Asus ZenFone 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S23: Which compact flagship is the best?

Asus ZenFone 10 camera

The Asus ZenFone 10 is the company’s answer to a compact flagship, but how does it compare to the pocket-sized Samsung Galaxy S23?

While both smartphones look to corner the compact end of the flagship phone market, there are key differences not just in design and camera tech but in software that could sway your decision on which one to buy.

That’s where we at Trusted Reviews come in; We reviewed both the 5.9-inch Asus ZenFone 10 and the 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S23 and here, we outline some of the key differences between the two flagship smartphones.

ZenFone 10 has six-axis gimbal stabilization

One of the main features of the ZenFone 10 is the camera system, and more specifically, the stabilization system offered. Instead of opting for standard OIS with 0.5-degree freedom of movement in all directions, Asus took a different approach. Instead of moving the camera sensor like standard OIS, Asus’ system moves the entire camera module to keep things stable.

Asus says this effectively gives the phone’s 50MP main and 13MP ultrawide a 3x boost in how far they can shoot, with 1.5 degrees of freedom in all directions to help combat shaky hands and bumpy shots. -video recording.

Asus ZenFone 10 camera
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Our reviewer found the gimbal stabilization to be impressive with a handy on-screen icon to show if the stabilization is working, although it didn’t completely eliminate all blur in all images. However, it makes it easier to take sharp shots with one hand and also allows for advanced shooting modes, including Night Mode and Light Trail, without the need for a tripod.

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That’s not to say that Samsung’s triple rear camera system delivers blurry photos – in fact, even with standard OIS, day-to-day performance is excellent – ​​but for those who need extreme stabilization (think recording video offroading on a BMX) the ZenFone 10 will serve them better.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has a more premium build

The Asus ZenFone 10 has a bit of a marmite design that you’ll either love or hate, and that’s largely down to the use of bio-based polycarbonate for the rear panel.

While the intentions are good, offering a 50% reduction in petrochemical use in the manufacturing process, the phone actually doesn’t finish well. Our reviewer noted that it feels a bit like sandpaper or a nail file, and it’s also quite thin, giving the phone a slightly hollow feel – not good for a £750 slab.

Samsung Galaxy S23 in hand
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The Samsung Galaxy S23, on the other hand, sports an elegant yet simplistic design that brings it visually in line with the top-end Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Most importantly, it has a glass rear panel that gives it a high-end, premium feel compared to the Asus option that our reviewer likes.

It’s not all bad for the ZenFone though; it’s at least available in a number of attractive colors including Aurora Green, Eclipse Red, Starry Blue, Midnight Black and Comet White, with our reviewer praising the attractive green finish in particular.

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ZenFone 10’s software is highly customizable

While the ZenFone 10 and Samsung Galaxy S23 technically run Android 13, their OS approaches couldn’t be more different.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 powers the company’s OneUI 5.1 update which, as well as adding handy features like the ability to respond to incoming calls via text with your voice, fundamentally changes some elements of the OS, even the shape of notifications and icons in the Settings menu layout are very different – ​​they may seem a little small but it all adds up in the end.

ZenFone 10 on a desk
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Asus, on the other hand, has taken a more stock approach to the ZenFone 10’s software – though it’s not technically stock Android, instead running Asus’ own ZenUI. But even with its own UI on top, it’s still clearly stock in terms of the overall look and feel of the device.

And, where Asus decided to change things with their own spin – ie in the design of the icons and how you turn the phone off – it also gives the option to go back to the stock approach. This is a refreshing change in a world where most smartphones offer very little in the way of OS function customization.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has longer software support

Although the ZenFone 10 offers an experience closer to stock Android than the Samsung Galaxy S23, the company can’t compete with Samsung on long-term software support – an important part for anyone who wants to keep their phone longer than a year or two.

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Asus has confirmed that the ZenFone 10 will receive two OS upgrades and four years of security patches which, while better than some competitors, follows the industry-leading four OS upgrades and five years of security patches from Samsung with the S23 line.

Samsung Galaxy S23 in hand
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That means the Samsung Galaxy S23 will receive more OS upgrades than the ZenFone 10 over the next few years, theoretically seeing the phone up to Android 17 while the ZenFone 10 will stop at Android 15. If desired If you want your phone to continue to get new features over time, this is an important factor to consider.

The ZenFone 10 is cheaper

When it comes to pricing, the ZenFone 10 is the more affordable option – especially in its pre-order phase right now.

If you pre-order the ZenFone 10 before the phone’s July release, you can get it for £699 in the UK, a £50 discount on the £749 RRP, while the top-end model with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is currently available for £749 before rising to £819 once orders ship.

The Samsung Galaxy S23, on the other hand, starts at £849 in the UK with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, with the top-end model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage coming in at £899.

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