Save Yourself From Addiction Chains With These 100 Prayers On Addiction

Here are 100 prayers on addiction to help you or a loved one seeking freedom from addiction. Addiction is a difficult battle that many face. Whether it’s addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or other vices, breaking free can feel impossible. But there is hope through the power of prayers on addiction. God can give you the strength, wisdom and support needed to overcome.

100 Prayers to Help Break the Chains of Addiction

1. Prayer for Strength to Resist Temptation

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. When temptation comes, help me to stand strong and refrain from engaging in destructive behavior. I know that you will provide a way out so that I can endure and overcome temptation. Strengthen my resolve against addiction’s pull.

2. Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

God, your ways are higher than my ways. I ask that you would give me wisdom and discernment to make positive choices. Help me to see the way of escape you provide when I am tempted and grant me clarity to understand when a desire will lead to life or to death. I trust that you desire only the best for me and will lead me to freedom as I submit my choices to you.

3. Prayer for God’s Presence and Help

Lord, I cannot do this alone. I need your presence and help to stand against addiction’s strongholds in my life. Draw near to me and guide me. When I feel weak, fill me with strength. When I am unsure of the path, lead me to higher ground. I know that you can redeem my mistakes and heal my brokenness. Surround me with your love and empower me to live in alignment with your will.

4. Prayer for Self-Control

Father, I struggle with controlling my thoughts, behaviors and desires related to my addiction. I allow cravings to overtake me, leading me into repetitive sinful patterns. Forgive me for giving into impulses time and again. I know that you offer freedom. Help me to exercise self-control and restraint. When temptation arises, let self-discipline and level-headed thinking prevail so I can honor you with my actions.

5. Prayer for New Patterns of Thinking

Dear God, renew my mind and transform the way I think. For far too long my thought patterns have kept me trapped in addiction’s stronghold. Help me let go of harmful mindsets rooted in shame, despair, and self-pity. Replace them with new attitudes based on hope, joy, and grace. As it says in Romans 12:2, let my mind be made new so that I can know your good, acceptable, and perfect will for my life.

6. Prayer for Lasting Change

Father, I pray for lasting change. My desire is to break free from the shackles of addiction once and for all. Forge within me a clean heart. Establish new habits of purity and self-control. Cast out anything in my life that leads me back into old wounds and sin-patterns. As I walk forward into freedom, let me cling tightly to you. I want to live in the purpose you have for me, changed from the inside-out by your love and healing.

7. Prayer for Protective Hedges

Lord, build a hedge around me and protect me from going back to addiction. Establish boundaries to create barriers against destructive influences and those who would try to tempt me back into past lifestyles. Guide me away from high-risk situations that make me vulnerable. Create a community of supportive people to surround me. Help me be wise about avoiding temptation. Shut every door that leads to death and open every door that leads to the abundant life you have for me.

8. Prayer for Healthy Relationships

God, I ask that you would bring healthy, uplifting relationships into my life. Remove toxic, drama-filled associations that pull me towards addiction and dysfunction. Connect me to people who will build me up in you, support positive change, and believe in my ability to overcome. Teach me to set healthy boundaries. Grow my ability to give and receive love in ways that honor you and others. Free me from past hurts so that I can have hope for new, mutually-beneficial connections.

9. Prayer to Seek God First

Heavenly Father, through the power of addiction, other desires have taken precedence over you in my life. I want you to be first. Help me to seek you before all else. When I feel an urge or craving, remind me to turn to you immediately and rely fully on your strength. Keep me from relying on my own wisdom. Create in me a passion for pursuing your presence. Awaken my spiritual hunger for more of you and less of this world. You alone can satisfy my deepest needs.

10. Prayer for Humility

Lord, grant me humility. For far too long, pride and self-reliance have allowed addiction to overtake my life. Remove stubbornness and fear that keeps me trapped. Help me to admit my weaknesses and acknowledge my need for you, asking for help when I falter. Allow me to accept support and guidance from others. Keep me teachable, forgiving of myself yet correctable. Protect me from self-deception. In all things, let humility and trust in you undergird my journey to recovery.

11. Prayer for Honesty and Authenticity

God, help me to live honestly and authentically. Remove my need to self-protect through deception, pretending, blame, and denial. Free me from shame that keeps me hiding. Give me courage to admit my mistakes, make amends, and take ownership for my behaviors without excuse. Cleanse me from inside-out, releasing me from the burden of dishonesty. Teach me to handle my vulnerability with wisdom and discernment. As I walk in truth, let your light shine through me.

12. Prayer for Willingness

Father, open my heart to willingness. For so long, I’ve resisted positive change and clung to addiction. Break down areas of stubbornness and rebellion that keep me trapped in repetitive cycles of sin. Soften my heart to receive correction and guidance. Make me pliable for reshaping into the person you designed me to be. Give me a willingness to surrender my will and desires to you each day. Fill me with eagerness to walk the narrow path, wherever it may lead.

