Have A Good Night Rest With This 25 Prayers For Bedtime

Getting a good night’s rest is so important, yet it can be challenging to quiet our minds before bed. In this post, we’ll explore 100 prayers for bedtime. These prayers cover giving thanks, asking for peaceful rest, protection during sleep, help with stress and anxiety, and more.

Why Pray Before Bed?

Prayer before bedtime serves several purposes:

  • It helps slow down our racing thoughts so we can relax and unwind. Going to God with all the cares on our hearts lifts those burdens off our shoulders.
  • It focuses our minds on God’s peace, love, and presence. Dwelling on Him crowds out anxious thoughts.
  • It reminds us that God is in control, even while we sleep. We can trust Him to watch over and protect us during the night.
  • It allows us to surrender the day’s worries to God before lying down. Getting concerns off our chests prevents tossing and turning.
  • It helps us cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Thanking God for blessings and provision refocuses our hearts on Him.
  • It brings our relationship with God into practical everyday life. Praying together before bed draws couples closer too.

No matter what may be troubling your mind or keeping you awake, taking those concerns to God through prayer can help you find rest and peace.

25 Prayers for a Peaceful Bedtime

25 Prayers for a Peaceful Bedtime

Here are 25 bedtime prayers to help you close your eyes in comfort and joy.

1. Thankfulness and Blessings

Giving thanks to God before bed realigns our hearts and minds to His goodness.

  • Lord Jesus, thank You for the gift of this day. Thank You for the comforts of my bed. Bless my resting hours with Your presence and peace.
  • Father, my heart overflows with gratitude for Your faithfulness and love. Thank You for always providing for my needs. May my sleep be sweet as I dwell in Your blessings.
  • Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of life and health. I praise You for the roof over my head and the food on my table. Your mercies are new every morning.
  • Lord, I thank You for watching over me and my loved ones today. Thank You for the joy of fellowship with family and friends. Bless them as they rest too.

2. Peace and Comfort

Invite God’s peace and comfort into your heart and mind as you settle down to sleep.

  • Lord, calm my restless spirit with the comfort only You can give. Quiet my anxious thoughts with the peace that surpasses understanding.
  • Jesus, send Your Holy Spirit to counsel and comfort me. Ease my stress and fears with Your loving presence. Surround me with Your peace.
  • Prince of Peace, reign over my racing mind tonight. Enfold me in Your perfect tranquillity as I seek to rest in You.
  • God of All Comfort, soothe my soul as I lay down to sleep. Chase away any gloom or sadness with the joy of Your presence.

3. Rest and Renewal

Ask God to grant deep rest and renewal for tomorrow.

  • Lord, guide me into peaceful slumber so I may wake refreshed and renewed. Renew my energy and vitality as I rest in Your care.
  • Heavenly Father, calm my body, mind, and spirit as I surrender this day into Your hands. Restore me as I sleep so I may serve You well tomorrow.
  • God, grant me a night of restorative rest. Heal any pain or sickness as I sleep. Renew my strength for tomorrow’s tasks and blessings.
  • Good Shepherd, lead me to lie down in green pastures. Restore my soul through peaceful slumber. Guide my dreams and nighttime thoughts.

4. Protection and Safety

Entrust your sleeping hours to God’s watchful protection and care.

  • Lord, guard my family and me throughout the night. Keep us safe from any harm or danger. Shelter us under Your wings as we rest.
  • Heavenly Father, protect this home and all who dwell here. Surround us with Your angels to watch over us as we sleep.
  • Good Shepherd, shield me from any powers of darkness. Keep me safe in Your care as I rest in the shadow of Your wings.
  • God, grant safety to those who serve and protect us – police, firefighters, medical teams. Guard their rest and renew their strength.

5. Forgiveness and Cleansing

Let go of any bitterness, receive God’s forgiveness, and rest in a clean conscience.

  • Lord, I confess my sins to You and receive Your complete forgiveness. Cleanse my heart and mind as I lay my failures at the cross.
  • Jesus, thank You for bearing my sins when You died for me. Wash me clean in Your mercy. Help me forgive those who’ve hurt me.
  • Holy Spirit, show me any wrong attitudes or motives that grieve You. Purify my thoughts and heal my heart as I rest tonight.
  • Faithful God, thank You for forgiving me and making me new. As I sleep, align my will with Yours. Make me wholly devoted to You.

6. Love and Grace

Meditate on God’s perfect, unwavering love for you.

  • Lord, help me rest securely in Your flawless, unconditional love tonight. Thank You for loving me fully and forever.
  • Savior, marvelous is Your love for me. You gave Yourself so I could live eternally with You. Hold me close as I sleep.
  • Father, Your love surrounds me and gives me worth and purpose. I am loved completely by You. I don’t need to strive or fear.
  • Lord, Your grace and favor empower me to walk in freedom and victory. Thank You for loving me and making me Your own.
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7. Faith and Trust

Entrust yourself fully to God’s perfect will, wisdom, timing, and goodness.

