Laugh Out Loud With This 50 Biden Jokes Never Seen! 

In this post, we’ve compiled 50 hilarious Biden jokes that you likely haven’t heard before. Consider it your guide to laughing out loud at the expense of our commander-in-chief. President Joe Biden has been the punchline of many jokes since taking office in 2021. From his frequent gaffes to his advanced age, comedians have had a field day poking fun at our 46th president. While the jokes may seem mean-spirited at times, they ultimately show the lighter side of politics and allow people to come together through laughter. Just remember, it’s all in good fun.

A Little Background on President Joe Biden

Before jumping into the jokes, let’s establish some key facts about Joe Biden:

  • His full name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and he was born November 20, 1942, making him 80 years old.
  • He served as Vice President under President Barack Obama from 2009-2017.
  • Prior to becoming Vice President, he represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate for 36 years.
  • Some of his nicknames include “Uncle Joe,” “Lunch Bucket Joe,” and “Amtrak Joe.”
  • He’s known for making public gaffes and blunders throughout his career.
  • His wife is Dr. Jill Biden and he has four children: Beau, Hunter, Ashley, and Naomi.

Now that you know a bit more about Joe, let’s have some laughs at his expense!

50 Hilarious Joe Biden Jokes

  1. Joe Biden walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have a beer and…uh…you know…one of those other things.”
  2. What’s the difference between Joe Biden and a coin-operated laundry machine? The laundry machine doesn’t follow you around for an hour after you drop your load in it.
  3. How do you know when it’s bedtime at the White House? Joe Biden starts randomly telling people he’s going to Delaware.
  4. Doctor: “I’m sorry but I’m afraid you have a terminal case of dementia.” Joe Biden: “Doctor, I came in here to complain about my foot!”
  5. Why can’t Barack Obama be president again? Because Joe Biden ate the last term!
  6. Joe Biden tried leaving the White House but got lost. Secret service found him 3 hours later in the Rose Garden looking for Obama.
  7. What’s Joe Biden’s favorite childhood game? Hide and hair sniff.
  8. Why did Biden cross the road? He was told to.
  9. How do you get Biden to remember your name? You tell him, then whisper it to him again right before you leave.
  10. Joe Biden walks into an ice cream shop and orders a chocolate cone with sprinkles. After paying, the cashier asks, “Would you like a spoon or do you want me to just throw it at your suit?”
  11. Why does Joe Biden soak his dentures in coffee? It helps get rid of that Washington taste.
  12. Why did Biden put a “Beware of dog sign” in front of the White House? He didn’t want people confusing him for one.
  13. What’s the difference between Biden and a parrot? The parrot can stay on a perch without falling asleep.
  14. Why does Biden wear sunglasses indoors? He’s protecting his identity.
  15. How can you tell when Biden’s fallen asleep? His lips stop moving.
  16. Why did Biden stop telling knock-knock jokes? He couldn’t get past the second knock.
  17. How do you convince Biden it’s time for bed? Tell him he has an early foreign policy meeting tomorrow.
  18. What’s Biden’s least favorite letter? The letter D. Because Donald starts with D.
  19. Why doesn’t Biden have any hair on the back or sides of his head? Because nothing grows in the shade.
  20. Why can’t Biden be on Mount Rushmore? Not enough room for the teleprompter.
  21. How does Biden plan on reducing inflation? By forgetting what things cost.
  22. What do you call a Biden blunder? A typical Tuesday.
  23. Doctor: “I’m going to need you to give me a urine sample.” Biden: “Ok, but you’ll have to come to the White House for it.”
  24. Why didn’t Biden visit the state fair? He took one look at the midway and yelled “Free rides? This socialist welfare system has to end!”
  25. How do you know when Biden’s lost an argument? He accuses you of being a Russian spy.
  26. What sits on Biden’s desk? Tons of unsigned blank executive orders.
  27. Why does Jill have to cut up Biden’s food for him? He can’t figure out which side of the knife to hold.
  28. How do you keep Biden busy when you’re out of town? Wind up Air Force One and let it go.
  29. Why does Biden like Zoom calls so much? There’s no travel involved and he doesn’t have to speak for very long.
  30. What’s Biden’s favorite TV channel? The one with closed captions.
  31. Why do Biden’s aides get to work early? They have to hide the Easter eggs around the Oval Office.
  32. Why can’t Biden plug in his phone charger? He can’t find the little hole for the prongs.
  33. How do you know a joke has gone over Biden’s head? He ignores it and starts talking about Corn Pop again.
  34. What do you call a Biden blunder caught on a hot mic? A typical Wednesday.
  35. Why does Biden always carry around note cards? In case he has to introduce himself to someone.
  36. How do you fix a scratched Biden record? Just yell “Let’s go Brandon!” and he’ll reset.
  37. What does Biden call a computer mouse? That confusing little TV remote thingy.
  38. Why do Biden’s speeches contain so many pauses? His teleprompter keeps going out of focus.
  39. How does Biden make his coffee every morning? He can’t remember.
  40. Knock Knock! Who’s there? Joe Biden who? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Joe Biden who? Knock Knock! Who’s there? [Continue indefinitely]
  41. What does POTUS stand for? President Oops Teleprompter Unclear, Sir.
  42. Why can’t Biden tweet? His flip phone doesn’t have Twitter.
  43. How do you know Biden’s fallen and can’t get up? His press secretary schedules a press conference about elder care.
  44. Why did Biden stop riding bikes? He fell off and cracked his hairline.
  45. How can you tell that Biden got new dentures? His approval rating went up 3 points overnight.
  46. Why does Biden rub the bald guy’s head for good luck? Because there’s no rabbit’s foot handy.
  47. What’s Biden’s rapper name? Sleepy Joe.
  48. Why does Biden squint so often? He thinks it makes him look awake.
  49. Doctor: “Sir, I’m going to need you to stop mumbling and speak clearly.” Biden: “Thanks doc, I’ve been meaning to see a hearing doctor.”
  50. Why does Biden write the letter “C” on his hand? So he knows to start clapping when others do.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Biden Jokes