13. Prayer for Obedience

Lord, let obedience mark my journey to recovery. Help me submit myself fully to your ways and wisdom. Give me a heart that desires to honor and please you above all else. Whenever I feel tempted to go my own way, remind me of your unfailing love for me. Your commands are for my good, to protect and bless me. Strengthen me so that resisting addiction becomes less about sheer willpower and more about freely choosing your joy-filled presence. Make me quick to obey.

14. Prayer for Trust

Heavenly Father, I choose to trust you. When fear and doubt creep in, remind me of your faithfulness. You will never let me be tempted beyond what I can bear. Your timing is perfect. Help me believe that your way is best, even when the path feels unclear. My life is in your hands. Though I cannot see the future, I know you hold my destiny and will lead me into blessing. I surrender control to you, trusting that you will guide me to full freedom.

15. Prayer for Patience

Lord, fill me with patience. Recovery and transformation happen slowly, in your timing. When frustration arises, grant me grace to endure. Help me believe that you are still at work when progress seems halted. Remind me that you are faithful to complete the process of healing and change in me. Grant me strength to press forward even in times of waiting. Day by day, let patience, endurance and persistence mark my journey to wholeness.

16. Prayer for Community Support

God, bring people alongside me who will spur me on to recovery and full freedom. I know I cannot do this alone. Connect me to those who will pray for me, offer guidance, and hold me accountable. Help me build relationships rooted in wisdom, grace, honesty and compassion. Remove toxic associations and fill my inner circle with those who believe in me and want your best for my life. Thank you for the gift of community during this journey.

17. Prayer for Professional Help

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of professional help. Please guide me to counselors, treatment programs, recovery groups and medical care providers that will support my healing process. Provide the means for me to access the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual support I need. Grant wisdom to those who help me. Help me be open and honest and fully engage so that I can receive their expertise. Lead me to the right resources at the right time.

18. Prayer for Family Support

Lord, I pray for the support of my family. Where relationships are strained, bring healing and renewal. Soften hearts and open lines of communication. Help us move forward in love, offering one another mercy and grace. Teach family members how to relate in ways that foster growth and encouragement. Keep my family safeguarded from addiction’s impacts. May our home become a sanctuary of peace, stability and care as we walk this journey together.

19. Prayer for Financial Provision

Father, I come to you in need. The cost of addiction has created financial hardship, yet recovery requires resources for treatment, counseling and rehabilitation. Provide for my needs, Lord, so I can get the help I need without going into further debt. Open doors of assistance, both through government programs and community support. Sustain me through this season so I can rebuild a strong foundation, free from addiction’s endless money drain.

20. Prayer for Workplace Support

God, I pray for support and understanding in my workplace during this journey to freedom. Help me know how to handle my situation with wisdom, integrity and appropriateness. Provide policies and resources that enable me to get help without losing employment. Bring people alongside me to offer mentorship and encouragement. Where co-workers or leadership create hardship, soften hearts and open minds to foster compassion. Help me do my work even amidst difficulties.

21. Prayer for Strength to Make Amends

Heavenly Father, give me strength and courage to make amends. Help me take ownership for the ways my addiction has hurt others. Show me how to approach each situation with humility, care and wisdom. Where I cannot make direct amends, lead me to find alternative ways to repay debts and seek forgiveness. Heal my heart from past wounds so I can be free from shame and regret. Restore and redeem the relationships I have damaged, to the extent possible.

22. Prayer for Peace and Healing

Prince of Peace, wash over me with a peace that surpasses understanding. Cleanse me from anxiety, fear and discontent. Calm raging emotions and quiet inner turmoil. Heal deep wounds that drove me to addiction. Mend brokenness and areas of dysfunction. Restore fractured relationships. Renew my weary mind. Anchor me in unshakable confidence that I am safe in your hands. Surround me with tranquil rest as you make all things new.

23. Prayer for Transformation

Loving Father, I ask for inward transformation. My desire is sincerity of heart. Rebuild my character upon integrity, self-control, compassion and wisdom. Shape my thoughts, behaviors, habits and relationships to align with your will. Free me from the bondage of past sin and remove addiction’s lingering damage. Establish your kingdom within me. Let your reshaping work permeate every area of my life, filling me with hope, security and purpose.

24. Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Lord, help me to grow spiritually during this season of recovery. Deepen my hunger for prayer, Scripture, and time in your presence. Teach me your ways and transform my thoughts and attitudes through the renewing of my mind. Convict me when I stray from truth. Correct me when I falter. Shine light on the path ahead. Nurture spiritual disciplines that strengthen and guide me. Empower me to walk in step with your Spirit each day.

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25. Prayer for Physical Health

Father God, thank you for the gift of my body. I ask that you would help me care for my physical wellbeing, especially during this journey to recovery. Bring me energy, strength and stamina. Help me establish rhythms of sleep, nutrition and exercise that honor my body. Heal damage addiction has caused. Relieve pain and symptoms of withdrawal when they arise. Restore my body to full health so I can thrive in the purpose you have for me.

