Check Out This 50 Book Jokes That Will Make You Addicted To Reading!

To get you excited about diving into a new book, here are 50 hilarious book jokes and reading-related jokes. Once you’re done reading them, you’ll be racing to the library or bookstore to pick up your next great read! Books are a source of knowledge, wisdom, and entertainment. While some may view reading as a boring or tedious task, it can actually be quite fun and humorous!

1. Stuck in the Middle

What do you call two books that have fallen in love? Bookends!

2. Cliffhanger

Did you hear about the new book called “Life”? I heard the ending was great but the plot was terrible.

3. Page Turner

I started reading a horror book in braille. Something bad is about to happen… I can feel it!

4. The Early Bird Gets the Book

What kind of books do birds read? Tweetments!

5. Read My Mind

My friend can’t figure out how I always know exactly which page he’s on when reading a book. I told him I’m psychic and I can read his mind.

6. Page by Page

How do books stay warm in the winter? With their book jackets!

7. Novel Idea

When’s the best time to read a book? Just page me when you find out!

8. Cliff Notes

A recent study shows owning books makes you more attractive. Or maybe it was active listening. I just read the CliffsNotes version.

9. Sounds Fishy

What did the librarian say to the fish? Keep your voice down, this is a library!

10. Shelf Help

What do librarians take with them when they go fishing? Bookworms!

11. Overdue Fines

Why did the student get fined at the library? Because their book was 10 years overdue!

12. Read the Room

My friend kept talking during silent reading time. I told him to read the room and closed my book.

13. Lost in Translation

Did you hear about the translator who got fired from her job at the library? She was always getting her words mixed up by putting them in the wrong order!

14. Cliffhanger

I was reading an awesome cliffhanger in my book yesterday. I got so mad I threw it off a real cliff! Now I’ll never know how it ends.

15. Tomes of Trouble

My books are in a bad mood today. There must be something wrong with their spines.

16. Shelf Life

Did you hear about the new soy sauce they’re making for books? It’s for marinading once they get old and dry!

17. Read Between the Lines

My English teacher told me to read between the lines. Now I’m stuck in the margins of my book and I can’t get out!

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18. Read My Lips

I was trying to read my friend’s lips instead of his book. But it didn’t work because he kept whispering “blah blah blah” under his breath.

19. Chapter and Verse

A rabbi and a priest get into an argument about the Bible. The rabbi said, “I got it chapter and verse!” The priest replied, “Yeah, well I got it book, bell, and candle!”

20. Binding Contract

Why don’t books ever get cold? Because they have binding and jackets!

21. Shelf Awareness

What do you call a very self-aware book? An autobiography!

22. Plot Twist

I was reading a book about gravity, but I just couldn’t get into it. So I put it down.

23. Read My Book

What did one book say to the other book? I don’t mean to be forward, but I would really like you to read me!

24. Shelf-Centered

Why was the book so self-centered and egotistical? It was an auto-book-ography!

25. Novel Concept

My book just told me it needed some time and space to figure itself out. I guess it’s going through an identity novel crisis.

26.I Spy a Good Book

What did the reader say to the eye doctor? I need help finding a good book!

27. Read It and Weep

I tried to read a really sad book, but I just couldn’t see through my tears to finish it.

28. Tall Tale

Why was the book about giants so hard to lift? Because it had a very tall tail!

29. Textbook Case

My math textbook told me it just wasn’t feeling like itself today. I guess it was having an identity text book crisis!

30. Read the Signs

How could the man afford all those new books when he was broke? He read the signs in the bookstore’s clearance section!

31. Bookworm Buddies

What do you call a very supportive book? A best sp sp spine!

32. Read My Past

The library is where I go to learn from other people’s mist stories.

33. Shelf Help

A book walks into a library and asks the librarian, “Can you recommend a good book to help me relax?” The librarian says, “Why don’t you try shelf-help?”

34. Check Me Out

What’s a book’s favorite kind of pick-up line? “Hey baby, do you want to check me out?”

35. Read My Future

I asked my magic 8 ball if I should read a book today and it said “signs point to yes!”

