whisper telling me to trust in your sovereign plan. Calm my anger with the knowledge that you are in control.
  4. Lord, melt the armor of anger I’ve put around my heart and open me up to your peace and forgiveness. Soften my thoughts toward the person who hurt or offended me and quiet the screaming accusations in my head.
  5. God, surround me with your presence and fill me with your fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. When my anger rises up, help me walk in step with your Spirit.
  6. Father, you know the hurtful words on the tip of my tongue. Help me bite them back. You know the vengeance in my heart; uproot it before anger takes root. When I open my mouth, put praise and kindness on my lips instead.
  7. Lord, let your gentle rain fall down and wash away my anger. Drown my bitter feelings in an ocean of your overwhelming love. Calm my inner storm as only you can. Surround me with your peace.
  8. God, your Word says you stay close to the brokenhearted. My heart is breaking right now from anger. Please stay close and bind up these wounds. Heal me completely from the inside out. Restore peace to my soul.
  9. Father, remind me that anger weighs me down and wearies my spirit. Help me let go of this burden, leave justice in your hands, and walk forward in forgiveness and freedom. I choose your peace.
  10. Lord, you are the wellspring of life. When anger dries me out, flood me with your living water. Immerse me in your grace. Empower me to forgive as I’ve been forgiven and demonstrate the same mercy you show me.

Prayers for Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

  1. Search me, O God, and know my heart. Reveal buried anger that is hurting me and others. Heal me completely and make me new. Set me free from anger’s grip.
  2. Father, show me where my anger comes from. Reveal any wounds from my past that need your healing touch. Shine light on faulty thinking patterns that lead to wrath. Help me understand myself so I can grow.
  3. Lord, let your fierce love burn away unrighteous anger from my heart. Replace rage with compassion, jealousy with kindness, entitlement with gratitude, and bitterness with forgiveness. Mold my heart to be more like yours.
  4. God, teach me to value people over things, eternity over now, and your approval over man’s. Shape my priorities and my perspective so I get angry less often over trivial things.
  5. Father, develop more empathy in me. Help me consider other people’s situations and trials so I am slower to judge and quicker to understand. Make me patient and forgiving toward weaknesses in others.
  6. Lord, show me creative ways to use this restless energy called anger. Help channel it into fuel for righting wrongs, standing up for justice, and advocating for those who have no voice.
  7. God, reveal to me how anger hurts me and those closest to me. Give me wisdom and motivation to break free from this bondage, ask for help when needed, and choose peace daily.
  8. Father, remind me that suppressing anger doesn’t work long-term. Give me safe places to talk through my feelings. Surround me with loving friends who listen well and speak truth. Help me process anger in healthy ways.
  9. Lord, when I start seeing people as problems or inconveniences, attune my heart back to your love. Remind me everyone has value, and help me demonstrate patience and kindness to all.
  10. God, root me in your Word when anger threatens to overtake me. Give me wisdom for every situation and the strength to take the high road even when it’s hard. Let your truth guide my actions.