26. Prayer for Emotional Health

Lord, restore my soul. Heal areas of emotional wounding that opened the door to addiction. Help me grieve past hurts well, process anger and resentment, and receive your love fully into damaged places. Teach me to communicate and connect with others in healthy ways. Free me from negative mindsets and toxic thinking patterns. Calm turbulent feelings when they emerge. Ground me in the security of your acceptance and care as you bring inner wellness.

27. Prayer for Freedom from Shame

God, break addiction’s power to shame me. Replace feelings of guilt, unworthiness and condemnation with confidence that I am loved, accepted and forgiven by you. Silence the voices of failure with your truth that I am your beloved child. Cover me with purity; blurring the stain of past mistakes. Help me hold my head high, overcoming defining myself by my weakest moments. Let shame shrivel up and die in light of your mercy.

28. Prayer for Freedom from Self-Pity

Lord, set me free from the pit of self-pity. When feelings of victimhood arise, turn my focus to hope in you. Where I want to wallow in despair, fill me with gratitude. Redirect my thoughts outward to serving others. Help me take responsibility for myself and make wise choices that lead to life. Protect me from tunnel vision that traps me in defeat and limitation. Revive my spirit with joy and purpose for each new day.

29. Prayer for Freedom from Perfectionism

God, deliver me from perfectionism. Help me set healthy standards that bring order without becoming demanding. Teach me to see myself and others with compassion, not criticism. Protect me from using unattainable goals to mask deeper issues. Free me to embrace imperfection as part of the human journey. Fill my inner judge’s voice with self-acceptance and understanding. Let love, not pretense, motivate me. Make excellence, not faultlessness, my aim.

30. Prayer for Guidance

Heavenly Father, I need your guidance every step of this journey. My human wisdom is not enough. I ask that your Spirit would lead me into truth, wisdom, discernment and self-control. Show me the path that leads to life. Bring wise people alongside me as advisors and encouragers. Protect me from deceiving myself or following selfish aims. Anchor me firmly in your ways. Attune me to hear your voice speaking direction when I ask and listen.

31. Prayer for Protection

Lord, be my shield and safeguard from evil. Protect my mind from imagery or desires that open the doorway to acting out. Guard my eyes from temptation. Let me turn immediately from influences that provoke addiction’s pull. Keep harmful substances and relationships far from me. Preserve me from my own impulses when I am vulnerable. Build a hedge around me and cover me with your peace as I stay close by your side.

32. Prayer for Courage

God, fill me with courage. When fear wells up and threatens to overwhelm me, embolden my heart to press forward into recovery. Help me act in faith when the path ahead seems uncertain. Remind me of your promises when I falter. Give me strength to do what seems difficult and perseverance to continue when progress lags. You have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-control. Make me confident in you.

33. Prayer for God’s Presence in Loneliness

Lord, in times of loneliness, fill the empty spaces in my soul with your loving presence. When I feel disconnected from others, draw near to me and fill me with your peace. Protect me from seeking to ease my loneliness through unhelpful habits and connections. Help me learn to be comfortable with solitude, finding joy in your companionship. Teach me healthy ways to engage community and build life-giving relationships rooted in you.

34. Prayer for God’s Presence in Boredom

God, show me your presence in the midst of boredom. Protect me from filling these empty hours with harmful habits and quick fixes. Reveal creative ways to occupy my time and mind. Teach me the art of slowing down, listening for your voice, and enjoying simplicity. Shine your light into aimless moments, renewing purpose and passion for living. Revive my childlike wonder for the world around me. Let me abide in you, full of meaning, even in stillness.

35. Prayer for God’s Presence in Pain

Father, when emotional or physical pain grips me, let me feel your closeness most profoundly. Surround me with your love; assure me that I am not alone. Protect me from being swallowed up in despair. Lift my gaze beyond present agony to hope in healing ahead. Sustain me through every dark night of the soul. Infuse each moment with your strength so that even in suffering, I can rest in your care. You are my rock, my refuge, and my relief.

36. Prayer for Faith and Hope

Lord, renew my faith and hope. When doubt casts shadows on my heart, replace it with unwavering trust in you, believing that with you all things are possible. Anchor me firmly in the truth of your goodness and sovereignty over my life. Fill me with bright hope for the future you have prepared for me. Though my feelings fluctuate, let my faith remain constant, taking each step in the confidence that you guide my path. You are able to bring beauty from ashes.

37. Prayer for an Undivided Heart

God, unify my heart fully to serve and honor you. May loving you be my highest aim in all things. Protect me from allowing other desires to displace you. Enable me to love others in ways that point them to you. Keep me from idolatry and false fulfillment. Shield me from distractions that dissipate my passion for your presence. Redirect my thoughts and behaviors when they lead me astray. Liberate me from double-mindedness so I can live wholeheartedly for you.

