Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings

Ending a class meeting or session with a closing prayer can be a meaningful way to bring everyone together, offer gratitude, and reflect on lessons learned. Having a bank of diverse, inclusive closing prayers for class can help instructors wrap up on a thoughtful note. This article provides 100 closing prayers for class use across religious, spiritual, and secular lines. It also answers common questions about closing class with prayer.

Why Close Class With Prayer?

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings

  1. Brings Closure: A closing prayer signals the end of a class session and gives students a cue to wrap up and transition. The familiar ritual brings comfort, routine, and a sense of closure.
  2. Instills Values: Prayer allows you to share and instill values of gratitude, growth mindset, interconnectedness and more. Choose prayers that reflect principles you want students to emulate.
  3. Creates Community: Praying together, even in secular ways, unites your class with a shared moment of reflection. This builds community and human connection.
  4. Offers Support: For many, prayer elicits feelings of hope, strength and being looked after. Closing class with care through prayer can comfort and inspire students.
  5. Encourages Reflection: The quiet, contemplative space of prayer encourages students to look inward and reflect on class themes, personal growth and goals.
  6. Honors Diversity: With inclusive language and diverse prayer options, closing prayer makes space for different faiths and philosophies to harmoniously come together.
  7. Sets Positive Tone: Choosing uplifting closing prayers leaves class on a high note, supporting learning, optimism and wellbeing. This ripples outwards into student lives.
  8. It’s Customary: Prayer is a classroom tradition in many public, private, religious and even secular learning spaces. Following customary practices brings familiarity.
  9. Easy Ritual: Once you build a catalog of closing prayers for class, facilitating a prayerful, meaningful close takes less than a minute and fits smoothly into your routine.

100 Closing Prayers for Class

Interfaith Closing Prayers

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings

  1. “May the longtime sun shine upon you. All love surround you, and the pure light within guide your way on.” – Native American Prayer
  2. “Let us live in peace and conscious harmony. May love and wisdom govern our every word, thought and deed.”
  3. “We give thanks for this opportunity to recharge our minds and spirits. May the peace which surpasses understanding guide our studies in the days ahead. Go in peace.”
  4. “As we leave this gathering, may we carry forth a heart of gratitude, a mind of goodwill, and the spirit of devotion to learning and growth. Amen.”
  5. “May we take this moment to give thanks for learning, community, and the journey of expanding our minds. May these gifts uplift our lives and ripple outwards in ever-widening blessings to all those around us.”
  6. “The supreme reality resides within each of us. May we align with that inner truth and see the same light shining in all.”
  7. “As we leave this sacred space, may we hold onto the gifts we have been given – inspiration, challenge, peace and connection. May we live and grow as beacons of light.”
  8. “May the longtime sun shine upon you. All love surround you, and the pure light within guide your way on.” – Native American Prayer
  9. “May God grant us gratitude for this moment and understanding in our questioning, wisdom in our knowing, and compassion in our relating – now and always. Amen.”
  10. “May the lessons we learn propel us onward to contribute our greatest gifts. Together, with respect across all differences, may we build a just world where all can thrive. Go in peace.”

General Closing Prayers

  1. “Let us thank the Creator for this day. As we depart, may we journey safely along the path of wisdom that leads to compassion and justice.”
  2. “May we take this moment to center our hearts and minds before returning to the flow of life and our divine purpose.”
  3. “May we nourish the seeds planted today with optimism and action. Wishing you fortitude, harmony with others, and growth in the direction of your dreams.”
  4. “Our time together concludes with hearts opened a little wider. May we listen to this heart wisdom as we build lives of meaning, positively impacting all we encounter. Amen. ”
  5. “As we leave this gathering, may we live as the blessing we wish to see in our world.”
  6. “May we recognize the privilege of learning, thinking critically, and growing in community. With openness and optimism, let us continue on the endless path of understanding.”
  7. “We seal this session with uplifted spirits and inspiration anew. May we have eyes eager to see beauty, hearts to mirror love, and hands ever-ready to do good.”
  8. “As we depart in friendship, may we appreciate those who walked this leg of our journey with us. Together may we synthesize what we have learned here into lives of purpose and contribution.”
  9. “Let us stay centered in our life mission with courage, compassion and moral clarity guiding us forward.”
  10. “With receptive minds we gathered. With focused minds we studied. Now with minds empowered by ideas, possibilities and ethical grounding we continue our journeys.”
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Gratitude & Growth Closing Prayers