Prayers for Being Set Free from Lifelong Anger Struggles

  1. Father, only your power can help me overcome this consuming anger that feels too big for me to handle. I choose to stop relying on my own strength and start relying on yours. Please set me free.
  2. Lord, I confess I have allowed anger to build a stronghold in my life. Tear down this wall of hostility, stone by stone. vanquish these giants of rage. Flood every crevice with your light. Make me new inside and out.
  3. God, where there is anger and strife in my home, replace it with your Spirit of peace. Teach family members how to understand, forgive, communicate, and love. Heal us with your mercy and unite us.
  4. Father, surround my kids with people who speak wisdom and model composure. Protect them from taking on generational anger that they don’t deserve. Help them value self-control and choose better ways to handle their emotions.
  5. Lord, break the spirit of anger off of my family tree. Heal wounds from past generations. Fill gaps left by absent and hurtful parents. Let your loving discipline, not human anger, shape my children. Help me parent in calming ways.
  6. God, raise up wise friends who can speak candidly to me about my anger struggles. Develop humility in me to receive godly correction without reacting defensively. Help me desire growth. Provide an accountability partner who can help.
  7. Father, replace hot, harmful anger with passion for positive change. When I see injustice, light a holy fire in me to fix underlying causes in helpful ways. Use my energy for good.
  8. Lord, when painful memories resurface and threaten to reignite anger, carry me back to that place and rewrite my story with your redemption. Exchange bitterness for gratitude as you transform wounds into wisdom.
  9. God, as I walk through grief and loss, help me lean into your comfort instead of turning to wrath. Heal my aching heart, steady my reeling mind, and let your closeness be enough. I trust you to carry me through pain to peace.
  10. Father, fear and anxiety often disguise themselves as anger. Help me identify root causes and receive your perfect love that casts out fear. Teach me to rest in your sovereignty, trust your goodness, and wait patiently for you to act.
  11. Lord, let me model for my kids how to apologize quickly, forgive freely, love wholeheartedly, and move forward without holding grudges. Help this family culture reject anger’s corrosive ways.
  12. God, help me create healthful habits to manage anger. When I feel irritable, prompt me to exercise, listen to worship music, journal, and spend time with uplifting people. Surround me with positivity.
  13. Father, help me build a inner refuge where I can go mentally and emotionally when provoked. With your help, I can respond calmly instead of reacting hastily when people or situations try my patience.
  14. Lord, arm me with weapons that demolish destructive strongholds – weapons of worship, God’s Word, truth, righteousness, peace, and faith. Help me wield these well so anger has no chance. (2 Cor. 10:4-5)
  15. God, when consequences of my anger cause shame, help me receive your forgiveness. Heal relationships I’ve damaged. As you make beauty from ashes, transform me into a more patient, compassionate person.
  16. Father, surround me with reminders that life is short and you are sovereign. Adjust my priorities so trivial matters don’t provoke me. Develop eternal perspective so I live wisely and focus on what matters most.
  17. Lord, increase my vocabulary of healthy emotional words so I can express myself without using anger and aggression. Give me self-control over each word. Help me pause, think, and speak wisely.
  18. God, when I start seeing the world in black-and-white terms that stir up anger and conflict, restore my vision to see the beautiful complexity of your creation. Develop nuance and compassion in me.
  19. Father, help me model for my community what it looks like to disagree agreeably and advocate passionately without demonizing opponents. Where there are divisions, make me an instrument of reconciliation.
  20. Lord, reveal blind spots where hidden pride feeds my anger. Help me have humble thoughts toward others. Remind me I’m not superior, but simply need your grace as much as the next person. Cultivate compassion in me.
  21. God, overhaul my habits so I go to bed on time, avoid unhealthy foods, move my body, spend time outdoors, and build peaceful practices into my mornings and evenings. Help me create a life that reduces anger.
  22. Father, show me simple ways to inject more tranquility into each day through deep breathing, enjoying nature, praying, listening to music, or repeating calming mantras. Reduce anxiety that manifests as irritation.
  23. Lord, increase my capacity to handle challenges and channel intensity into healthy outlets like athletic endeavors, creative pursuits, and acts of service. Help me stay active in positive ways.
  24. God, guide my friendships. Surround me with patient, steadfast friends who can lovingly call me out when needed and cheer me on as I seek lasting change. Protect me from toxic relationships that bring out my worst.
  25. Father, help me forgive quickly when hurt or offended. Remove pride that fuels resentment. Cleanse bitter roots so they don’t grow into anger later. Develop a lifestyle of demonstrating the grace I want to receive.
  26. Lord, thank you for loving me as I am but also loving me too much to let me stay the same. I confess I need your power to change. I ask you to transform me from the inside out. Free me from anger’s grasp.
  27. God, replace reactionary anger with steadfast righteousness. When I want to retaliate, help me stand unmoving in what is just and good. Where there is mistreatment, make me an immovable force for good.
  28. Father, develop persistence in me to keep taking steps of faith against anger even when progress feels slow. Help me rely on your strength and goodness instead of giving in to doubt, anxiety, or despair. I have hope for lasting change.
  29. Lord, forgive me for making excuses and allowing anger to remain part of my life for too long. I am ready to do whatever it takes to walk in freedom and peace. Give me courage, wisdom, and strength for this journey.
  30. God, bring to mind Scriptures about patience, mercy, self-control, compassion, and forgiveness when I face provoking people or circumstances. Let your Word retrain my reactions and transform how I respond.
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Prayers for Others Struggling With Anger