38. Prayer for the Fruit of Self-Control

Prayer for the Fruit of Self-Control

39. Prayer for the Fruit of Self-Control

Father, develop the spiritual fruit of self-control within me. I know that freedom from addiction requires strength to tame my desires and exercise wisdom in choices. Train me to act upon reason rather than reacting from impulse. Help me pause, think carefully, and seek counsel before making decisions. Enable me to consistently apply healthy boundaries that honor you and protect me. Make self-discipline an increasing mark of my recovery journey.

40. Prayer for the Fruit of Gentleness

Lord, let gentleness begin to mark my inner being. Protect me from giving in to anger, rage, and aggression when frustrated. Enable me to respond to myself and others with patience and compassion. Soften any threatening, forceful attitudes toward those around me. Keep my words and actions tender, even when correcting. Permeate my thoughts, speech and conduct with kindness, care, humility and grace. May your loving gentleness shine brightly through me.

41. Prayer for the Fruit of Peace

Prince of Peace, reign within my inner being. Overrule chaotic thoughts and emotions with an abiding sense of rest in you. Make me quick to forgive so offenses no longer trouble me. Free me from anxiety and discontentment. Teach me to trust you fully with past, present and future. Guard my mind and heart so that your transcendent peace may rule, even when circumstances are difficult. Let your peace be the umpire of my soul.

42. Prayer for the Fruit of Joy

Heavenly Father, fill me with living joy. Help me see past the darkness of addiction to the unshakable hope you offer. Lift my eyes to the bigger picture of your grace and eternal purposes. Protect me from self-pity and ingratitude. Awaken creativity and childlike wonder again within me. Let your vibrant joy flow freely through me, until it spills over to bless others. Rescue me from lifelessness into the fullness of joy in your presence.

43. Prayer for the Fruit of Patience

Lord, cultivate patience within me. When frustration and demands threaten to overwhelm me, center my mind and spirit in your calming presence. Shield me from anger and impulsive decisions. Enable me to endure the process of recovery with grace, trusting in your perfect timing and work in my life. Keep me from rushing ahead or lagging behind. Teach me to wait upon you patiently, so that in waiting I may find my strength.

44. Prayer for the Fruit of Kindness

God, let kindness mark my life. Make me approachable, gentle and compassionate in all my relationships. Soften any harsh, gruff ways of relating so that my words bring encouragement. Tune my heart to be sensitive and thoughtful. Protect me from being short or impatient with others. Remind me to extend grace freely, since I am its recipient. Use me to reflect your loving kindness to those around me.

45. Prayer for the Fruit of Goodness

Lord, produce the fruit of goodness in my character. Guide me to make choices that align with your ways, even when it is costly. Fill me with integrity that remains uncorrupted by surrounding darkness. Make my lifestyle wholesome and blameless. Keep my intentions to bless, not to harm. Where my nature tends toward wrong, correct me. Let the light of your goodness within me brighten the lives of all I encounter.

46. Prayer for the Fruit of Faithfulness

Father, grow the fruit of faithfulness within me. When my circumstances change and my heart grows distant, remain ever-present to me. Give me steadfast determination to walk closely with you all the days of my life. Refresh my devotion when old passions fade. Sustain love and care for others when relationships grow challenging. Let your unwavering faithfulness inspire mine. Make me utterly reliable in serving you.

47. Prayer for Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

Heavenly Father, grant me serenity to accept what cannot be changed, courage to change what I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Calm my angst and fears. Embolden me to take brave steps toward freedom, one day at a time. Guide me to live in alignment with what is right, true and best. Transform me through recovery into the person you created me to be. I trust you fully with my life and future.

48. Prayer for Deliverance from Strongholds

Lord, I ask that you would deliver me from every stronghold of addiction. Break its power over my life. Release me from its chains around my mind and heart. Shine your light into dark places of bondage. Apply your word and truth to my deepest struggles. Let your strength become perfect in my weakness. What is humanly impossible is possible by your mighty hand. Rescue me for your glory.

49. Prayer of Commitment

Lord, today I commit myself fully to you and your process of recovery for my life. I hold nothing back; my life is in your hands. Empower me to walk in obedience, trusting that your ways are best. Give me courage to do whatever it takes to find freedom. I surrender my will, desires, relationships and future to you. Transform me from the inside out. Make me new. I am no longer my own; I belong to you.

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50. Prayer of Gratitude for Blessings

Heavenly Father, thank you for the many blessings in my life. I choose to focus on what is good and praise you for your gifts. Thank you for this day. Thank you for people who love and support me. Thank you for strength to make progress one day at a time. Everything I need comes from you. You are faithful. Fill me with gratitude, for it is a sure path to joy. All good things are from above.

51. Prayer for Redemption

Lord, nothing is too broken for your healing touch. Where addiction has filled my life with loss, restore what was taken. Make crooked paths straight and repair what was shattered. Rebuild relationships torn apart. Renew passion and purpose. Revive what addiction suppressed. Redeem every mistake and failure. What the locust has eaten, repay in full. In you, there is always hope and a future waiting to be claimed.