  • Lord, increase my faith in Your goodness and sovereignty. I surrender control into Your loving hands. Align my heart with Yours.
  • Father, I trust Your perfect plan for my life, even when I can’t see the path ahead. Guide my steps and strengthen my trust as I rest in You.
  • God, teach me to wait patiently on Your will and timing. Mold me to trust You more than my limited understanding. Deepen my reliance on You.
  • Lord, I cast all my cares upon You tonight, trusting that You work all things for my good. I choose to trust and not be anxious. Calm my thoughts with faith.

8. Hope and Joy

Let God’s promises lift your spirit and fill you with confident expectations.

  • Lord, the hope of eternity with You lifts my heart! I’m filled with joy knowing You’ve prepared a place for me.
  • Father, Your Word gives me unshakable hope. Thank You for the promises of life, peace, restoration, and purpose in Christ.
  • God, flood my heart with hope in Your power and faithfulness. Fill my dreams with hope for tomorrow. Anchor me in Your truth.
  • Lord, You give me a reason to rejoice even in difficulties. Shine Your eternal perspective into my heart and mind as I rest.

9. Wisdom and Guidance

Seek God’s wisdom and direction for decisions ahead.

  • Father, I seek Your wisdom for the challenges I face. Reveal Your will as I rest. Guide my decisions and thoughts.
  • Lord, untangle any confusion in my mind. Show me how to walk in step with Your Spirit. Teach me Your ways.
  • God, guide me in truth and righteousness. When I wake, nudge me to follow You closely and reject sin’s clutches.
  • Lord, order my steps and direct my path. Lead me to make wise choices that please and glorify You. Shine a light on my way.

10. Stress and Anxiety

Unload worries and cast cares on the Lord. Find freedom from anxious thoughts.

  • Lord, I lay my anxious thoughts at Your feet. Quiet my racing mind with trust in Your sovereign control.
  • Jesus, untangle knots of worry that bind my heart. Calm my nerves with Your peace that surpasses understanding.
  • Holy Spirit, ease my stressed spirit with God’s presence. Free my mind from imagined troubles. Help me think on truth.
  • Father, guard my heart from debilitating fears. Remind me of Your promises when I feel anxious. Comfort me.

11. Health Concerns

Entrust pains, sickness and medical needs to the Great Physician.

  • Healer, mend my tired and aching body as I rest. Restore health and energy. Guide doctors to accurate diagnoses and treatments.
  • Merciful God, ease my pain and alleviate my symptoms. Give my caregivers wisdom and compassion to help me heal.
  • Lord, calm my fears about my health. Remind me that my times are in Your hands. You hold me close in sickness and in health.
  • Father, I surrender my burdensome health concerns to You tonight. Work through medicine and rest to make me whole. Renew my strength.

12. Grief and Loss

Let God’s comfort soak into sorrowful places left by loss.

  • Lord, soothe my grief over loved ones now with You. Heal my heartache and loneliness. Fill me with hope of eternal life.
  • Jesus, only You can fill the emptiness left by this loss. Surround me with Your unending love and comfort me as I mourn.
  • Father, thank You that death has been swallowed up in victory through Christ! My loved one is safe with You as I grieve this temporary separation.
  • God, flood my aching heart with peace and joyful memories. Bring me comfort only You can give. Soon sorrow will turn to joy!

13. Identity and Worth

Remember who you are and who you are. Rest in your God-given identity.

  • Lord, remind me I’m Your beloved, adopted, forgiven child. My identity and worth come from Your unconditional love.
  • Jesus, You created me and called me good. Help me rest knowing I’m unique, valued and have a purpose in You.
  • Father, I belong to You. No other voice can define or give me worth. I’m approved and accepted in Your eyes.
  • God, protect my heart from seeking identity in anything but You. I draw my purpose and value from Christ alone.

14. Children and Family

Entrust your loved ones to God’s perfect care and guidance.

  • Lord, watch over my children (or parents, siblings, spouse) as they sleep. Guard their hearts, minds, and lives.
  • Jesus, draw my prodigal loved ones back to Your loving arms. Protect them from harm. Help me show grace and pray faithfully.
  • Father, help me be an example of Your love to my family. Teach me to love as You love. Guide my words and actions.
  • God, bless my family with unity, joy, wisdom and faith. Knit our hearts together in love. Guide our family in righteousness.

15. Ministry and Work

Dedicate your efforts, skills and influence to God’s glory.