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings

  1. “For the camaraderie we have enjoyed and knowledge gained, we are deeply grateful. May we nurture these gifts as seedlings of hope, growth and humanitarian effort.”
  2. “We offer thanks for our time together – discussing, questioning and sparking insight. With this foundation may our growth continue, better prepared to serve life’s callings.”
  3. “Today we welcomed new concepts into our circle of understanding. May we integrate this knowledge as fuel for personal and collective growth – bringing more light where there is darkness.”
  4. “Our journey follows an upward arc when we build understanding block by block in community. Thank you for every lesson, every idea shared that lifts us higher.”
  5. “We conclude this class with great appreciation for new insights gained that stretch our thinking. May we carry forth and apply this valuable knowledge throughout our lives.”
  6. “May we hold onto an attitude of gratitude – for learning, community and growth opportunities that elevate our lives. Let us pay this fortune forward through honorable conduct toward all.”
  7. “As we depart, may we find joy in integrating new heights of understanding into our character, decisions and treatment of others – bringing more justice and unity to the circles we inhabit.”
  8. “Thank you for the gift of coming together with openness to absorb refreshing perspectives and anchor important truths.”
  9. “With gladness we have grown in knowledge and fellowship. May we nurture these riches so more abundant positivity comes to fruition for all.”
  10. “May we live with praise and thanksgiving for those who walk beside us, seen and unseen guardians who smooth our path that we may reach our highest good.”

Wellbeing Closing Prayers

  1. “As we conclude our time together, may we carry a peaceful sense of renewal that this chance for community offers. With lightened spirits may we continue learning and serving life’s plan.”
  2. “Let us depart with motivational vigor to align our actions with ethical wisdom, for our own wellbeing and the upliftment of all.”
  3. “May we recognize the inner light shining bright in each of us. May we honor our interconnectedness that unites and stabilizes us through all life’s challenges.”
  4. “As we conclude this shared time and space, may we find momentum to continue cultivating our best selves – living vibrantly and courageously through all our days ahead.”
  5. “May we absorb the gifts of knowledge, character and vision to become the positive force we wish to see in the world. Our future and collective soul depend on it.”
  6. “With open minds and refreshed spirits we depart – better equipped to meet life’s tests through turbulence or calm with wisdom, resilienceand compassion lighting our way.”
  7. “May we embrace the community we have created as sustenance that nourishes our wellbeing. May we model the unity, empathy and courage that is so needed in our world.”
  8. “As we conclude this gathering may we carry a commitment to keep learning, unlearning and relearning – remaining open-minded students of life, connected to what is most important.”
  9. “With deepened insight into ourselves and society, may we live vibrantly as engaged change-makers committed to justice with ethics as our guide.”
  10. “May we appreciate the combined beauty when diverse voices come earnestly together for learning and human elevation. Let this encourage us in mending the circles of community nearest us.”

Reflection & Purpose Closing Prayers

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings

  1. “As we depart to follow the callings unique to each of us, may we remain united in building a fair, sustainable and spiritually awakening society – through courage, empathy and love.”
  2. “With our session drawing to completion, may we hold this as an opportunity to meaningfully reflect before reentering the stream of life with renewed sense of purpose.”
  3. “Thank you for sharing this leg of the never-ending journey to greater consciousness. Together in stillness and solidarity may we find direction for our contributions ahead.”
  4. “As we conclude our time together – one circle of learning on life’s endless spiral staircase climbing higher – let us reflect on how we may apply our gifts to alleviate suffering and don’t ask reddit progress.”
  5. “With heads clearer, priorities reset and hearts hopeful, we continue life’s winding path. May we create footprints effective and uplifting – knowing our short time can plant seeds sowing forevermore.”
  6. “May the sparks lit today kindle to flames as we leave this gathering. Let all that inspires our intellect also stir us to participate in positive world-shaping as global citizens.”
  7. “Let our time shared strengthen our sense of purpose as we create a just future. May we honor diverse human experiences as we walk the good road ahead together.”
  8. “May the thoughts we have sculpted guide our hands in charity and humble service. As we continue seeking, sharing and serving, let us appreciate how our smallest gesture impacts the whole.”
  9. “As we walk gentle among others, feeling sacredness and interconnectedness in all life, may we contribute our time and talents to ease suffering and advance humanity.”
  10. “Thank you for sharing precious moments in intentional fellowship seeking higher truth. Let our souls feel nourishment that will sustain optimism on the meaningful path ahead.”
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Humility & Ethics Closing Prayers

