The Most Hilarious 50 Candice Jokes!

Looking for some hilarious Candice jokes? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ve collected 50 of the absolute funniest jokes about everyone’s favorite joke target, Candice.

From innocent Candice puns to risqué adult humor, these jokes cover the full comedy spectrum. Laugh along as we poke fun at this silly name in new and creative ways. Just remember: it’s all in good fun. Candice can take it!

So without further ado, here are the 50 most hilarious Candice jokes:

1. Why did Candice get fired from the M&M factory?

She kept throwing out all the W’s!

2. What do you call a fight between Candice and candy?

A bonbon beatdown!

3. Why is Candice so bad at hide and seek?

Because everyone can see Candice!

4. How does Candice like her eggs?


5. What do you get when you cross Candice with a duck?

A quack addict!

6. What do you call a bee that’s in love with Candice?

A Candice-lover!

7. Why couldn’t Candice ride a bike?

Because she was two tired!

8. Why did Candice put sugar under her pillow?

She wanted to have sweet dreams!

9. What do you call Candice when she skips church?

Miss Behavin’!

10. What’s Candice’s favorite fruit?

Can’t elope!

11. Why does Candice have a sticky bed?

She likes to sleep in syrup!

12. Why does Candice wear two pairs of pants when she golfs?

In case she gets a hole in one!

13. Where does Candice buy her dresses?

At the sequin-hand store!

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14. What do you call a dog owned by Candice?

A canine-dye!

15. Why did Candice get kicked out of school?

She was caught passing notes in class!

16. What’s Candice’s favorite candy?

Reese’s Can’d-ice’s Cups!

17. Why does Candice make bad coffee?

Because she always cracks under pressure!

18. What did Candice say when the coffee was too bitter?

“Candi-see it’s too bitter!”

19. Why did Candice go to therapy?

She was having a meltdown!

20. Why does Candice have so many cavities?

All that Candice spoils her dinner!

21. What did Candice say when she was fired from the M&M factory?

“Oh no, not again!”

22. Why did Candice get in trouble at school?

She was caught chewing gum in class!

23. What do you call a sad Candice?

A blue M&M!

24. Why does Candice wear underwear with holes in them?

So she can get a sweet sensation!

25. What did Candice say to her candy crush?

“I’m fondant you!”

26. Why does Candice make a bad boat captain?

She candy-see where she’s going!

27. Why did Candice cross the road?

To get to the nut house!

28. What do you call a party with Candice?

A candy rave!

29. Why did Candice go to the dentist?

She needed a candy-canal!

30. Why does Candice have a sore tummy?

Too much candy corn!

31. What do you call Candice when she won’t share her candy?


32. Why did Candice steal the chocolate from the store?

She was a wanted snickers criminal!

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33. Why was Candice acting so strange after Halloween?

She was on a sugar high!

34. What do you call Candice covered in chocolate?

A sweet mess!

35. What does Candice say when you ask her for candy?

“You can’t have nee!”

36. What do you call a fly that bothers Candice?

A candy-pest!

37. Why did Candice get detention?

For passing notes in class!

38. What do you call a lazy Candice?

A slacker-jack!

39. How does Candice communicate with her candy friends?

On sweeta-talkies!

40. Why does Candice take such long showers?

She likes to melt under the water!

41. What did Candice dress up as for Halloween?

A jelly bean queen!

42. Why does Candice make a bad reporter?

She always exaggerates the truff!

43. What does Candice say when you ask to copy her homework?

“You can’t snickers bar!”

44. Why did Candice cross the road?

To get to the nutty house!

45. What did Candice get on her math test?

100 can-d-percent!

46. Why can’t you trust Candice?

She’s always spinning yarns!

47. How does Candice get to school?

On the candy bus!

48. What do you call a Candice with no candy?

A mer-M!

49. What happens when you tell Candice a joke?

She snickers!

50. Why did Candice get kicked out of the library?

She was being too loud!

FAQ about Candice Jokes

If you enjoyed those hilarious Candice jokes, you probably have some questions about the art of joking about Candice. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Why are Candice jokes so popular?

Candice is just a silly, fun name to say and rhyme jokes with. The name lends itself naturally to cute wordplay and puns related to candy. People enjoy the innocence of gentle Candice jokes.

Are Candice jokes offensive?

Most Candice jokes are lighthearted and harmless. As long as the jokes avoid offensive stereotypes or cruel mocking, Candice jokes are all in good fun. Just be sensitive to Candice herself if the jokes ever go too far.

Where did Candice jokes originate?

No one knows for sure, but Candice jokes likely arose naturally from the rhyming possibilities. Classrooms seem to be a common place for Candice jokes to spread. The sugar theme probably came later as people associated the name with candy.

Is it weird for adults to tell Candice jokes?

Not at all! Silly wordplay and puns appeal to all ages. As long as the jokes stay playful and non-vulgar, people of any age can appreciate the humor of a clever Candice joke.

Are there jokes about names other than Candice?

Absolutely! Any name that has a natural rhyme or word association can inspire jokes. Common targets include Chad, Karen, Becky, and Kevin. But Candice remains a perennial favorite source of innocent wordplay.

So there you have it – everything you could want to know about the delightfully amusing world of! With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be an expert Candice comedian. Now get out there and make someone laugh with these hilarious Candice zingers!