100 Prayers For A Boyfriend To Spice Your Relationship

A relationship with your boyfriend is one of the most special bonds you can have. Here are 100 meaningful prayers for a boyfriend for different occasions and desires. Use these to inspire your own words and conversations with God.

100 Meaningful Prayer Points for Your Boyfriend

Prayers for Your Boyfriend’s Character

100 Meaningful Prayer Points for Your Boyfriend

  1. Dear Lord, help my boyfriend put You first in his life. Give him a heart to follow and serve You above all else.
  2. God, I pray that my boyfriend walks in integrity. Help him have the courage to do what’s right, even when it’s hard.
  3. Lord, I pray my boyfriend rejects temptation and lives a life of sexual purity. Guard his eyes and mind.
  4. Father, guide my boyfriend to be humble, not thinking of himself more highly than he ought.
  5. Lord, I pray my boyfriend has self-control and sound judgment. Help him make wise choices.
  6. Dear God, help my boyfriend speak words that build others up. May his speech always be gracious.
  7. Lord, grant my boyfriend spiritual wisdom and discernment. Help him know Your truth from lies.
  8. Father, bless my boyfriend with patience, kindness, and compassion. Shape him into the likeness of Christ.
  9. God, give my boyfriend boldness and courage to share his faith with others. Use him to expand Your kingdom.
  10. Lord, grow my boyfriend’s capacity for love – for You and for others. Soften his heart.

Prayers for Your Relationship

  1. God, be the foundation of our relationship. Help us keep You at the center.
  2. Lord, increase our commitment to honor You through our relationship. Guide us in purity and sincerity.
  3. Father, bless our relationship with joy and laughter. Help us delight in each other.
  4. God, give us wisdom to manage conflict well, with self-control and gentleness. Unify us in peace.
  5. Lord, keep our relationship passionate and mutually fulfilling. Protect us from complacency.
  6. Father, help us build each other up, not tear each other down. May our words be loving and kind.
  7. God, grow our spiritual intimacy. Connect us through prayer, Scripture, worship, and service.
  8. Lord, give us discernment about the pace of our relationship. Guide us if marriage is Your plan.
  9. Father, deepen our trust in each other. Help us be transparent and loyal.
  10. God, we invite you into our intimacy. Teach us to honor each other and You in our physical relationship.

Prayers for Quality Time

  1. Lord, bless our time together. Help us be fully present and engaged. Minimize distractions.
  2. Father, enrich our conversations. Give us wisdom to talk about things that matter most.
  3. God, make our hearts swell with thankfulness for the gift of each other. Remind us of blessings.
  4. Lord, fill our date nights with laughter, adventure, and romance. Renew our joy.
  5. Father, lead us to creative, meaningful activities we can enjoy together. Open our eyes to new experiences.
  6. God, give us getaways and trips that restore our souls and strengthen our bond. Provide opportunities.
  7. Lord, help us keep technology in its proper place – not consuming our time alone.
  8. Father, inspire us with ways to serve others together. Deepen our care for those in need.
  9. God, remind us to appreciate little moments – a walk, a meal, a kiss. The daily joys.
  10. Lord, calm our anxieties and worries when we’re together. Help us be fully in the present.
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Prayers for Communication

100 Meaningful Prayer Points for Your Boyfriend

  1. God, teach us to communicate with humility, honesty, and consideration. Guard our speech.
  2. Lord, give my boyfriend courage to open up about his feelings and needs. Help me listen well.
  3. Father, protect our relationship from misunderstandings and needless conflict through poor communication. Guide our conversations.
  4. God, grow our emotional and spiritual intimacy through meaningful communication. Bond us closer.
  5. Lord, when tensions rise, give us self-control and help us manage our emotions. Cool our anger quickly.
  6. Father, help us balance honesty with sensitivity so our words build up, not tear down. Make us bold and tender.
  7. God, help us forgive quickly and completely when we hurt each other through careless words or tone. Make us gracious.
  8. Lord, teach us when it’s better to be silent and listen rather than always try to fix things. Impart wisdom.
  9. Father, guard our mouths from gossip, complaining or criticizing our partner. May we only speak to bless.
  10. God, develop our ability to communicate our needs, desires, and aspirations. Help us dream together.

Prayers for Protection

  1. Lord, build a hedge of protection around our relationship. Shield us from attacks by the enemy.
  2. Father, protect our hearts and minds. Keep our love free from jealousy, greed, and pride.
  3. God, deliver us from temptations that could destroy our loyalty. Give us the way out.
  4. Lord, surround our relationship with wise mentors, pastors, and family to strengthen accountability. Bless our influences.
  5. Father, help us set healthy physical boundaries with others of the opposite sex. Maintain innocence.
  6. God, remind us that our bodies are temples of Your Spirit. May we honor You in how we care for them.
  7. Lord, keep diseases, infections, and viruses from harming us or passing between us. Keep our bodies safe.
  8. Father, lead us far from sexual sin or pornography. Do not let it have even a toehold in our lives or relationship.
  9. God, compel my boyfriend’s eyes, heart, and mind to be loyal and pure. Protect him.
  10. Lord, build trust and faithfulness in our relationship. Expose and bring to light any lies or deception.

