These 50 Duck Jokes Will Make You Laugh Hard!

Ducks are a funny and quirky bird that can inspire all sorts of hilarious duck jokes. Their silly waddling, quacking, and looks make them a prime target for comedy. In this post, we’ve gathered 50 of the absolute hilarious duck jokes that will have you quacking up!

Whether you’re looking for some new material to break out at parties or just want a good laugh, you’ll find something here to tickle your funny bone. From knock-knock jokes to one-liners, puns, and more, these duck jokes cover all the basics. We’ve even included a few duck pick up lines – yes, they exist!

So without further quacking, let’s dive into these ducktastic jokes! Be warned, these are so funny you may end up with a fowl sense of humor!

1. What do you call a frozen duck?

A brrrr-duck!

2. What do you get if you cross a duck with a firework?

A firequacker!

3. Why did the duck go to the store?

To get some quackers!

4. What do you call a duck that gets all A’s on its report card?

A wise quacker!

5. Why did the duck cross the road?

To prove it wasn’t chicken!

6. What do you call a duck who does magic tricks?

A quackpot!

7. Why can’t the duck ask his father for money?

Because his father is broke!

8. What do you get if you cross a duck with an actor?

A quacktivator!

9. Why didn’t the duck cross the road?

He was chicken!

10. How does a duck buy lipstick?

She puts it on her bill!

11. What do you call a crazy duck?

A quackpot!

12. Why do ducks watch the news?

To get the daily quacks!

13. How do you fit more ducks on your pond?

Use a duck compressor!

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14. What do you get if you cross a duck with a coconut?

A tropical fruit that quacks!

15. Why do ducks make great detectives?

They always quack the case!

16. What do you call a duck that robs banks?

A safe quacker!

17. Why did the duck cross the road halfway?

He wanted to lay it on the line!

18. How do ducks communicate?

With a quackberry!

19. What do you call a sleeping duck?

A dead duck!

20. What do ducks serve with soup?


21. How do ducks stay healthy?

They eat quack-robatics!

22. Why did the duck go to the Carribean?

For a tropical quackation!

23. What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?

“Put it on my bill!”

24. What do you call a duck that steals?

A robber ducky!

25. Why did the duck get bad grades?

He quacked under pressure!

26. Why was the duck arrested?

He was caught selling quack!

27. How do ducks get clean?

They take a bath, scrub their wings and body, and get the hard-to-reach places with a loofah. Being waterproof, they don’t need soap or shampoo like humans!

28. What’s a duck’s favorite snack?


29. Why did the duck cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!

30. How do ducks keep their feathers looking shiny?

They use duck gloss!

31. What do you call a duck who’s also a talented singer?

A superstar!

32. Why did the duck go to the doctor?

Because he was feeling a little down!

33. How did the duck react when his bill was higher than normal?

“This is outrabill!”

34. Why don’t ducks tell jokes when they fly together?

The jokes would go over their heads!

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35. What’s a ducks favorite thing to put on pizza?


36. Why did the duck miss school?

He was feeling a little under the feather!

37. What kind of shoes do duck’s wear?

Webbed feet – so no shoes needed!

38. Why don’t ducks watch horror movies?

They find them too fowl!

39. What do you call a duck who works at a bakery?

A baker ducker!

40. Why did the duck lose the race?

He ran afowl!

41. What do you call a flower shaped like a duck?

A daffy-duck-til!

42. Why do ducks have flat feet?

To stamp out forest fires!

43. What do you call it when a duck doesn’t pay its bills?

Fowl play!

44. Why did the duck put sticky notes all around its pond?

It wanted to leave itself reminders!

45. What do you call a duck who does magic?

A quackulator!

46. Why did the duck ride his bike to work?

To beat the quack hour traffic!

47. How do ducks keep their feathers dry in the rain?

They use ducking umbrellas!

48. Why don’t ducks tell secrets?

Because they always quack under pressure!

49. What’s a duck’s favorite kind of music?

Rock and waddle!

50. Why did the duck go to the car dealership?

He wanted to get a new quack!

Duck Jokes FAQ

Why are ducks so funny?

Ducks have many quirky characteristics that make them humorous. Their silly waddle, loud quacking sounds, large flat bill, and waterproof feathers all contribute to their comedic appearance. Ducks are also common animals that people interact with, so their familiarity makes them a prime target for jokes.

What are some popular duck jokes?

Some of the most well-known duck jokes include:

  • Why did the duck cross the road? To get to the other side!
  • What do you call a duck that gets straight A’s? A wise quacker!
  • Why does a duck have feathers? To cover its butt quack!
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Are duck jokes only for kids?

Absolutely not! While many duck jokes are family-friendly and appeal to children, there are also funny duck jokes meant for adult audiences. The silliness of ducks makes them fodder for funny jokes suitable for all ages.

Where can I find more funny duck jokes?

This list of 50 duck jokes contains some of the best out there, but you can find many more funny duck jokes online, in joke books, and by asking your friends and family to quack out their favorites. Ducks are a comedy staple, so the jokes are endless!

How can I incorporate duck jokes into a comedy routine?

Duck jokes are perfect for lightening up a stand-up comedy set. Comedians can sprinkle short duck one-liners throughout a routine or even build an entire act around duck-based humor. Props like rubber duckies or duck bills can enhance the comedic effect of duck jokes on stage.

What makes a good duck joke versus a bad one?

Great duck jokes tend to play on a duck’s signature features like their quack, walk, feathers, or bill. Simple, concise jokes are often the most effective. Corny puns and crass humor may not land as well. The best duck jokes are relatable, surprise the listener, and highlight the inherent humor in ducks.

I hope this detailed post on duck jokes makes you quack up! Let me know if you want me to cover any other funny animal jokes. Waddle you read next?

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