  1. God, I pray for those consumed by anger and bitterness. Break chains of pain from their past. Replace rage with your unconditional love. Heal their deepest hurts. Set them totally free.
  2. Father, help those tormented by rage find understanding, treatment, mentors, friends, and other resources to help them manage anger in healthy ways. Surround them with patient people who can listen well, speak truth, and help them grow.
  3. Lord, I pray your protection over families dealing with domestic violence fueled by anger. Intervene spiritually and through helpful people to stop abuse. Heal, restore, and strengthen each family member as they walk in wholeness.
  4. God, show incredible mercy to prodigals hardened by anger and rebellion. Soften their hearts to receive your lavish grace. Remove pride, bitterness, and stubbornness. Draw them close and give them lasting change.
  5. Father, equip pastors, counselors, and teachers with keen discernment, compassion, and resources to help free people of all ages from anger’s grip. Make your church a place where the angry find refuge.
  6. Lord, I pray for those overwhelmed with grief and injustice that breeds righteous anger. Show them effective ways to process pain and get involved in remedying underlying causes. Heal them completely. Right wrongs through them.
  7. God, break anger addiction where substances, entertainment, or virtual interactions feed hostile emotions. Replace harmful habits with healthy community and spiritual renewal. Set captives free from anger’s downward spiral.
  8. Father, protect children who grow up surrounded by anger in their homes or communities. Shelter them under your wings. Provide trustworthy mentors. Help them embrace their value, walk in forgiveness, and refuse anger’s pull.
  9. Lord, guard those in high-stress occupations from the cumulative effects of facing evil, violence, and human pain that can lead to cynicism and chronic wrath. Renew their souls. Send support and relief.
  10. God, I pray your healing for trauma survivors dealing with anger that feels bigger than themselves. Comfort them in their distress. When anger flares, calm the nervous system responses that intensify feelings. Restore peace.
  11. Father, help leaders humbly examine themselves when anger problems surface. Give them courage to step away or get help when needed instead of rationalizing. Surround them with wise counsel and accountability.
  12. Lord, show mercy to angry people who push others away. Keep sending loving people across their path. Protect their loved ones and help them feel safe setting boundaries while still demonstrating compassion from a distance.
  13. God, I pray your intervention and lasting transformation for those imprisoned physically or emotionally by lifelong anger stemming from pain or pride or both. What seems impossible for us is possible for you.
  14. Father, help me model healthy anger management and conflict resolution skills to my kids. Shape our home into a refuge of patience, kindness, self-control, and forgiveness. May love and laughter fill our home.
  15. Lord, equip parents with wisdom and consistency to shape their children’s emotions and reactions for good. Give them creativity and perseverance to correct defiant hearts with patience, not anger or apathy.
  16. God, raise up anger management coaches, counselors, and programs to help people isolate triggers, minimize hostility, express feelings in healthy ways, and take responsibility for growth. Heal wounds. Cultivate peace.
  17. Father, help churches and communities support reconciliation efforts that address root causes of injustice which often leads to simmering anger. Unite people from divided groups. Replace hate with love.
  18. Lord, bless researchers seeking medical and therapeutic breakthroughs to help those struggling with clinical anger disorders. Give them wisdom, funding, open doors, and perseverance until their work bears fruit.
  19. God, use therapists, authors, speakers, coaches, pastors, podcasters, and other influencers to spread hope. Equip them to help people understand anger, find freedom, and walk in healthy relationships.
  20. Father, grow my compassion for angry people. Remind me hurt people hurt people. Help me model steadfast grace and speak words that heal instead of provoke. Use me to gently guide others to you.
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Prayers to Overcome Anger in Your Own Heart

  1. Lord, I know you see this anger destroying me from the inside out. Come close and begin doing a deep work to transform my heart. I’m ready for change.
  2. God, replace hostility with your kindness. Drown jealousy with your confidence. Extinguish judgment with your mercy. Calm irritation with your patience. Heal my heart as only you can.
  3. Father, strengthen me to let go of bitterness toward people who have wronged or wounded me. Cleanse me from the inside out. Help me move forward in freedom.
  4. Lord, when I want to stay angry as a way to punish someone else, convict me. Remind me that refusing to forgive always hurts me most. Prompt me to take the high road instead.
  5. God, where anger feels justified because of difficult circumstances, reveal when I’m using it as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility or doing hard work to improve the situation. Light my path forward.
  6. Father, forgive me for letting the sun go down on my anger and giving it a place to take root and grow in my life. Help me manage each day’s frustrations well so they don’t accumulate and explode later.
  7. Lord, reveal patterns of faulty thinking that lead to misplaced anger. Correct wrong assumptions I have made. Challenge absolutes that provoke me. Develop nuance in my perspective.
  8. God, help me take ownership of anger instead of blaming others. Remind me I cannot control how people act toward me but I can control how I react. Develop self-control in me.
  9. Father, prevent me from masking hurt as hostility because it feels stronger. Heal deep wounds I’m covering with anger’s armor. Help me process pain in healthy ways.
  10. Lord, increase trust between me and others I lash out at when feeling insecure or threatened. Replace contempt with compassion. Build cooperation instead of conflict.
  11. God, keep me from becoming defensive and angry when faced with feedback about growth areas. Help me humbly receive loving correction. Let iron sharpen iron. Make me better.
  12. Father, when I want to quit because change feels too hard, remind me you don’t. Renew my strength and perseverance. Give me endurance to keep resisting anger’s pull throughout my life.
  13. Lord, increase my awareness of body signals that indicate anger is escalating like jaw tightness, clenched fists, and restless energy. Help me take quick steps to calm down before going

