50 Prayers for Israel in Trying Times and Seasons

Here are 50 heartfelt prayers for Israel you can pray during trying times and seasons. Israel has faced many challenges and difficulties throughout its history as a modern nation. From wars and terrorism to economic troubles and political unrest, the people of Israel have endured a lot. As believers, we are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to stand with God’s chosen people.

Prayers for Protection and Safety

  1. Lord, surround Israel with your heavenly angels and shield it from all harm and danger. Guard Your people day and night.
  2. We pray that You would defeat every weapon formed against Israel and thwart every evil plan intended to hurt Your people.
  3. Mighty God, be a wall of fire around Israel, protecting it from enemies and terrorists who seek to destroy it. Keep Your people safe.
  4. Lord, wrap Your loving arms around every man, woman, and child in Israel. Protect them under the shadow of Your wings.
  5. We ask You to safeguard Israeli homes, synagogues, schools, and cities. Prevent violence, war, and bloodshed.

Prayers for Unity and Peace

  1. Father, we pray for unity and harmony between Jews and Arabs within Israel. Tear down walls of hostility and mistrust.
  2. Lord, we ask that You would bring reconciliation between Israel and its neighbors. Heal old wounds and misunderstandings.
  3. Prince of Peace, calm all conflicts in and around Israel. Promote unity, forgiveness, and brotherly love.
  4. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May Israel dwell securely and prosper greatly.
  5. Lord, surround leaders on both sides with wise counsel and discernment. Guide them in the way of peace.

Prayers for Strength and Courage

  1. Lord, encourage those who are weary and strengthen those who are weak. Renew hope across this land.
  2. We ask You to comfort grieving families who lost loved ones to violence and terrorism. Fill them with Your presence.
  3. Mighty God, empower Israeli forces with courage and resilience. Help them stand strong in the face of danger.
  4. Father, we lift up the terrified and anxious. Cast out all fear and perfect love within their hearts.
  5. Lord, bless Israeli leaders with wisdom and discernment. Help them make decisions that further justice and righteousness.
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Prayers for Healing and Restoration

  1. We pray for all who lost livelihoods and homes. Meet their practical needs miraculously.
  2. Lord, we ask You to heal people traumatized by war and terrorism. Restore their minds, bodies, and souls.
  3. Father, comfort all who mourn the death of loved ones. Surround them with Your love and peace.
  4. Lord, strengthen Israeli hospitals, clinics, and healthcare workers. Empower them to treat the injured and infirm.
  5. We pray for the brokenhearted, the weary, and the oppressed. Touch them with Your healing hand, Lord.

Prayers for Faith and Hope

  1. Lord, in trying times and seasons, deepen the faith of believers. Help them fully trust in You.
  2. We pray You would revive Your people across this land. Set their hearts ablaze with holy fire!
  3. Father, renew hope in the hearts of young and old alike. Remind them of Your promises.
  4. Lord, empower Israeli believers to share Your Gospel across this region. Use them for Kingdom purposes.
  5. We ask You to raise up passionate prayer warriors across Israel. Unite them in intercession.

Prayers for Provision and Blessing

  1. Lord, provide food, water, and shelter for poor and needy families. Meet their practical needs.
  2. We pray for those lacking adequate healthcare and medicine. Heal and provide for them.
  3. Father, protect Israeli crops and agriculture. Bring bountiful harvests that bless many.
  4. Lord, provide wisdom and discernment for policymakers. Guide them in making just laws.
  5. We ask You to bless factories, startups, and industry in Israel. Empower innovation and growth.

Prayers for Justice and Government

  1. Lord, surround Israel’s leaders with wise and ethical advisors. Keep them on the path of justice.
  2. We pray that You would root out all corruption in places of authority. Cleanse Israel’s government.
  3. Mighty God, help Israeli officials protect innocent lives through righteous laws and policies.
  4. Father, embolden believers in positions of influence. Use them as change agents for good.
  5. Lord, strengthen the judicial system and police forces in Israel. Help them promote justice.
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Prayers for Israel’s Destiny and Purpose

  1. Lord, we pray Israel would be a light to other nations as You originally intended it to be.
  2. We ask You to use Israeli innovations and breakthroughs to better humanity worldwide.
  3. Father, raise up more intercessors for Israel around the world. Unite us in prayer.
  4. Lord, continue to fulfill Your plans and purposes for Israel. We want Your will done on earth as it is in heaven.
  5. We pray Israel will succeed in its calling to be a blessing to all the families of the earth. Empower their witness!

Additional Prayers for Israel’s Future

  1. Lord, stir compassion in the global church for Israel and the Jewish people. Unite us in support.
  2. We ask You to provide wisdom and discernment to Israeli leaders regarding external threats. Protect the nation.
  3. Father, embolden Israeli believers to share the Gospel with both Jews and Arabs. Break down barriers.
  4. Lord, guide young Israelis to walk in righteousness and pursue Your purposes. Safeguard the next generation.
  5. We pray for unity and cooperation between Jews who hold different political and religious beliefs. Unite them.

Prayers for Endurance and Strength

  1. Lord, in difficult times, give Israeli believers strength to persevere and endure. Renew their bodies, minds, and spirits.
  2. We ask You to comfort families who lost homes and livelihoods. Meet their practical needs powerfully.
  3. Father, heal people traumatized by violence and war. Restore their minds, bodies, and emotions.
  4. Lord, strengthen weary farmers, workers, and public servants. Encourage them in the tasks ahead.
  5. We pray younger generations in Israel will have hope for the future amidst trying times. Instill faith!

Frequently Asked Questions About Praying for Israel

Here are answers to some common questions about praying for Israel and the Jewish people:

Why should we pray for Israel?

Israel is God’s chosen nation and the Jewish people are His chosen people. As believers, we are called to bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). God also promises to bless those who bless Israel (Genesis 12:3).

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What are some specific things we can pray for?

Some specific prayer points include Israel’s protection and safety from terrorism and war, unity and cooperation between Jews and Arabs, just government, thriving economy, and hope for younger generations. We can also pray for revival, fulfillment of destiny, effective witness to their Messiah and the world.

How often should I pray for Israel?

You can pray for Israel and the Jewish people as often as you’d like! Setting aside regular prayer time – even daily – helps make intercession a meaningful habit and priority. Many believers and prayer groups set aside weekly or monthly times dedicated solely to praying for Israel.

Why do Israel and the Jewish people face so much opposition?

Israel unfortunately faces heavy opposition because it represents God’s plans and purposes on earth. Satan therefore hates Israel and stirs up persecution against it. As believers, we are called to stand against these spiritual forces by interceding for and blessing Israel.

What Bible verses can I meditate on regarding Israel?

Psalms 122, 137, and 126 are good psalms regarding Israel’s struggles and God’s faithfulness. Isaiah 62 is a chapter of God’s heart for Israel’s restoration. Romans 9-11 discusses Israel’s place in God’s redemptive plans. Genesis 12:3, Psalm 122:6, and Mark 11:17 also highlight God’s purposes for His chosen nation.

How can I bless Israel beyond just praying?

Beyond intercession, we can bless Israel by advocating politically on their behalf, donating to ministries that support the Jewish people, traveling there as tourists, and learning more about God’s heart for Israel through books, tours, conferences, and cultural immersion experiences.

We hope these prayers and FAQs empower you to pray powerfully for Israel! Feel free to use and share these intercessions widely. God bless you as you bless Israel through faithful intercession in trying times and seasons.

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