  1. “With open minds may we absorb life’s complexities, while upholding moral courage. Guided by conscience, empathy and humility let us walk the good path.”
  2. “As we depart may we integrate the seeds of wisdom planted today into conduct aligned with ethical values – upholding dignity for all and advancing our collective peace.”
  3. “Thank you for the blessing of gathering in communion. With humility in our knowledge seeking, passion for justice and care in our relating, let us continue onward.”
  4. “As we conclude our meeting of hearts and minds, we hold intentions of causing no harm by word, thought or deed. With only goodwill for the welfare of all people, together we journey onward.”
  5. “With humility let us acknowledge how little we comprehend next to the infinite. May this understanding deepen our compassion and patience – as learners receiving life’s lessons without end.”
  6. “May we walk lightly with awareness of our small place within nature’s mystery and vastness. Brought closer through this gathering, now we continue seeking truth with principled hearts.”
  7. “In gentleness and good faith we assembled, peacefully adding threads to the tapestry of wisdom. Departing in fellowship, may we reflect truth and justice in our character and conduct.”
  8. “Thank you for this communion as we honor the teacher within each person. May we embody these lessons of patience, empathy and courage as citizens crafting a sustainable, spiritually awakening society.”
  9. “With sincerity we have come together on the never-ending journey toward right understanding in thought, word and action. Together in shared mission may we continue – humble, faithful and just.”
  10. “As we conclude united in fellowship, may we carry forth renewed purpose to live by conscience – guided by timeless virtues, empowered to contribute our best for the healing of the nations. ”

Closing Prayers for Faith

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings


  1. “May the Lord watch over us and protect us in our going out and our coming in today and always. Amen.” – Christian Prayer
  2. “Almighty God, grant us a vision to recognize goodness and insight to follow where You lead us. Bless us with wisdom and courage for the journey ahead.” – Christian Prayer
  3. “Let faith guide our steps to live according to Divine will in dedicated service of our Creator, humanity and the path of truth and justice.” – Jewish Prayer
  4. “As salaamu alaikum. May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be with us all. ” – Islamic Prayer
  5. “There is light and wisdom within all. As we part, may we honor the holy spirit within and stay strong in faith through prayer.” – Christian Prayer
  6. “In this closing moment and always, may the magnificent spirit of the Creator pulsate through us. We bow our minds in deep respect for forces that give us life and nourish our seeking.” – Native American Prayer
  7. “As we depart, may we embody faith and fortitude in the face of every trial, to become the helping hand and compassionate heart we wish to receive in hard times.” – Christian Prayer
  8. “Divinity resides within each soul. May we align to walk the path of our sacred purpose with integrity, courage, humility and care for all.” – Hindu Prayer
  9. “Our Creator surrounds and fills us with guidance if we but listen. May we hear and have the wisdom to understand.” – Muslim Prayer
  10. “For every opportunity to increase in understanding, we are grateful. May this strengthen our faith to fulfill our life mission in caring service.” – Christian Prayer

Secular Closing Prayers & Reflections

  1. “May we call upon our best capacity to engage in moral courage and steer our collective destiny toward sustainability, justice and spiritual enlightenment.”
  2. “As we bring this session to completion, may we hold intentions of creating more good in the world through generous acts of service with compassion guiding our every effort.”
  3. “Thank you for an enriching session. Let us move into our next chapter energized by community, emboldened by knowledge, and welcoming of life’s beautiful surprises.”
  4. “In solemn appreciation for our shared humanity let us depart – cooperatively, courageously and adhering to an ethical code that lifts civilization.”
  5. “We are blessed by every experience that furthers understanding, connection and purposeful action. In unity may we walk gently upholding these precious values.”
  6. “With humility may we have willingness to keep learning, digesting life’s lessons however they appear. Recharged with inspiration, together we build upon our quest for truth.”
  7. “In relationship and reciprocity let us honor the intersections of life holding us in sacred balance. May we live what we learn through this network of mutuality.”
  8. “We cast off this gathering with hearts made glad for camaraderie, stirred minds and renewed sense of collective mission as stewards of a just and sustainable future.”
  9. “As one day ends, we prepare to welcome the dawn of new beginnings. Forward in fellowship – courageously, hopefully and guided by conscience.”
  10. “We depart this circle as the never-ending spiral of understanding continues to widen. Carrying insights that compel us to walk upright in care for our shared planet and collective soul.”
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Closing Prayer Quotes