  1. God, help me heed the wisdom in your Word that says, “Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.” (Proverbs 14:29) Remind me that patience demonstrates maturity while anger shows weakness.
  2. Father, keep my tongue from evil and my lips from deceitful speech. Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips. Let no corrupting talk come out of my mouth, but only what is good for building others up. (Psalm 141:3-4; Ephesians 4:29)
  3. Lord, crucify my pride and sense of entitlement that feed angry reactions when I don’t get my way. Develop gratitude and humility in me instead. Remind me everything good in my life is a gift from your hand.
  4. God, increase my capacity for discomfort so I can wait patiently in difficult situations instead of demanding immediate relief or lashing out at the source of frustration, knowing you will work all things for my good.
  5. Father, help me value relationships over being right. When conflict arises, give me wisdom to understand the other person’s perspective, meet in the middle, and compromise. Protect me from pride.
  6. Lord, help me demonstrate self-control in challenging relationships and conversations. Guard my mouth. Before I speak, let me pause and ask: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it the right time?
  7. God, remind me that anger steals my joy and only you can return it. Help me refuse wrath so I can walk in freedom and embrace each day and each person as the gifts they are.
  8. Father, when I want to quit instead of do hard work to grow and heal, remind me that temporary relief is not worth losing long-term peace and freedom. Give me strength to endure to the end.
  9. Lord, fill my mind with thoughts that reflect your heart: thoughts of grace, peace, love, compassion, kindness, humility, and hope. Let your truth define my thought patterns and transform how I see people and situations.
  10. God, surround me with creative pursuits that help channel emotional intensity in healthy ways – whether it’s writing, making art, playing sports, building, or learning new skills. Use this energy for good.
  11. Father, develop more empathy and “other awareness” in me. Help me consider context and challenges others face so I am slower to take offense and quicker to extend grace. Grow compassion in me.
  12. Lord, give me wisdom to recognize the difference between righteous anger and hostile anger. Let the first inspire me to lovingly stand up for what’s right. Protect me from the second which corrodes my own soul.
  13. God, help me demonstrate consistent integrity whether or not anyone is watching, so that years from now I can look back with no regret over words said or actions taken in anger.
  14. Father, increase my awareness of how anger and unforgiveness harm me. Convict me whenever I start justifying or indulging them. Help me refuse bitterness to walk in true freedom. Set me free completely.
  15. Lord, fill my mind and heart with your powerful presence until anger has no room left. Surround me with your love and joy. Remind me I serve a mighty God who is my refuge, strength and help in times of trouble.
  16. God, your Word says to let your hope keep me joyful. Help me fix my thoughts on the joy set before me so impatience and temper don’t overshadow your goodness. Anchor me in eternal perspective. (Romans 12:12)
  17. Father, thank you that your mercies are new every morning. Each day is a chance to start over, let go of yesterday’s anger, and embrace your fresh grace. Help me receive your gift of peace and walk forward in freedom.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Anger and Prayer

Here are some common questions and helpful responses about using prayers on anger:

  1. What Bible verses help deal with anger?

Some good anger-related Bible verses include Proverbs 15:1 (a gentle answer turns away wrath), James 1:19-20 (be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger), Ephesians 4:26 (do not let the sun go down while you are still angry), Matthew 5:44 (love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you), and Psalm 37:8 (refrain from anger and turn from wrath).

  1. Why do I feel angry when I pray?

Anger toward God when you pray may indicate buried emotions that need to surface, wounds or false beliefs about God that need healed, or an important issue God wants to address with you. Tell God exactly how you feel and ask him to gently reveal the roots so you can experience freedom.

  1. What are signs of unhealthy anger?

Signs of unhealthy anger include explosions of temper, passive-aggressive remarks, blaming others, bitterness, excessive sarcasm, control issues, irritability, mood swings, depression, and perpetual negative attitudes. Destructive anger often negatively impacts relationships and your own well-being.

  1. How can I learn to control anger more?

Tips to learn anger control include identifying your triggers, learning warning signs of escalating anger like elevated heart rate, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, taking a timeout to cool off, talking it out, getting exercise or doing a relaxing hobby, and seeking counseling or anger management classes if needed.

  1. How does the Bible say to deal with anger?

The Bible teaches not to let anger fester and build up, not to take revenge, to speak gently and with care, to avoid hurtful words and actions, to forgive others as God forgives you, to love your enemies, and to leave room for God’s wrath instead of taking matters into your own hands.


Anger can feel overwhelming at times, but we serve a powerful God who wants us to live in freedom and peace. He is eager to come alongside us in the battle against wrath. We just need humility to continually call out to him. We hope these 100 prayers on anger provide helpful spiritual weapons and fuel for the fight. May you find victory and joy as you choose God’s peace daily!

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