52. Prayer for Endurance

Father, keep me strong during days of difficulty and distress. Give me holy grit to press forward when progress is slow. Fill me with perseverance when temptation is intense, recovery feels burdensome, and victory seems distant. Hold my hand when I grow weary. Anchor me in unshakeable hope that breakthrough is ahead. Grant me irrepressible joy and resilient faith. Make endurance my companion.

53. Prayer for Life and Hope

Lord, though addiction promised life but brought death, you promise a future filled with hope. As I follow you, lead me down pathways of new possibility, purpose and meaning. Illumine each step before me. Fill my heart with childlike wonder again. Open my eyes to see beauty and opportunity everywhere. Revive what was dormant. Unlock creativity, passion, and dreams. At the end of every difficult road, let vibrant life await.

54. Prayer for Wholeness

Loving Father, make me whole. Heal every wound, silence every lie, and melt every chain. Restore fractured pieces of my heart into an integrated whole. Free me from every limitation and lack. Unbind all that restricts me from living fully. Smooth out areas of brokenness like cracks in cups that hold life’s joys. Reshape me into the person you envision. Make my spirit strong, vision clear, and faith steadfast.

55. Prayer for Discernment

God, sharpen my spiritual senses to discern what is of you and what is not. Train me to recognize temptation’s distant footfalls. Sensitize me to deception in all its subtle forms. Help me distinguish between promptings toward life or destruction. Develop taste for what is good and true. Expose vain philosophies and empty lies. Give me eyes to see beyond surface appearances. Fine-tune my heart to resonate with your voice alone.

56. Prayer for Old Wounds

Healer, go back into my yesterday and heal old wounds. Locate the sources of dysfunction that created vulnerability. Redeem painful areas that were buried long ago. Shine light into darkened corners. Apply your love to scars of trauma and heartbreak. Comfort places of grief I never fully mourned. Free me from the grip of hurts that shaped my defenses. Heal me all the way down to my innermost being.

57. Prayer for Damaged Relationships

Mender of hearts, repair damaged relationships that still echo pain. Heal misunderstandings and offenses between loved ones. Restore what was lost. Reconcile bond between parent and child, family members, and friends. Where possible, enable forgiveness and reconciliation. Where not, replace hurt with new love. Free me from anger and regret. Mend all that is broken so that love flows freely once more.

58. Prayer for Rigid Mindsets

Oh Lord, break rigid mindsets rooted in false narratives about myself, others, and you. Challenge limiting beliefs with empowering truth. Open me to see myself and people as you do, with compassion. Loosen the grip of perfectionism and performance. Free me from black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking. Unstick areas where I have lost hope, flexibility, and growth. Release me from self-imposed restraints and shame. Let your grace shape me.

59. Prayer for a Sound Mind

God, banish irrational thoughts and wrong mindsets that make me vulnerable. Anchor me in reality, truth, wisdom and grace. Silence condemning voices of perfectionism and fear. Challenge distortions with righteous perspective. Protect me from self-pity, dishonesty and denial. Guide me to think clearly, perceive accurately and reason rightly. Let no lie find root in me. Restore my mind to a state of wholeness and health.

60. Prayer for God’s Light

Lord, saturate me with your light. Expose the darkness in which addiction thrives. Lift me out of its fog into the radiant light of your presence. Illuminate your path, truth and wisdom before me. Shine into hidden areas of wounding and bondage. Overtake shadows with the brightness of your love and power. Disperse confusion and lies. Let me walk in the security of your light each moment.

61. Prayer for Identity in Christ

Lord, firm up my sense of identity, rooted in you. I am your beloved child, valued, accepted, and safe in your care. I am your masterpiece, created anew in Christ to do good works you prepared for me. I have nothing to prove; I can rest in your love. I am completely forgiven. I have hope and purpose. I am no longer defined by past failures. With you, I am enough. Secure my identity fully in you.

62. Prayer to be Known and Loved

Heavenly Father, help me rest in the truth that I am fully known and fully loved by you. Silence voices of shame and feelings of unworthiness. Fill me with confidence in your unconditional acceptance. Free me from striving to earn your approval. Protect me from hiding. As your beloved child, assure me that you take delight in me. Heal my deepest insecurities. Let me freely receive your love.

63. Prayer for Wounds from Parents/Authority Figures

Healer, bind up wounds from parents and other authorities who misused their role. Restore what was damaged. Free me from buried pain, anger and bitterness. Fill empty places in my heart that sought for affection. Realign my view of leadership with the truth about your perfect love. Cover those who hurt me in deep mercy, that I may release them to your care. Heal me completely from these wounds.