  • Lord, empower me to serve and minister in Your strength. Renew my passion for reaching others with Your love.
  • Jesus, guide me in spreading Your truth and making disciples. Use my gifts to build Your kingdom and serve those in need.
  • Father, make me diligent and faithful in my work. Give me clarity and focus. Align my career path with Your purposes.
  • God, bless the work of my hands. Help me reflect You in my workplace. Use me to show colleagues who You are in word and deed.
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16. Encouragement and Hope

Claim God’s promises of powerful hope to sustain you.

  • Lord, fill me with assurance of Your constant presence. I’m never alone because Your Spirit lives in me.
  • Jesus, when discouragement weighs me down, lift my eyes to Your unfailing love and promises.
  • Father, give me perseverance to keep hoping in You, no matter my circumstances. You work all things for my good.
  • God, You straighten the path for those who trust in You. Thank You for guiding my steps and lighting my way with hope.

17. World Events and Leaders

Pray for blessing, wisdom and peace in our nation and world.

  • Lord, I pray for our leaders here and around the globe. Give them wisdom and integrity. Lead them in righteous paths.
  • Jesus, I ask Your mercy and healing for my nation. Bring deep and lasting justice, reconciliation and unity.
  • Father, protect innocent people suffering war and violence worldwide. Provide for refugees. Empower churches everywhere.
  • God, raise up a generation of righteous leaders who fear You and govern justly. Heal divisions and bring lasting peace.

18. Schools and Education

Cover students, teachers, and administrators with God’s guiding hand.

  • Lord, bless teachers with wisdom, passion, and creativity. Help students learn and retain knowledge. Instill a love of learning.
  • Jesus, protect all school campuses from violence or threats. Guard students’ physical and mental health.
  • Father, guide college students in pursuing callings that honor You. Provide resources and discernment for future plans.
  • God, shape students’ character and morals through Christian mentors and friends. Help them anchor identity in You.

19. Finances and Provision

Trust God to meet needs abundantly and teach stewardship.

  • Lord, teach me to be a wise steward and generous giver. Meet my needs so I can honor You with my finances and possessions.
  • Jesus, calm my anxious thoughts about money and provision. Remind me You own everything and promise to care for me.
  • Father, guide me in making prudent decisions with the resources You’ve given me. Teach me to store up eternal treasures.
  • God, provide for those struggling financially. Show me how to help meet practical needs in our community. Bless and multiply generosity.

20. Struggles with Sin

Overcome temptation through God’s power and forgiveness.

  • Lord, strengthen me to resist temptation and reject sin’s fleeting pleasures. Forgive and cleanse me daily.
  • Jesus, guard my eyes and mind from images and thoughts that dishonor You. Teach me to desire You above all else.
  • Holy Spirit, convict me when I’m tempted to sin. Empower me to flee from sin and walk in freedom with You.
  • Father, create in me a clean heart when I’ve given in to sin. Renew my resolve to pursue holiness through Christ’s blood.

21. Serving in Church/Ministry

Ask God to bless church community and equip our calling.

  • Lord, unify my church family in loving fellowship and mission. Make us salt and light in our community.
  • Jesus, equip me to serve and teach faithfully in my church role. Renew my passion for ministry.
  • Father, bless and provide for missionaries spreading Your Gospel worldwide. Keep them safe, healthy, and fruitful.
  • God, call more workers into Your harvest field! Send revival across our land. Empower me to share Christ’s love with others.

22. Spiritual Growth

Invite God to develop Christlike character in you.

  • Lord, make me more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled.
  • Jesus, let Your words abide in me. Teach me to be more like You through Scripture. Help me obey with a sincere heart.
  • Holy Spirit, cultivate spiritual fruit in my life – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.
  • Father, keep me hungering for more of You through Your Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers. Mold me in Your image.

23. Children’s Bedtime Prayers

Simple, age-appropriate prayers for little ones.

  • Dear God, thank You for Mommy, Daddy and my family. Keep us all safe and happy. I love You! Goodnight!
  • Lord, help me obey my mom and dad well. Teach me to be kind to others at school tomorrow. I pray for my teacher too. Goodnight!
  • God, please take away any scary dreams tonight! Thank You for protecting me. Bless all the kids who don’t have homes or families. Goodnight!
  • Father God, You made the sun, moon, animals and me! Thank You for my warm bed. I pray You’ll watch over me as I sleep. Goodnight!

24. Prayers for Spouse

Entrust your marriage and your mate to the Lord.

  • Lord, bless our marriage with closeness, joy and unity of purpose in You. Protect our commitment and intimacy.
  • Jesus, thank You for my spouse. Help me love unconditionally, forgive quickly and build up faithfully. Bless our union.
  • Father, guide my spouse to grow in wisdom, faith and obedience to You. Draw ____ into close relationship with Christ.
  • God, watch over my spouse throughout the day. Provide for needs, guard relationships, and grant wisdom. Bless our marriage.