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings


  1. “Be ready. Be seated at the table before every need arises. Sit languidly without expectation.” – Rumi
  2. “Every ending is a new beginning. Through each close we become more whole knowing life is an eternal unfolding.”
  3. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein
  4. “Every day is a chance to begin again. Don’t focus on the failures of the past or the challenges ahead.“

85 “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” – Alfred Mercier

  1. “The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.” – Seneca
  2. “Unfolding day by day, every moment a new beginning and a new adventure.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie
  3. “Your growth lies in moving forward with life, never backwards.”― Unarine Ramaru
  4. “You will never win if you never begin.” – Helen Row

Humorous Closing Prayer Quotes

  1. “Well, this concludes another episode of ‘Learning Stuff and Feeling Things.’ May you go with blessings…or just go before you get extra assignments.” – Anonymous
  2. “We thank the scheduling gods for letting us out of class before lunch rush in the cafeteria. Amen to that.”
  3. “Now we return to the thrilling world of homework, looming exam dates on the calendar and hopes this lecture made enough sense to fill in the test bubbles correctly. In grades we trust – let’s keep them reasonable, okay teaching powers that be?” ― Anonymous Student
  4. “May we take a nap, grab a snack or catch up on texts before the next brain marathon. Thank you to this class’ free thinkers, jokesters and caffeine suppliers for keeping us quasi-alert.”―Anonymous
  5. “Congratulations to all of us for staying off TikTok for a full hour. Well, most of us anyway. Our boredom tolerance level has hereby increased.marginally. We’ll take the wins where we can.” – Anonymous
  6. “We made it – we soaked up some knowledge droplets without major mishaps. Hopefully this new material clicks in our almost-adult brains.

Uplifting Closing Prayers

Let This 100 Closing Prayers For Class Aid Your Class Meetings

  1. “May we live courageously and compassionately, leaving every situation better than we found it, making ripples of goodwill wherever we go.”
  2. “With the seeds of new insights planted, together in solidarity may we nourish positive change – holding intentions of equality, understanding, and service to life’s intricate web.”
  3. “Thank you for sharing precious moments and adding threads to the endless tapestry of wisdom. May what unfolds here nourish optimism and sustain us on the meaningful path ahead.”
  4. “May we grow more thoughtful, seeing the light within all people and situations – holding hope central to shape the journey ahead with empathy, responsibility and care.”
  5. “Great Spirit, as we leave this gathering, may we walk in balance with each footstep affirming our sacred connection to the circle of life, Mother Earth and all beings.”

Q: Is closing public school class with prayer constitutional?

A: It depends. Public schools need to respect separation of church and state and avoid promoting religion. However, closing remarks, reflections or secular quotes can fulfill a similar function. Overall focus should remain educational without religious indoctrination.

Q: How can teachers be inclusive of all faiths with closing prayer?

A: Offer a moment of silence instead where students can pray/reflect based on personal beliefs. Use neutral language and themes in prayers and quotes that apply across belief systems. Invite student input representing their diverse faiths and traditions.

Q: How long should closing prayers for class be?

A: Aim for 15-90 seconds maximum. This should provide meaningful closure without eating up too much time or feeling drawn out. You can vary prayer length day to day.

Q: When did school prayer become unconstitutional?

A: The 1962 Supreme Court case Engel v. Vitale banned school-sponsored prayer in public schools, deeming it unconstitutional. Later decisions expanded restrictions on school prayer to aim for religious neutrality in public education.

Q: What are best practices for closing class prayer in private religious schools?

A: Tailor prayers to the belief system of your school, while still ensuring inclusion of diverse voices. Keep prayer length reasonable and its function centered on reflection, gratitude and closure – not indoctrination. Allow option to pass or observe silently. Welcome student input.

Closing prayer for class, whether spoken communally or held quietly within, offers a meaningful punctuation mark on learning. With care for diversity and focus on community priorities, prayer and reflection can resonate across groups in bringing people together. Use this extensive collection of closing prayers as helpful inspiration to uplift your classes.

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