64. Prayer for Damaged Self-Image

Creator, restore my damaged self-image. Free me from false narratives and criticisms that shaped my identity. Silence voices of condemnation and shame. Show me how to care for my body as your temple. Help me see myself as your handiwork–a one-of-a-kind creation, beautiful and valuable beyond measure. Protect me from negative self-talk. Let me view myself through your loving, truthful eyes.

65. Prayer for Childhood Emotional Neglect

Oh Lord, heal effects of childhood emotional neglect that left me fending for myself. Though basic needs were met, I was missing emotional nurturance. Meet deep needs for unconditional love. Validate my feelings and desires. Affirm my unique personality. Fill in gaps where support and affection were missing. Free me from striving to earn love. Assure me I am seen, heard, understood and cherished.

66. Prayer for Childhood Trauma

Lord, visit childhood memories of trauma and loss. Heal what happened to me. Absorb the pain; do not let it poison fruitfulness. Reprocess each scene from your perspective, until anger and sadness melt away. Help me understand the past with compassion, not judgment. Restore what was taken. Disarm these memories from exerting influence now. Comfort my inner child. Let your love rewrite my story.

67. Prayer for Sexual Abuse or Trauma

Oh Lord, reach into my deepest places of wounding and shame from past abuse or trauma. Cleanse me; make me fresh and new again. Cover me with your purity. Heal my damaged sexuality and body image. Restore my ability to connect, trust and enjoy intimacy. Let your truth silence lies that I am ruined or worthless. Receive my anger and grief. Exchange violation and pain for wholeness.

68. Prayer for Grief

Lord, make a way through grief. When loss overwhelms me, be my present help. Hold me close through tears and sorrow. Comfort me when heartache feels endless. Carry me forward during times I feel unable to take another step. Reassure me that there are brighter days ahead. Help me honor what has passed without being forever defined by loss. Guide me into joy once more.

69. Prayer for Anxiety and Worry

Prince of Peace, quell my anxious thoughts. Hush my racing mind. Still my pounding heart. Calm overwhelming panic and dread. Surround me with a sense of your security and sovereignty. Give me perspective beyond the immediate issues pressing in. Fill me with serenity as I release outcomes to you. Protect me from paralyzing worry. Let your perfect peace guard my mind and heart.

70. Prayer for Anger

Oh Lord, subdue destructive anger that burns within me. Cool raging thoughts and feelings. Soothe my tense, stressed emotions. Prevent frustration from forming into resentment, bitterness and hostility. Protect me from lashing out or shutting down in bitterness. In times of anger, lead me quickly to forgiveness. For issues beyond my control, grant me grace to release them to you. Disarm anger’s power over me.

71. Prayer for Depression

Lord, lift this dark cloud that hangs so heavy over me. Reach into the depths of my despair. Awaken hope deep in my soul again. When energy is gone, revive me with strength. When motivation is lost, stir me to action. When bleak thoughts overpower, redirect my mind to praise. Surround me with comfort and love until the light peeks through. Raise me into the warmth of your healing, joy-giving presence.

72. Prayer for Confusion and Indecisiveness

Father, still the restlessness and confusion that makes decisions difficult. Calm the inner turmoil of double-mindedness. Lead me out of paralyzing ambiguity into clarity and conviction. Guide my choices so I can move forward with confidence. Free me from fruitless debate and overanalyzing when your way seems unclear. Reveal the next right step when I ask. Make your wisdom, not my wavering feelings, my guide.

73. Prayer for Bondage to Past

Lord, release me from bondage to the past. While my history shaped me, I do not want it to enslave or limit me. Heal old wounds that exert influence in subtle, unhealthy ways. Silence condemning voices replaying mistakes and failures. Protect me from self-sabotage rooted in regret. Teach me to glean wisdom from the past without being weighed down by it. Let your grace and hope propel me forward.

74. Prayer for Sleep

Lord, calm my mind, body and emotions so I can rest in peaceful sleep. Quiet anxious thoughts and frenetic activity. Slow racing heartbeats; relax tense muscles. Release addicts to your care. Unburden me of responsibilities, trusting you will sustain what I have given my best effort. Surround me with serene stillness. Grant sleep that rejuvenates body, mind and spirit for each new day ahead.

75. Prayer for Addictions Transferring

Lord, protect me from simply transferring addictions once free from my primary bondage. Keep me from substituting one compulsion for another empty quick fix. Guard me from new bands of slavery. Guide me to healthy disciplines and relationships that fill needs in redemptive ways. Make the fruit of your Spirit my new addiction–love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

76. Prayer for Perseverance

Father, help me press on when progress is slow or halted. Sustain me through lengthy seasons of waiting or difficulty. Keep me from giving up when breakthrough seems beyond reach. Surround me with encouragement in weary times. Remind me of your faithfulness. Instill determination to continue no matter how long the road. However slow, let my heart grow stronger, wiser and more faithful through each day.