Now that you’ve laughed your way through 50 original Biden gags, let’s go over some common questions people have about joking at the president’s expense.

Are Biden jokes mean?

While some Biden jokes poke fun at his age and mental state, most are meant in good fun rather than to be cruel. Laughing at our leaders humanizes them and helps ease political tensions. The key is to avoid jokes that cross the line into offensive territory.

Where do Biden jokes come from?

Most Biden jokes stem from his frequent speaking gaffes and blunders that provide plenty of comedic fodder. Comedians and meme creators capitalize on these viral moments and turn them into jokes. Late night TV hosts also commonly work in Biden jokes as political humor for their audiences.

What topics are fair game for Biden jokes?

His age, mental acuity, speaking gaffes, policy blunders, and personality quirks are generally considered fair game. Jokes rooted in hate or that promote false information about Biden should be avoided.

Are there any topics that are off limits for Biden jokes?

Jokes about Biden’s family, personal tragedies like the loss of his son Beau, or anything related to conspiracy theories should be off limits. Comedians should avoid topics that could be construed as offensive.

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Do Biden jokes divide people politically?

Political jokes always risk offending someone, but comedy should bring people together, not divide them. The key is to avoid mean-spirited jokes and punchlines that further political divisions instead of showing our shared humanity.

Will people still tell Biden jokes if he doesn’t run again in 2024?

It’s likely Biden jokes will continue even after he leaves office. Former presidents like George W. Bush remained popular jokes subjects long after their terms ended. Most US presidents provide comedic fodder even decades later.

What’s the difference between Biden jokes and Trump jokes?

Trump jokes tend to focus on topics like his spray tan, ego, wealth, and controversies. Biden jokes poke fun at his age, forgetfulness, and speaking gaffes. Both show that politicians on both sides can be comedy gold.


I hope you got some good laughs from this collection of 50 never-before-seen Joe Biden jokes! Our presidents provide endless comedy material for us to enjoy if we remember to keep the jokes respectful. Let us know your favorite Biden joke in the comments! And be sure to share this post with friends to give them a good chuckle as well. Laughter is something that should unite our country, not divide it

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