36. Comedy of Errors

Did you hear about Shakespeare’s worst play? It was Much Ado About Nothing!

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37. I Spy a Bookworm

What did the mama owl say when her baby wouldn’t stop reading? Owl be darned, you’re such a bookworm!

38. Shelf Image

Which book is the most narcissistic? “I: A Book About My Favorite Subject”

39. Final Chapter

My book club is reading a murder mystery, but I accidentally skipped to the last page. Now I know the ending, so it’s the final chapter for me!

40. Novel Idea

I tried to catch fog yesterday to put in my book so it would have more atmosphere. But mist!

41. Shelf Indulgence

I bought way too many books again. I have no self con book trol!

42. Three Sheets to the Wind

I’m trying to write a book, but my papers keep blowing away in the wind. I’m three sheets to the wind!

43. Read Between the Wines

My book club wasn’t paying attention to the novel. They were too busy reading between the wines.

44. Page Failure

My favorite book refuses to turn to page 394. Every time I get close it says “Page failed to load”.

45. Read at Your Own Rick

I started reading a book about the pyramids of Giza. Now I’m completely lost in Egypt!

46. Shelf Awareness

What do you call a book that knows a lot of big words? A vocabulary!

47. Read My Book

My book just yelled “You’ve got to read me!” I think it’s having a little cover crisis.

48. Reading Rainbow

I tried to organize my books by color, but then I got distracted reading about rainbows for 3 hours.

49. Shelf Esteem

Did you hear about the book who read a self-help book and transformed her life? She gained a lot of shelf esteem!

50. Page Turner

The mystery author made a cliffhanger ending on purpose to ensure readers would devour her next book. It really was a page turner!

Some Final Thoughts on Book Jokes

There you have it – 50 hilarious jokes about books, reading, and libraries! I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of bookish humor. Maybe you even laughed out loud at a few (or if you’re like me, chuckled awkwardly to yourself).

Books provide us with so much, but we often forget that they can also provide us with good laughs. Humor provides a great way to take a step back and relax with a good book in hand.

The next time you pick up a novel, be sure to pay attention to any funny moments that come up. Authors love to throw witty jokes and comedy into their stories too. Enjoy those laugh-out-loud literary moments whenever they appear!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Book Jokes

Here are some common FAQs about funny book jokes and puns:

What are some examples of funny book jokes?

Some examples of funny book jokes and puns include:

  • What do you call two books that have fallen in love? Bookends!
  • Why don’t books ever get cold? Because they have binding and jackets!
  • Did you hear about the new soy sauce they’re making for books? It’s for marinading once they get old and dry!

Where can I find more book jokes and puns?

More book jokes and puns can be found by:

  • Searching online for things like “funny book jokes”
  • Checking out pun and joke websites
  • Following joke accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter
  • Reading through funny comment threads on Reddit, Quora, YouTube, etc.
  • Looking in books of puns and play on words

Why do people enjoy funny jokes about books so much?

People enjoy funny book jokes because:

  • Books are something most people are familiar with, so the jokes are relatable
  • Clever wordplay and puns allow people to show off their wit
  • Jokes help lighten up stereotypes of books being boring or too serious
  • Laughing about our common experiences with reading connects us together
  • It’s fun to make silly jokes out of our everyday lives and objects

What other book-related humor is popular?

In addition to jokes, other popular forms of book humour include:

  • Parody book titles – Take real book titles and alter them into silly versions
  • Library memes and comics
  • Literacy jokes about people not liking to read
  • Bibliophile humour about loving books and reading too much
  • Funny misprints and mistakes found in books

Are there dedicated accounts for book jokes online?

Yes, across social media you can find accounts dedicated specifically to literary humour, such as:

  • @BadBookPuns on Twitter
  • @BookstagramPuns on Instagram
  • The “Book Puns” Facebook page
  • r/BookPuns subreddit on Reddit

So there you have it – a look at some frequently asked questions around funny book jokes and puns! With so many ways to poke fun at our love of literature, there’s lots of reading humour to enjoy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into hilarious book jokes! Let me know if you have any other bookish comedy to add to the list. Now get out there and get reading – just be prepared for a few good laughs whenever you crack open a new book!