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77. Prayer to Overcome Plateaus

Lord, reignite growth where it has leveled off. Where I have adapted to settle for mediocrity, stir new passion. Revive dreams once vibrant but now dormant. Expand my capacity for more of you and your purposes. Break limiting mindsets and Comfort zones that restrict me. Fill me with holy hunger and thirst to keep increasing. Fan my spiritual fire so that zeal and devotion blaze up fresh and new.

78. Prayer for Broken Spirit

Healer, mend and revive my broken spirit. Just as water restores a thirsty soul, pour your living water into my empty places. Comfort my deflated heart. Call forth life from defeated areas. Awaken passion and purpose once more. Restore the joy of connection with you. Even if external circumstances remain difficult, let my inner being thrive in you, strong and vibrant again.

79. Prayer Against Cravings

Lord, still cravings that threaten to entrap me again. Dull their dangerous edge so I am not overwhelmed. Warm the loneliness underneath and meet my truest needs.

Prayer Against Cravings

80. Prayer Against Cravings

Lord, still cravings that threaten to entrap me again. Dull their dangerous edge so I am not overwhelmed. Warm the loneliness underneath and meet my truest needs. Remind me I am loved, accepted, and have purpose. Strengthen me when I feel too weak to resist. Short-circuit triggers and disrupt patterns leading to relapse. Free me from slavery to desires. Be my satisfaction.

81. Prayer Against Entitlement and Self-Pity

Father, deliver me from entitlement and toxic self-pity that leads back into addiction. Heal thought patterns where I feel owed or mistreated. Release repressed anger and resentment toward you and others. Protect me from wallowing in perceived hurts. Free me from complaint and blaming. Awaken gratitude for all I’ve been given. Instill responsibility for my self, actions, and attitudes.

82. Prayer for Long-Term Sobriety

Lord, keep me sober for the long haul. Where I tend to make progress only to slide back over time, give me perseverance. Protect me from growing overconfident and complacent. May the passing of time deepen my commitment to live wisely and honor you. Keep me vigilant against temptation. Sustain my resolve when it weakens. Preserve the spiritual fruit you’ve grown in me. Keep me walking closely with you all my days.

83. Prayer for Humility

Lord, secure true humility deep within me. Protect me from pride in accomplishments or comparing myself to others. Keep me from self-righteous thinking and quick judgments of others’ flaws. Soften defenses and open my heart to feedback. Fill me with quiet confidence rooted in your love, not outward success. Teach me that who I am in you is enough. Let gentle humility mark me.

84. Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

Lord, I need wisdom. Clarify my thoughts so I can think and reason rightly. Give me discernment to recognize truth from deception. Reveal when my perspective is off-kilter. Protect me from rationalizing or justifying errors. Grant me self-awareness to know my blind spots. Attune me to listen to and heed wise counsel. Help me interpret situations and people accurately. Let wisdom guide my choices.

85. Prayer to Know God’s Will

Heavenly Father, make your way known to me. Reveal your will like a clear path set before my feet. Illumine each step and turn I should take. Give me discernment to recognize your voice leading me. Release me from the need to understand every detail first. Fill me with courage to surrender my will to yours. I trust you to guide me into life, purpose, and joy each day.

86. Prayer for Courage

Lord, take my fear and give me courage. When anxiety rises and uncertainty looms, steady my heart to move forward in faith. When temptation seems too strong to resist, strengthen me. Hold my hand when the way feels dark. Remind me that you walk beside me always. Your perfect love casts out fear. Let courage well up within me, for nothing is impossible with you.

87. Prayer for God’s Protection and Peace

Lord, be my shelter in the stormy seasons of life. Hide me safely under the shadow of your wing when adversity presses in. Guard my mind and heart against destructive influences. Fill me with unshakable inner peace beyond my circumstances. Surround me with your angelic protection. Turn my eyes to your face when other focal points grow dim. You are my rock, refuge and strength. Keep me securely in you.

88. Prayer for Identity and Worth in Christ

Lord, secure my identity and worth deeply in you. Protect me from locating value in my productivity, relationships or the world’s approval. Free me from shame and self-hatred. Awaken my heart to how cherished I am as your one-of-a-kind child. No one can snatch me from your hand. No failure diminishes your love for me. Let this unchanging truth define who I am. I belong to you.

89. Prayer for Emotional Health

Father, bring healing and wholeness to my turbulent emotions. Realign my feelings with your steadfast truth. Correct thinking patterns that magnify anxiety, anger or darkness. Calm the inner turmoil that tries to seize control. Free me from extremes of emotion; teach me balance. Fill my heart with your peace as I release my cares to your capable hands. Restore wellness to my emotional life.

90. Prayer for God’s Presence in Loneliness

Lord, in seasons of loneliness, fill the aching void in my soul with your loving presence. Draw near when I feel forgotten and unnoticed. Soothe my feelings of isolation. Remind me that I am never alone, for you walk beside me every step of the way. Protect me from numbing loneliness with addictive substitutes. Meet my needs for connection in life-giving ways. Anchor me in your unchanging love.