Prayers for Provision

  1. Father, thank You for faithfully providing for our financial needs. Ease our minds so we can enjoy Your blessing.
  2. God, guide us if we consider joining our finances. Help us make unified, wise choices that honor You.
  3. Lord, teach us generosity and helping those in need. Develop our compassion and freedom in giving.
  4. Father, grow our wisdom in financial decisions and planning for the future responsibly. Direct our paths.
  5. God, in seasons of financial pressure, meet our basic needs. Remind us of your promise to care for us.
  6. Lord, keep us content with simplicity and modest means if that’s where You lead. Help us find joy in non-material blessings.
  7. Father, guide our educational, career, and calling pursuits. Reveal how we can serve and provide for each other.
  8. God, give my boyfriend diligence and integrity in his work. Help him make an honest living.
  9. Lord, bless him with favor in finding a job if he’s seeking employment. Lead him to the right opportunities.
  10. Father, protect us from making money an idol in our lives. Keep us free from greed and debt. Lead us to true riches.
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Prayers for Future Plans

  1. God, give us unity and confirmation in discerning if marriage is Your plan for us. Align our hearts.
  2. Lord, if we’re called to be married, guide every decision and plan. Provide in every detail.
  3. Father, bless our desire to have children if that’s Your will. Prepare us to be godly parents together.
  4. God, knit our families together in harmony if we get married. Soften any tensions or complications.
  5. Lord, give us wisdom as we establish our family and routines. Help us make priorities that honor You.
  6. Father, prepare us for hard seasons, like job loss, sickness, infertility, or death of loved ones. Sustain us in trials.
  7. God, grow our faith as we make plans. Remind us that You, not us, write our story. Help us hold plans loosely.
  8. Lord, give us hope and excitement for the future you have for us. Help our dreams and Your will align.
  9. Father, lead us to a home where we can extend hospitality and serve others. Provide the right place.
  10. God, guide where You want us to put down roots. Lead us to the right community and church family.

Prayers for Spiritual Growth

  1. Lord, help us spur each other on to grow closer to You. Fan the flames of our faith.
  2. Father, unite our hearts in worship. Empower us to pray and study Scripture together.
  3. God, use this relationship to refine us. Expose our flaws and sins to lead us to repentance.
  4. Lord, give us an eternal perspective, not just focusing on the here and now.
  5. Father, remind us that the greatest goal in life is knowing and serving You. Keep You first.
  6. God, teach us to encourage each other in our respective callings and gifts. Help us build each other up.
  7. Lord, make our love radiate Your light. Use this relationship to draw others to You.
  8. Father, bear spiritual fruit in our lives as individuals and a couple. Cultivate Your goodness.
  9. God, conform our wills to Yours. As we surrender our lives to You, transform us.
  10. Lord, keep us hungry for Your Word, Your presence, and Your work in our lives.

Prayers for Hard Times

100 Meaningful Prayer Points for Your Boyfriend

  1. God, when we face trials, loss, or disappointments, comfort us and give us hope.
  2. Lord, heal our hearts when we hurt each other through conflict, neglect, or sin. Restore joy.
  3. Father, if we go through a breakup, be our comfort and rock. Reveal Your greater purpose in it.
  4. God, if there is unfaithfulness, give the strength and wisdom to rebuild broken trust. Heal us.
  5. Lord, should we go through a season of depression, anxiety, or pain, provide relief, treatment, and support.
  6. Father, in sicknesses, financial struggles, or loss of loved ones, cling closer to each other and You. Find our Refuge.
  7. God, teach us to extend grace in seasons of high stress or fatigue when we struggle to love each other well. Give patience.
  8. Lord, renew our strength when challenges wear us down. Invigorate our hearts when we feel depleted.
  9. Father, provide wise and godly friends and mentors to guide us through any hard times or adversity we face.
  10. God, keep us from despair. Give us discernment to know when to hold on or let go. Help us trust You fully.
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Prayers of Gratitude

  1. Father, thank You for bringing us together and shaping our relationship. We joyfully recognize Your hand.
  2. God, I praise You for my boyfriend. Thank You for exactly who he is and how You made him.
  3. Lord, I’m grateful for how You’ve grown my boyfriend’s faith. Thank You for making him a man of God.
  4. Father, thank You for the joy You’ve brought through this relationship. Our hearts overflow with happiness.
  5. God, I praise you for the fun memories You’ve given us so far. Thank You for adventures, laughs, and inside jokes.
  6. Lord, I’m grateful for how we’ve been able to support each other through hard times. Thank You for bringing comfort.
  7. Father, thank You for giving our relationship purity, sincerity, and honesty. We praise You for guiding our conduct.
  8. God, I’m grateful for the ways You’ve provided for our financial needs so far. Thank You for blessing and caring for us.
  9. Lord, I praise You for bringing our families together in harmony. Thank You for compassion and understanding.
  10. Father, thank You being the foundation of our relationship. We’re grateful beyond words that You bring our hearts together.

What kinds of prayers strengthen a dating relationship?

Prayers for character, spiritual growth, protection, and gratitude are powerful in a dating relationship. Praying together also develops intimacy and teamwork.

How often should I pray for my boyfriend?

Bring your boyfriend to God daily in prayer. Pray throughout the day as things come up. Let prayer become an integral part of the relationship.

Are there Bible verses I can pray for him?

Yes, claim scriptures like Ephesians 3:17-19, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 1:1-3, Philippians 4:8, Romans 12:2, Psalm 37:4-6, and 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Is it okay to pray prayers of petition for the relationship?

Yes, ask God for blessings and needs in the relationship while submitting to His perfect will. Seek His kingdom first.

What if my boyfriend and I break up – should I still pray?

If a breakup occurs, you can still lift up your ex before God. Praying can bring healing and closure even if reconciliation doesn’t happen.

How do I pray for a future spouse I haven’t met yet?

You can ask God to prepare your heart for marriage, guide you in relationships, and then bring you a future spouse when the time is right in alignment with His plan for you.

Should we pray together before getting engaged or married?

Praying together is an important practice before engagement or marriage. Invite God actively into your decision-making and planning.

I hope this detailed blog post gives you lots of ideas and encouragement to pray powerfully for your boyfriend! God bless you!

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