25. Morning Prayers

Look ahead to the day with hopeful expectation.

  • Lord, thank You for this new day. Lead me to see where You are working so I can join You there.
  • Jesus, help me reflect Your joy, peace and love to everyone I encounter today. Use me to bless others.
  • Holy Spirit, guide my words, thoughts and actions today. Teach and transform me through Your Word. Empower me to do Your will.
  • Father God, fill me with zeal and energy to serve You wholeheartedly today. Make me a light that points to You.
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How Long Should I Pray Before Bed?

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You can pray for as long as you’d like. Even a¬†short, simple prayer allows you to invite God into your nighttime routine. If your mind is very active, try spending 5-10 minutes praying to allow your body to relax and slow down. Pouring out your heart, asking for peace, and meditating on God’s presence all take time. But even brief prayers of thanks or asking God’s protection over your sleep are valuable.

The goal isn’t to pray for a certain length of time, but to connect your heart with God’s before drifting off to sleep. With practice, you’ll find the prayer time that leaves you feeling peaceful and relaxed.

What if I Fall Asleep While Praying?

It’s completely normal to occasionally drift off while praying in bed, especially when you’re very tired. Our bodies were designed to relax and sleep. Don’t feel guilty – God understands.

If you tend to fall asleep during extended prayer times, try praying while sitting up in bed, which can help keep you more alert. Or focus on shorter but more intentional prayers. Simple, repeated prayers or verses on God’s peace and rest can help quiet your mind before dozing off mid-sentence.

The goal isn’t perfect, uninterrupted prayer but sincerely communicating with God as you prepare to rest in Him. Don’t let accidentally falling asleep during prayer keep you from the wonderful habit altogether.

What Posture is Best for Bedtime Prayers?

You can pray from any position – sitting, kneeling, lying down, etc. Most people pray before bed while lying down or sitting up in bed. Choose postures that are comfortable and allow you to stay relaxed yet alert.

Some find kneeling or bowing posture helps them focus humbly on God. Others sit cross-legged and close their eyes to remove distractions. Lying propped up on pillows or on your side can help relaxation. Experiment to find positions conducive to your bedtime prayer time.

Ultimately, posture isn’t as important as the posture of your heart and mind towards God. You can pray effectively from any position. Settle in comfortably as you connect with Him before bed.

What if I Keep Dozing Off During Prayer?

If you consistently fall asleep a few sentences into prayer at bedtime, try changing your environment, posture or timing:

  • Pray while sitting up in bed to stay more alert. Recline once you’ve finished.
  • Take some deep breaths before prayer to get extra oxygen to your brain.
  • Pray right after turning the lights off, while you’re still alert.
  • If you’re extremely tired, pray earlier in your bedtime routine.
  • Pray out loud or open your eyes periodically.
  • Focus on shorter but more intentional prayer.

Don’t get discouraged. With experimentation, you can find ways to fight drowsiness and engage in focused prayer time before falling asleep.

How Can My Spouse and I Pray Together At Bedtime?

Praying together before bed is a wonderful way for couples to connect spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. Here are some tips:

  • Take turns thanking God for 1-2 specific blessings in your lives and marriage.
  • Share individual prayer requests and pray over each other.
  • Alternate praying verses of a Psalm or the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Use written prayers or devotional books and read them aloud together.
  • Hold hands as you take turns praying short, simple prayers.
  • Lie down together as you listen to soft worship music, then pray brief prayers.
  • Reflect on God’s faithfulness to you that day. Thank Him together for evidence of His presence and care.

Any method that works for both spouses can enrich your marriage and connect you in prayer before bed. Keep it simple, sincere and relational.

What if I Keep Having Trouble Sleeping After Prayer?

For some people struggling with insomnia or anxious thoughts at night, prayer before bed actually increases alertness instead of relaxing the mind. Here are some tips if this happens:

  • Try praying earlier in your evening routine to allow more mental unwinding before lights out.
  • Focus prayer on gratitude, blessings and God’s peace rather than requests or anxious thoughts.
  • Spend time in worship by listening to soft music or singing after prayer.
  • Ask God to reveal any issues needing resolution that are interfering with emotional rest.
  • Journal your concerns after prayer to unload them from your mind.
  • Trust God to calm your spirit in His timing; resist frustration at “failed” prayers.

With experimentation, you can adjust your prayer routine to one that leaves you feeling more relaxed and ready for restful sleep.

In Conclusion

A bedtime prayer habit can be life-changing. No matter how you incorporate prayer into your evening routine, taking time to connect with God before sleep helps realign our bodies, minds and spirits to experience His peace. Try using these 100 bedtime prayers or writing your own to talk with God before drifting off each night. He promises we can lie down and sleep in peace when we make Him our refuge (Psalm 4:8). Your rest is in His hands.