91. Prayer for Root Causes of Addiction

Exposer of Secrets, reveal root causes of my addiction. Shine light into hurts, wounds, lies, and needs hidden in darkness that drew me toward destructive behaviors. Apply your healing balm deep into the damaged places I avoid and deny. Free me completely from all that has bound me in repeating cycles of sin and futility. Let your steadfast love extinguish my urge to escape pain.

92. Prayer for Childhood Emotional Neglect

Oh Lord, heal the emptiness inside from childhood emotional neglect. Though provided for materially, I was missing something deeper. Meet my underlying needs for unconditional love, affection, validation, and belonging. Heal insecure attachment that made me feel unseen and forgotten. Awaken my heart to receive your full love. Free me to love from a wellspring of secure attachment in you.

93. Prayer for Parents

Heavenly Father, pour out your mercy and grace on my parents. Forgive their faults and failings along with my own. Heal our relationships and family dynamic. Help me forgive any ways they neglected or hurt me, trusting you to right all wrongs. Where possible, restore healthier ways of relating that foster mutual care and growth. Fill the gaps between us with your redeeming love and reconciliation.

94. Prayer for Damaged Self-Worth

Creator, heal low self-worth that leaves me insecure and empty. Silence inner voices of shame and self-condemnation. Free me from striving to earn love and approval to cover emptiness. Awaken my heart to how precious I am in your eyes–a treasure worth dying for. Let your unconditional love restore my inherent value, apart from changing circumstances. Make me whole.

95. Prayer to Be Made New

Lord, continue the work of making me new. What was weak, make strong. Where I am worn out, refresh. Apply your healing touch to every fractured or distorted place within. Make freedom and wholeness my new normal, no longer defined by past brokenness. As you remove stains of sin, fill the empty spaces with more of your grace. Restore childlike joy and passion for living each day.

96. Prayer for Redemptive Relationships

Lord, weave redemptive relationships into my life. Connect me to people who will spur me to grow in my recovery journey. Bring alongside me wise, faithful friends who will refresh my spirit. Protect me from relationships that tempt me back toward foolish ways. Develop in me discernment to choose companions that foster wisdom, honesty, self-control, and peace. Knit together a community that ignites the best in me.

97. Prayer for Life Purpose

Lord, ignite a sense of purpose and meaning for my life. Direct my path so that my gifts, experiences and passions align to fulfill divine assignments you’ve prepared for me. Open my eyes to see needs around me to meet in your name. Fill me with contagious zeal for living. Spur me on toward finishing my race strong, leaving a legacy that echoes into eternity. Let my life count for you each day.

98. Prayer for Spiritual Strength

Heavenly Father, renew spiritual strength within me. Refresh my spirit in you. Revive the fire of devotion that has dimmed. Reignite passion for prayer, worship, studying your Word, and time in your presence. Awaken my heart each morning with joy in you. Fill my inner being with enthusiasm for your purposes. Establish deep roots in you that sustain and anchor me no matter what winds may blow.

99. Prayer for Ongoing Growth

Lord, keep me moving forward in my recovery journey. Where progress has plateaued, renew growth. Expand my capacity to experience more of you. Give me a holy hunger to walk in your ways, understand your truth, and enjoy your presence above all else. Fan into flame what has died down into complacency. Urge me onward into maturity and Christlikeness. Make each season fruitful.

100. Prayer of Praise

Glorious Lord, I praise you for who you are and all you have done. I stand in awe of your power, wisdom, love and grace that knows no limits. Thank you for your faithfulness that leads me into freedom. I praise you for your patience, for you never give up on me. Your steadfast love calms all my fears. Your joy strengthens me. Your peace dwells within me. Hallelujah!

How often should I pray for addiction recovery?

Pray continually! Set aside time each day to lift your struggles, hopes, and needs to the Lord. Pray throughout your day, especially when you face temptation or triggers. Let prayer become your first line of defense and a source of constant supply.

What prayers are most effective for addiction?

The most effective prayers are honest, heartfelt, and aligned with God’s truth and will. Humble yourself before God, take responsibility for your choices, and ask for empowerment to live wisely. Open your heart fully to his love and grace.

How do I pray for someone else’s addiction?

Ask God to meet them wherever they’re at and draw them close to his love. Release them into his hands. Pray for their physical, mental and spiritual healing. Ask God to protect and empower them. Petition him to send people and resources to support their recovery journey.

What Bible verses help with addiction?

Philippians 4:13, Isaiah 41:10, James 1:2-4, Romans 8:1-2, Psalm 121:7-8, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Psalm 23:1-3, John 8:36, Romans 12:2. Meditate on God’s powerful words of truth and hope.

How do I know God hears my prayers for addiction?

God promises that when we approach him with a humble, repentant heart, he will draw near to us and give grace and help in our time of need (James 4:8-10). Trust him at his word. He is able to do above all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

May God guide and sustain you through every step of the journey to freedom, healing and new life. With him, vibrant joy and lasting hope await you!


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